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Do you prefer a employee to come up to you when you are browsing or do you prefer to go to them for help.
Here in Ghana, it's customary for an employee to greet you and try and assist you as soon as you come into the store. Some will follow you the whole time until you need their help. I know that it is ingrained into our...
Posted by: Serena in Stores Reviews, Comments & Complaints - 8 minutes ago
What is your best/worst travel experience?
My best traveling experiences so far have been to Jacksonville, Fl. I have driven there several times and the residents are so friendly. They give me directions, restaurant recommendations, job tips. The weather is...
Posted by: florida2015 in Travel - 16 minutes ago
Red emblem, red light
Yes, I know what you say. I've had the same feeling about it. Especially the products from the tele-shopping are "scams", but there are a few things that really works. I once bought a Smoothie Maker, I was really...
Posted by: GenevB in As Seen on TV - 18 minutes ago
House maid: a luxury?
Having a house maid is to an extent a luxury, but may be only a form of additional help in the home, much like that of having children and paying them to do work, or giving them a stipend on the weekends, If you employ...
Posted by: ExpertAdvice in Home & Garden - 30 minutes ago
Smartphone vs. Dumbphone?
Well, even if I liked old phone I believe we should keep on with the times, we can't live in the past just because we want to be different from others. I also use a smartphone, it makes some of daily activities easier...
Posted by: GenevB in Phone, Internet & TV - 32 minutes ago
Warm Up Exercises
Well warm up exercises are always important. Just try to stretch a little and maybe do some cardio in order to raise your heart pulse. After that just go easy on the first weight exercise you try, take a lighter weight...
Posted by: GenevB in Sports & Fitness - 34 minutes ago
the new iPhone 6
As some of you said above, many Apple products are overprice. I certainly don't see the charm in them, why should I buy something for a high price when I can buy it as easy for a lower one but it doesn't have the...
Posted by: GenevB in Product Reviews - 42 minutes ago
Homemade Dog Treats
I have never tried the home made treats and I do not think I have the patience for all that. Also we always give home cooked food to our dog as it keeps it healthy in the long run. I do not know whether my dog will...
Posted by: akiii123 in Pets - 45 minutes ago
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