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Paid or Free games
---Quote (Originally by Peninha)--- Today is the best day to buy games because it's the Black Friday and we get awesome discounts. I know people that are buying a lot of stuff today (including games) so that they can...
Posted by: DreekLass in Mobile Apps & Games - 19 minutes ago
Where can I buy an old photo program, preferably new?
I did a quick search on Amazon and it appears there are people selling it on there, but it's pretty expensive at $34.99, not to mention the shipping costs. I've also read on some forums, dating back to 2010 where people...
Posted by: ohiotom76 in Computers, Electronics & Gadgets - 24 minutes ago
Do You Use Paid Virius Protection Software?
The only time that I have ever paid for an anti-virus software program was when out laptop was initially purchased. And even then my mother paid for it. We had Norton anti virus installed and ready to go on our laptop,...
Posted by: DreekLass in Software PC & Mac - 33 minutes ago
So What Do YOU *HATE* about Facebook?
There was an article I read a while back where the author liked every single thing that was on his news feed. His friends immediately messaged him, telling him that the only thing popping out on their news feed is just...
Posted by: Nate5 in Product Reviews - 42 minutes ago
Internet privacy
---Quote (Originally by JosieP)--- Isn't it disgusting? Here to serve and protect, my ass! lol. The fact that we can't say boo to them or protect ourselves FROM them is revolting. Wrongful arrest? Put up with it or...
Posted by: DreekLass in Computers, Electronics & Gadgets - 48 minutes ago
Best Gifts under $20
You have to be careful with gift baskets though because it's easy to spend too much on the decorations for the basket, that you would have been better off putting towards the gift itself. I try to check out the...
Posted by: ohiotom76 in Seasonal & Holidays - 48 minutes ago
Healthier Alternatives To White Rice
I can only assume that brown rice would be the healthier alternative. But both types of rice offer different benefits, I suppose. I have a friend who suffers from IBS (Irritable Bowel syndrome) and he told me that his...
Posted by: DreekLass in Food & Drink - 1 hour ago
Learning Helpful Stuff On Youtube
Yeah, I've learned a lot of stuff from YouTube like how to trick your friends by modifying the roll of tissue paper in the toilet or how to easily peel off a banana peel, that a scorpion could easily defeat a spider,...
Posted by: lindbergh in Misc & Others - 1 hour ago
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