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Apps that control things
Apps that control things in real life definitely have a future! If I can have my remote control for my television and my a/c remote control and the radio remote, light remote and car remote *on my phone* *I would be a...
Posted by: ExpertAdvice in Mobile Apps & Games - 16 minutes ago
What is your favorite comfort food?
What a great topic. My favorite comfort food in the winter time is a warm chicken pot pie with a nice brownie on the side and my favorite summer comfort food is a hearty chicken taco stuffed with corn, cheese,...
Posted by: Tellyv in Food & Drink - 16 minutes ago
Ads in the Weekly Bulletin of St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church
'St. Charles'-Catholics are the best customers! See the church's invitation to use the bulletin to attract them: Do you own your own business or know of someone who does? Then why not ... *Prayerfully consider...
Posted by: mythman in Misc & Others - 17 minutes ago
Bought some clothes at Gap today...
I hate when I miss out on something like that, but at least gift cards are good for quite a while. Hopefully you'll be able to use on their next big sale so you can make the most of it. I haven't shopped at a Gap...
Posted by: DancingLady in Fashion & Apparel - 23 minutes ago
Glitter for Eye Shadow
I do not use it heavy at all, it's just the Wet and Wild loose glitter. I put a tiny bit on a Q-tip and pat under my eye brow. It's not like solid glitter, just a little bit. I tried taking a picture once, but it...
Posted by: DancingLady in Fashion & Apparel - 25 minutes ago
What are your fall/winter travel plans?
I would like to travel to Miami for the fall/winter. I'm from New York so I always like to go somewhere warm for a weekend or so when it's cold outside then it feels like a real vacation. I actually never vacation in...
Posted by: Tellyv in Travel - 26 minutes ago
Will you retire early or later in life?
I do not expect to retire. I plan to continue working until I am no longer physically capable of doing any form of work. I can't imagine what I would do with myself if I did not work, probably just be bored and sad...
Posted by: DancingLady in Retirement Plans - 28 minutes ago
Book Early And Save A Lot
I did that when I had to fly back from college one year. Now, that isn't really an option as I can't guarantee that I can get days off until the very last minute, so flying somewhere would be out of the question even...
Posted by: DancingLady in Travel - 31 minutes ago
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