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What's your opinion on plastic surgery?
I am against it for aesthetic reason, but not in instances where people have been burnt or had an accident. I have friends who have had fake boobs and it is painful and many said they would not do it again. I have GG...
Posted by: Theo in Health & Beauty - 11 minutes ago
Travel Without Money?
I can see how this is possible, if you're a teenager with no money, good health and lots of time at your disposal. But for someone with a family or little time to waste this way of traveling is not an option. There are...
Posted by: prettycolors in Travel - 22 minutes ago
Eating before working out?
Usually, eating before a workout is not a great idea. Eating bananas or some fish to boost your energy levels is ok, but eating something heavy, that takes a while to digest is a big no, at least for me. After the...
Posted by: prettycolors in Sports & Fitness - 31 minutes ago
Have you noticed how expensive free weights are?
Yes it's true, they are bloody expensive. That's why when I needed some for my home training sessions I bought some used from a friend that wanted to get rid of them. They were in good condition and I saved quite a few...
Posted by: prettycolors in Sports & Fitness - 51 minutes ago
Are those PC maintenance softwares for real?
Advanced Systemcare is one of the few programs that actually works. You need to use all of its features, especially the RAM clearing tool to see a real effect, though. It's especially useful for deleting files that are...
Posted by: troutski in Software PC & Mac - 53 minutes ago
Online Work is not easy
---Quote (Originally by Lady350)--- I look at how much time I have to spend on the small click jobs it seems like I make no money. I get discouraged sometimes. ---End Quote--- Don't bother with PTC sites, that's just...
Posted by: sidney in Suggestions & Feedback - 1 hour ago
Urine as Fertilizer?
I'm all about being efficient and saving money, but using urine as fertilizer ... never. When I was little and my grandparents grew pigs we used the manure to fertilize our fields (potato and corn), but that's a whole...
Posted by: prettycolors in Home & Garden - 1 hour ago
Do you mod your computer?
All the modding I ever did was on my computer case. It started with stickers when I was younger and then I slowly started to learn how to custom paint. It's really easy -I make some stencils in photoshop, decide what...
Posted by: prettycolors in Computers, Electronics & Gadgets - 1 hour ago
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