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Do you buy new outfits for Holidays and other special Occasions?
Not really but when me and my wife go to Church for the holidays we sometimes like to dress in something that complements the other and that is when we buy a suit for the holidays but other then that we do not really go...
Posted by: teabwoi in Fashion & Apparel - 1 hour ago
Tankless water heaters?
I actually have a water heater where it works whenever you turn on the light and then you turn on the shower but I have not been able to use it because I just think that it will shock me or something so that is why I...
Posted by: teabwoi in Home & Garden - 1 hour ago
How Much Is Your Maximum Budget For A Bag?
---Quote (Originally by 003)--- I am willing to go as high as $200 for my laptop bag, because primarily of durability. I don't care at all about the brand. What I do care most are the style and the durability. But it...
Posted by: sidney in Fashion & Apparel - 1 hour ago
Do you have insurance that covers gas and water lines?
:-) If we really examine Insurance, there can be insurance for practically anything "capable of being owned" by man and that extends to, anything that we buy, and anything that we own by virtue of buying something else....
Posted by: ExpertAdvice in Home & Property Insurance - 3 hours ago
Foil or plastic wrap (cling film)?
I prefer cling wrap. But I think the foil is easier to manage and to fold, unlike with the cling wrap that you'd really have to be careful. I don't use foil in small things, I use for larger ones and when I can't use...
Posted by: 003 in Home & Garden - 3 hours ago
Power line vs generator
I think it's still more advisable to use a power line that to use a generator. When you use a generator, you'd have to spend more on gas which is more expensive as compared with the power line. Also, there is more...
Posted by: 003 in Home & Garden - 3 hours ago
Washing dishes with running water?
I wash the dishes with the running water. I exhaust all the possible ways in which I can save. And I think that I am able to save a lot if I only wash my dishes with running water. I don't think that it would really...
Posted by: 003 in Home & Garden - 3 hours ago
Renewing the air in the house?
I don't open my windows. Rarely that I do, I think only when I have to let a scent shift away faster. That's the only time that I open my windows. I don't think that for it's a good way to get a new circulation of air...
Posted by: 003 in Home & Garden - 3 hours ago
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