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Wired laptop
Currently, stuff that are connected to my laptop are wired pc mouse and headphones. I'm using my laptop as a main computer, and I'm considering to buy a cooling pad for it, and a keyboard. I really type a lot on i't and...
Posted by: zaskolu2014 in Computers, Electronics & Gadgets - 18 minutes ago
Do you still buy gadgets from Ebay?
Yes, I do. But, the gadgets I buy are really small things, like small flashlights, simple stuff that come really usefull. Also i bought lot of things for my 3D printer and lucky i received the items undamaged and the...
Posted by: zaskolu2014 in Computers, Electronics & Gadgets - 25 minutes ago
Satellite TV
My opinion for satellite tv is that this service is unnecessary. I remember when i was a kid, satellite tv was a premium service in my country.- Hah, i know it sound really awkward and hilarious. Why do i say that is...
Posted by: zaskolu2014 in Phone, Internet & TV - 32 minutes ago
How mcuh do you pay per month for your cell phone?
My cell phone bills are really low. I don't spend more than 10 $ per month. My carrier has a really cool option : " it's like rechargeable phone credit. You buy like 5$ and it lasts about 30 days. When your credit...
Posted by: zaskolu2014 in Phone, Internet & TV - 39 minutes ago
If you had all fast food spots available, where would you go?
Panda Express! The one in my area always has such good food. Another thing I love about it is that their soda tap is always adjusted just right! The soft drinks always have a great burn and kick as I like.
Posted by: PennySafe in Food & Drink - 43 minutes ago
How Long Do You Use Makeup?
I don't wear that much makeup, but I do have a little stash of it. I keep everything until it is depleted or until it's dried and cracking or otherwise unsuitable for use.
Posted by: PennySafe in Health & Beauty - 45 minutes ago
How long have you had your car?
I've had my car for about 11 years now. It's a 2002 mitsubishi. Sometimes I've wanted to get a new one, but it runs good and it doesn't give me too much trouble. In recent years the air has stopped working and I...
Posted by: PennySafe in Auto & Moto - 47 minutes ago
Did you buy clothes as a Holiday Gift?
I would never buy someone clothes unless it's something like a hoodie or scarf, something that is for casual use. I would be afraid to give someone something stylish because they may not like it, and it may not fit. ...
Posted by: PennySafe in Fashion & Apparel - 55 minutes ago
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