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Make up or not?
I hardly ever wear make up, on top of just being personal preference, I have really sensitive skin and would rather just avoid it altogether than try various products with questionable results as to how my skin will...
Posted by: JessiFox in Health & Beauty - 7 minutes ago
Ladies, Ever Gone Shopping Just To Wind-down?
I believe that there are women who considers shopping as a stress reliever, my sister does. :D But not me, I like going out when I'm stress but I do random things like taking a walk/run/jog or visit a friend (or a...
Posted by: eppie in Fashion & Apparel - 22 minutes ago
Do you wear glasses?
You are very lucky !!! I have been wearing glasses since I was about 18. I can't remember life without them actually. I have an astigmatism so that is something that will not get better with time or age. I did try...
Posted by: Danyel72 in Health & Beauty - 25 minutes ago
Extreme Cheapskates
I was actually disgusted by some of the episodes I did see. I can see being frugle but these people were doing things that can be down right bad for your health!! I saw a family actually walk to a random field and have...
Posted by: Danyel72 in Food & Drink - 31 minutes ago
Canada / USA - APC Surge Protector Recall manufactured prior to 2003
Apparently there are some issues with certain APC surge protectors overheating, melting, or possibly fires. In any case, APC is offering to replace those units with a free modern equivalent. You'll need to upload the...
Posted by: richc3 in Computers, Electronics & Gadgets - 33 minutes ago
Do you ride the subway for free?
There's no subway where I'm from, only the Metro (elevated trains) though they usually offer free rides on certain special holidays. :D And about getting free rides.. I wouldn't risk anything to get free rides...
Posted by: eppie in Misc & Others - 40 minutes ago
Would You Give Up Your Privacy So You Could Get Paid?
---Quote (Originally by ragtimeannie)--- ... Google already knows more about me than anybody. I'd be kidding myself if I didn't believe that, but I love their products and love that they're free, so so far I'm...
Posted by: eppie in Misc & Others - 53 minutes ago
What's your Favorite Animated Movie?
My favorite animated movie is Tangled and I came across this film by accident when my niece was watching it while I was babysitting her. I figured it kept her quiet and I wasn't doing anything and decided to watch the...
Posted by: May102014 in Movies, Music & Games - 56 minutes ago
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