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"Cute" clothes with ribbons, frills, lace... - too childish?
I don't find them too childish at all! I really like cute dresses with lace. They can definitely look professional! If you could share some pictures of dresses with us to help us decide, we would appreciate it! While I...
Posted by: Kek in Fashion & Apparel - 10 minutes ago
Do you sleep with your pets?
When I was younger I had some cats that would sometimes sleep with me and that was before I about some of the diseases they can carry and opt to not have pets sleeping in the bed especially since I know where they've...
Posted by: Mayvin in Pets - 14 minutes ago
Do you like to travel during Fall?
---Quote (Originally by Vickey321)--- I also like to travel during falls. Falls is my favourite place to see the natural beauty of God. I'm tourist and like to visit in different places around the world. The Niagara...
Posted by: Kek in Travel - 15 minutes ago
Do you have a paying account with any MMORPG?
---Quote (Originally by mythman)--- same reason you drive a car rather than walk. ---End Quote--- Well, it's not exactly the same, is it? While games that you pay for may offer premium experience that is simply...
Posted by: Kek in Movies, Music & Games - 18 minutes ago
Good international online fashion and apparel stores
---Quote (Originally by Mayvin)--- I have a cousin who buys all of his clothes online from a company based out of France and he says the clothes are alot cheaper. I don't know the name of it but you could probably look...
Posted by: Kek in Fashion & Apparel - 22 minutes ago
Which type of handbag would you like better?
Out of the ones you showed I liked the 1st, 4th and 6th. But my favorite kind of bag is the classic satchel. To me it's my favorite because it's usually formal enough for work, but also looks great to go out at the mall...
Posted by: isabbbela in Fashion & Apparel - 26 minutes ago
Has anyone tried out Nicer Dicer?
---Quote (Originally by ACSAPA)--- The thing that bothers me about this product is that it has 12 pieces and attachments that have the same function as 12 tools that I already have in my kitchen. So why would I replace...
Posted by: Kek in As Seen on TV - 28 minutes ago
Belts for me serve for two purposes, to hold my pants up if they are too lose, or to emphasize my waist if I want to when wearing a dress or shirt. If it's just to hold my pants up I couldn't care less how the belt...
Posted by: isabbbela in Fashion & Apparel - 31 minutes ago
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