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How much do you spend on entertainment monthly?
I don't really spend money on buying games or DVD's because I just download them nowadays. I don't use the wi-fi that we have over here, so I guess the only expense that I spend on entertainment is my internet...
Posted by: sidney in Movies, Music & Games - 22 minutes ago
What Do You Pray about When You Tell Someone “I’ll Pray for You”?
---Quote (Originally by Jake)--- Break-up songs are really the worst, heh. I've grown up in a household with Christian values and I often was encouraged to pray for others. Usually, I found myself praying for a friends...
Posted by: mythman in Off Topic Discussion & General Questions - 47 minutes ago
Is Rap music destroying our youth?
Rap, TV, Movies, Social Media, etc, etc do not in any way make young people disrespectful, unruly, promiscuous and so on. If a kid is bad and grows up to be bad then the parents and the schools are to blame. The problem...
Posted by: Denis Hard in Movies, Music & Games - 47 minutes ago
Do you sleep with your pets?
I'm not much of a cat lover but my mom is. When I was young and [I] still lived with my parents, there's this cat that would creep into my room and when I woke up I'd find it lying next to me. Good thing is in those...
Posted by: Denis Hard in Pets - 56 minutes ago
Free condom samples
Image: The most important thing about sex is safe sex. If you don't want any surprises you need to practice safe sex. Now you can get the...
Posted by: MisaMisa in Freebies and Giveaways - 1 hour ago
Supermarket BOGOFs
Recently in the UK, there has been a call to halt the BOGOF (Buy one get one free) as they say it is causing people to be obese and people to waste food. Some stores have baskets/bins where people can donate the item...
Posted by: Theo in Food & Drink - 1 hour ago
What makes you actually download an App?
There are a few apps which are helpful. Apps which someone won't mind buying or downloading because they're worth the money. Shopping apps for example are great if you shop frequently and need to compare prices...
Posted by: Denis Hard in Mobile Apps & Games - 1 hour ago
Always discreet gives away free samples
Image: Get a free sample of bladder leak products from Always...
Posted by: MisaMisa in Freebies and Giveaways - 1 hour ago
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