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If you train at home, what's your routine like?
I stopped paying for a gym membership a long time ago and started training at home. The plan was to save the money I'd pay at the gym and buy some equipment but I since forgot the idea and now train using just my body...
Posted by: prettycolors in Sports & Fitness - 15 minutes ago
Why this website always give so cheap price to Russian?
I seldom see the great deal for the Philippines and other parts of Asia, but I can find some very cheap things on the first page. Sometimes they are good, you can search some what you need. ---Quote (Originally by...
Posted by: Judia in Fashion & Apparel - 1 hour ago
TaoBao Chinese website
Am I sleepy and can't find it, or there's no English version on this website :confused: First time I hear about it, by the way. I did some shopping on dx and buyincoins and had a good experience. The shipping was free...
Posted by: prettycolors in Fashion & Apparel - 1 hour ago
Best pet for a small flat.
For small spaces, a cat would also be the best option for me. They are low-maintenance pets and are also less demanding. Cats are easy to toilet train. They only require a litter box and they go there by instinct. If...
Posted by: Athenagdlyt in Pets - 1 hour ago
Staying at one location or many?
If money is not an issue I would definitely move around as much as I can. To totally enjoy a specific travel destination, one must also take time to immerse in the both the urban and the traditional culture. This...
Posted by: Athenagdlyt in Travel - 2 hours ago
What's your favorite superhero movie?
My favorite superhero movie is spider man, i like its all series and now the new series has come the amazing spider man which is too good. now eagerly waiting for the amazing spider man 2 in 3d.
Posted by: brucer in Movies, Music & Games - 2 hours ago
Too Many Superhero Movies?
The AVENGERS is an perfect example of a super hero movie in which too many superheroes were included.
Posted by: brucer in Movies, Music & Games - 2 hours ago
Items all were bought from taobao, true pictures
Hello, everyone I know that people overseas have no confidence in stuff quality from Chinese online shopping site, actually, so am I. So here, in this post, I will show you what I have bought or our customers have...
Posted by: mifinfo in Fashion & Apparel - 2 hours ago
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