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Heavy rain
Yeah I have done this before when I have opened the window and a lot of rain has come in. Rain usually falls at a slight angle so if it aligns with your window problems can ensue. Luckily it was only for a few moments...
Posted by: Hedonologist in Home & Garden - 16 minutes ago
Using an apron, yes or no?
I never do these days actually. I did used to years ago, but I don't do much home-cooking now, and I don't do washing up in my best clothes anyway. I think you only really need an apron when you are dealing with really...
Posted by: Hedonologist in Home & Garden - 18 minutes ago
Blinds or curtains?
I prefer curtains. For some reason blinds seem more suited to offices. I prefer curtains as they both seem more cosy, and are also better at keeping heat in. I will often close my curtains at night, and in the morning...
Posted by: Hedonologist in Home & Garden - 19 minutes ago
Apps for Musicians
I'm currently studying Music and I major in Guitar. I am so grateful that there a couple of apps that can help me with playing. I especially love this app called "PitchLab Pro." It's a guitar tuner and so far, this is...
Posted by: maryannballeras in Mobile Apps & Games - 27 minutes ago
Do you enjoy wearing tight clothes?
No, I don't and I've never enjoyed wearing tight clothes. I've never been a fan of these kinds of clothes. I have always been insecure when it comes to my body proportions because I feel like I look so fat. I just use...
Posted by: maryannballeras in Home & Garden - 37 minutes ago
Places to visit in Sri Lanka
---Quote (Originally by Kylrey)--- Ashlee! Kurumba resorts are one of most phenomenal and captivating places for having most remarkable experience during you stay. It makes so many activities for guests to make his...
Posted by: roki123 in Travel - 42 minutes ago
Who has ever been profiled and harassed by U.S. Customs or TSA Agents? Share your story...
The only time I felt it was over the top was when 911 happened. An example of this would be the random walking through the airport checks. We had wanted to pack light since we knew it would be a lot of hassle but it...
Posted by: H.C. Heartland in Travel - 43 minutes ago
Favourite quotes
My favorite quote is from a T.V. show that was called Northern Exposure. It was based out of Alaska. At one point, a character on the show who was a radio disc jockey tells one of the younger characters, 'Sometimes you...
Posted by: H.C. Heartland in Movies, Music & Games - 1 hour ago
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