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Spam forum posts
---Quote (Originally by erik120)--- You people are mean, maybe he just doesn't know english well or something, so what if he finds stuff off the internet to post? don't we all do that to a certain extent? I don't get...
Posted by: beccagreen in Suggestions & Feedback - 9 minutes ago
Don't be afraid to buy whole chicken!
Good post! I like roasting whole chickens. For me, it's cheaper that way. Letting it sit in the refrigerator for 24 hours uncovered allows the skin to dry out. That way it will get extra crispy when you put it in the...
Posted by: pennylane in Food & Drink - 24 minutes ago
Pyramid schemes
I think it's not really a bad idea, I mean sure it's horrible when you lost but it's pretty much a solid deal IF you know how to handle it. But as for me, I'm not one to waddle my feet on a pool of sharks if you know...
Posted by: beccagreen in Savings & Investments Plans - 25 minutes ago
Is it worth it to travel on a budget?
If you're on a tight budget I think it's not worth it. Not unless of course the travel cost will be cheap and you can afford it. If you're traveling abroad then you have to check on your wallet and organize everything...
Posted by: beccagreen in Travel - 46 minutes ago
Work from Home Scams?
Why don't you go to odesk/elance instead to avoid scams. The secret to avoid scams in freelance sites like odesk is to only accept jobs that offers hourly rate and not the fixed price. I have been into freelancing as...
Posted by: etc in Scams = To Good To Be True - 1 hour ago
Staying at a hostel, is it safe?
I think hostel is also safe place for the visitor because all the security is much better as compare to the hotel in my point of view and have much experience of hostel life..
Posted by: kasi in Travel - 1 hour ago
How To Train For A 5K
Training in a group is FANTASTIC idea for those of you who find it difficult to motivate yourself on your own. There are lots of running groups and clubs dotted around, and if there isn't then it is a great opportunity...
Posted by: deansaliba in Sports & Fitness - 1 hour ago
top 5 favorite comedy tv shows
I'd get a heart attack if I really tried to rank these from 1 to 5... So here it goes off the top of my head: 1 - King of Queens 2 - Impractical Jokers 3 - South Park 4 - Bob's Burgers 5 - The Office
Posted by: Colebra in Off Topic Discussion & General Questions - 1 hour ago
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