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Shaving foam vs shaving gel
When I shave what needs to be shaved, I only use soap. But of course, I shave parts of the body that are not immediately visible to the human eye, so I don't know if there is a difference with using a shaving cream and...
Posted by: sidney in Health & Beauty - 9 minutes ago
What Products Shouldn't One Buy Online?
I would buy clothing online that I know I can return if it doesn't fit properly. I would never buy expensive electronic equipment (eg TV, computer, DVD player) online because I like to see what I am buying in person and...
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Do you wear glasses?
I have worn glasses since I was 18, because I noticed that I can't see the things being written on the white board anymore. It turns out that I have myopia. I can still read a book without glasses, but when I look at...
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Have You Any Personal Blog and Did You Do SEO or SMO Activity For Your Own Blog?
Hi Harry :) Yes, I do have a personal blog and maintain other blogs for clients/friends. And honestly, I don't do SEO that much - only the basics such as the blog description, tags and keywords-rich content (for...
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Do You Give Catnip to Your Cats?
It's weird, but even though I had heard about Catnip I had never gotten any for my cat. About a month ago I was at the store, I saw some and decided to get it just to see what the deal with it was. So I get home and...
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Paintings or Photographs?
I like both. :) I'm not particular if it's a photograph or a painting as long as I like the subject. I like seeing nature or natural surroundings such as mountains, springs, waterfalls, etc.. So I really don't care if...
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Have You Bought A Memory Card On Ebay Or On Any Online Stores? Were They Legit Or Fake?
---Quote (Originally by megadelayed)--- I would also recommend the OP checks the seller feedbacks before buying ANYTHING from eBay, and have some common sense with them. Any items that are sold for prices much lower...
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What would you want your last food to be?
I had to think about this question for some time. I don't think I have even been asked that so you stumped me. :) My last food would definitely be sushi. It is my absolute favorite and we don't get to have it that often...
Posted by: Danyel72 in Food & Drink - 41 minutes ago
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