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Virtual Assistant for Android Phone
I used to be amazed with these virtual assistant apps for Android. I had Skyvi installed once which is an app similar to Siri. I was entertained by the app because I could "talk" to it. It would give very funny...
Posted by: lindbergh in Mobile Apps & Games - 12 minutes ago
Do You Always Update Your Apps?
No. I seldom pay attention to updates. I only update an app if it says that I can no longer use it if I don't update (like Shadowgun: Deadzone for instance. I cannot play the game if there's an update available). ...
Posted by: lindbergh in Mobile Apps & Games - 36 minutes ago
Do you check before using?
I am very foodie and frequently organize party with friends at home. So I usually buy pizzas, donuts with huge discount offer specially during festivals. I use coupon rani and other top coupon deal sites for more offer...
Posted by: Priya_ada in Coupons - 1 hour ago
Do you think a $1000 gaming laptop would be worth it?
It depends on the brand. If it is well known, then I think that a $1,000 gaming laptop would be worth it. I have heard that Toshiba gaming laptops reach that price range. My cousin has one and he says that it's pretty...
Posted by: lindbergh in Computers, Electronics & Gadgets - 1 hour ago
Movies That Made You Cry
It's probably that one time I watched this Asian movie, I think it's Korean or something. The movie was called "Sex is Zero" and it was a comedy really very funny movie but the tone and the story is so heavy. I don't...
Posted by: beccagreen in Movies, Music & Games - 1 hour ago
Do Plastic Bags Disintegrate?
Yes they do sometimes. I think it's illegal to have non biodegradable plastics anymore, well in my place it is illegal. But regardless maybe your plastics were just torn by rats, if they're scattered all over the place...
Posted by: deathbyprayer in Misc & Others - 1 hour ago
How Do You Save Money During The Holiday Season?
I'm not really a Holiday person I just tend to stay at home every holiday. Except for Christmas and the gifts I don't really spend that much money on Holidays but I would suggest you save some money beforehand so that...
Posted by: deathbyprayer in Seasonal & Holidays - 2 hours ago
Retirement Thoughts
I'm already in my 20's and ever since I hit my 18th year in this planet I started to save up for my retirement. I don't want to work for the rest of my life. My plan is to retire at the age of 40 or 50 so I have a lot...
Posted by: beccagreen in Retirement Plans - 2 hours ago
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