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New Year's Resolutions
I just lost my dream apartment due to a rent increase, so my goal/resolution is to save up again, find another nice place to live and replace all of our possessions that got lost/damaged in the rain when we were moving...
Posted by: ACSAPA in Off Topic Discussion & General Questions - 6 minutes ago
Washing dishes with running water?
---Quote (Originally by DreekLass)--- Lmaooo!!! I apologize. I just know that you are old than me. A girl can dream lol!!! Are you okay with your own hairs?? I'm okay with my own hairs, but if I see a stray hair that I...
Posted by: JosieP in Home & Garden - 10 minutes ago
If you had all fast food spots available, where would you go?
I'd want to try the places that I don't have locally, like Jack in the Box , In N Out Burger and Fattburger. I've also never been to Sonic.
Posted by: ACSAPA in Food & Drink - 31 minutes ago
Do you use the fast food coupons that you receive
I use them, but not that often because I don't always have money for extras like fast food. Since I recently lost my dream apartment due to a rent increase, I have to start all over again and save up a deposit again....
Posted by: ACSAPA in Coupons - 33 minutes ago
Insurance for children
I like the availability to buy insurance for children. I use to ignore mailers from Gerber and Globe until my first grandson was born. Doing so gives me an opportunity to be a part of their future and heaven forbid...
Posted by: MrsJones in Other Insurance Type - 38 minutes ago
healthcare.gov -- nice idea
I visited the site and I think that each plan has annual deductibles beginning at $1-2,000 minimum. One would basically be paying out of pocket for at least the first 10-20 visits before the insurance begins to pay,...
Posted by: MrsJones in Life & Health Insurance - 59 minutes ago
Making Baby Blankets
That is wonderful advice, and I am all about improvising, so thanks for sharing your ideas. In this case, I'm interested in making a baby blanket for a grand baby who is coming soon. I like to make handmade gifts, but...
Posted by: Zyni in Toys, Kids & Baby Stuff - 1 hour ago
Landlines to be discontinued
---Quote (Originally by Mockingbird)--- Verizon actually started doing that sometime ago, I have a land line still, but the service goes through a modem, the same modem runs my DSL for my internet. I actually do not...
Posted by: MrsJones in Landline & Mobile Phone Networks - 1 hour ago
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