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Have You Tried Using Avast Anti-Virus?
I have tried it on my CPU and android phone. I think Avast is a overall good anti-virus program, but like most similar softwares, it pops up with annoying reminders and constant updating that interferes with my other...
Posted by: valiantx in Computers, Electronics & Gadgets - 17 minutes ago
Laptops in the classrooms
I believe laptops or computers, should only be used when it is required to be used. Otherwise, students should not be asked not to use their laptops or CPUs until such an assignment is given, because a lot of students...
Posted by: valiantx in Computers, Electronics & Gadgets - 21 minutes ago
Start a Piggy Bank for extra Holiday Shopping money
---Quote (Originally by Denis Hard)--- Yeah, it still early enough for someone to save some good cash before Christmas. Though I had no intention of buying anyone a gift at Christmas time [I normally buy my gifts...
Posted by: Zyni in Seasonal & Holidays - 23 minutes ago
What Type of Headphones Do You Prefer?
If I had the money, I would automatically go for Bose earphones: their products are simple, yet produce such clarity in audio, it makes crappy mp3 files sound almost live. But until I can afford such a high-end...
Posted by: valiantx in Computers, Electronics & Gadgets - 25 minutes ago
Custom Built or Pre Built PC?
I believe it all depends on the user. Preassembled computer towers are best for people who are not technologically savvy and simply desire to use it for personal or business reasons. Self-assembled computer...
Posted by: valiantx in Computers, Electronics & Gadgets - 29 minutes ago
Facial cleanser/toner
Witch Hazel makes a nice facial cleanser or toner. It is milder than some other astringents, so you can use it more than once a day, if needed. I use a store brand or generic and it is very inexpensive. It can also be...
Posted by: Zyni in Health & Beauty - 33 minutes ago
Would You Accept Cast-offs/ Hand-Me-Downs?
Of course. And I do it a lot with my own clothes, too. Sometimes there is still plenty of life left in various clothing, but it just isn't for me (or the other person) any more. There's no reason not to pass it on. ...
Posted by: Jessi in Fashion & Apparel - 33 minutes ago
Packing (food) for the Trip
I always pack food when we travel... I have 4 kids and they always get hungry. It would be quite expensive if we had to stop and purchase snacks and drinks all of the time. It would take forever too! I normally pack...
Posted by: Danyel72 in Travel - 37 minutes ago
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