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I found that the rating system is flawed too. I type pretty fast, and can type out a lot of information, and especially with my knowledge and experience with music. I was able to give a lot of feedback for each song. Despite this, my rating would still vacillate.

Working Out With Youtube

I don't really have the money to purchase workout DVD's, but that isn't to say that I have not seen many around that I didn't want to purchase and get into. There are a few celebrities that have some workout DVD's out, that I really liked the...

What do you look for in a seller?

I look at the customer reviews, of course. However, there are several other things I take in consideration, such as the number of pictures of the product. I always reverse search the picture to see if they have taken it from some other website, and I almost never...

Can You Be Too Careful?

I would not trust a shady site, but I would trust the big online shopping sites if they had what I wanted for cheaper than a site that I trust, and if there were a lot of verifiable reviews. The ability to pay via PayPal is very important to me, as well.

Bulkmailstack 20% Discount For All Plans

Bulkmailstack can send millions of emails easily and get very high inbox rate.We provide a coupon code 20% discount for all plan.

Uncommon Goods

Wow, there are a lot of pretty things there. The price vs. usefulness of them is very high, though. I wish I were rich, and could sort the prices by high-to-low.

Do your rationalize illegal downloading?

I think that a great deal of people who download music - or anything, really - illegally, will rationalize their illegal downloads in their minds to themselves. Personally, though, I don't think that I have ever done so? If I have wanted a song, I don't...

Do You Buy Really Cheap Things From Ebay?

I am not from the U.S.A., so for many of the crazy cheap things on Ebay I have to pay way more for shipping than for the product itself. It might be illogical, but I also distrust suspiciously cheap items much more than I distrust normally-priced items, even if the...