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Plastic plates
During special occassions like family gatherings, we use paper plates instead of plastic plates. Paper plates are cheaper and disposable, there's no need to wash them afterwards. We have Tupperware plastic plates too,...
Posted by: sidney in Home & Garden - 3 minutes ago
Clarks (shoes)
Clarks has been an all time favorite for me, I love the slippers they make, the shoes they make and now, I'm going to love the Clarks Boston brand that is now available, but until I find somewhere that sells it, I'll...
Posted by: ExpertAdvice in Product Reviews - 4 minutes ago
Isn't All This Bad News Depressing?
How you you feel about all the tragic, threatening and violent news coming out lately? It's just so sad and overwhelming to hear. You have the security threats to Parliament Hill in Canada (with Corporal Nathan Cirillo...
Posted by: TPhoenix in Misc & Others - 5 minutes ago
Using an apron, yes or no?
I never use an apron at all when I cook or do the dishes, although we have a few aprons lying around here. I guess I was not trained to do it so I don't use one. Actually, no one in this house uses an apron.
Posted by: sidney in Home & Garden - 11 minutes ago
bones to your dogs
I used to give bones to my dog until one of them choked and it scared me beyond belief, so I don't do that anymore. The only kind of bones they get are rawhide and that barely even counts as a bone :)
Posted by: insertkittyface in Pets - 11 minutes ago
Bad Movie Seqeuls?
I agree. Following what can be a classic original movie, you have a bunch of sequels that continue to descend from the quality of the first film, because Hollywood wants to milk every dollar they can out of the...
Posted by: TPhoenix in Movies, Music & Games - 21 minutes ago
Have you ever been without savings or any money?
---Quote (Originally by GenevB)--- Well I have been in that kind of situation, all you need to do is believe that money shall come to you and they will. If you keep an open positive mind, you will attract all the good...
Posted by: ExpertAdvice in Savings & Investments Plans - 32 minutes ago
Getting tired of Facebook
---Quote (Originally by DreekLass)--- LOL! I don't really fit in anywhere either. I can blend in with almost any type of social group, and be the life and soul. Then I have people calling me asking me to come out with...
Posted by: Nickchick in Off Topic Discussion & General Questions - 1 hour ago
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