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Depilation in men
I see so many more man getting rid of hair who are not swimmers. It actually kind of bothers me, because men are becoming less like "manly." Now I do not say that to offend anyone, guys who are hairless, and wear...
Posted by: Verity Darkwaters in Health & Beauty - 3 minutes ago
Soap or shower gel?
Many people use soaps still. You'd really be surprised, especially when you're getting 3 or 4 for a dollar. Growing up, we barely ever had any body wash just soap because it was cheaper. A lot of men use bars of soap as...
Posted by: Verity Darkwaters in Health & Beauty - 6 minutes ago
Make up or not?
I think some people are naturally homely. However, I agree, we do destroy out skin. Plastic surgery is not good for you regardless of what everyone thinks. Your skin changes with age. Drugs, alcohol, too much sun,...
Posted by: Verity Darkwaters in Health & Beauty - 7 minutes ago
Cutting our own hair
I won't lie I am too scared too. I'd rather cut my own hair, it would save me time and money. But I use to cut Barbie dolls hair and it looked terrible. I cut my hubby's hair once, and it looked like a bowl cut. I just...
Posted by: Verity Darkwaters in Health & Beauty - 10 minutes ago
Making your own skincare stuff
I make a few of my own skin care products. Use 1 tsp of honey and 1/8 teaspoon of mustard powder. Put it on zits for 15 minutes then gently wipe it away. It works great! Another mask I use is made with green tea. You...
Posted by: Verity Darkwaters in Health & Beauty - 12 minutes ago
What's your go-to drink?
When you're out at a bar with friends what the drink that you usually order? Do you always go for the same thing or switch it around a bit sometimes?
Posted by: Strykstar in Off Topic Discussion & General Questions - 13 minutes ago
Android OS on phones
I've been checking out Android phones in order to buy one but I've noticed that there are lots of Android softwares available and I have no idea on the differences among them. I've seen Kit Kat, Jelly Bean, etc. Can...
Posted by: Strykstar in Computers, Electronics & Gadgets - 15 minutes ago
Have You Ever Purchased Jewelry Seen on Television?
I never buy anything from the television. There are things I have bought at Walmart that was from the television. I think one of them was years ago, those cool blow pens. I loved those, but other than that the other...
Posted by: Verity Darkwaters in As Seen on TV - 17 minutes ago
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