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Can You Recommend a 2D Animation program?
---Quote (Originally by Kek)--- You should definitely try out Pivot Animator! ( It's pretty basic and extremely easy to use. Try that if you want to create simple stick-figure animations....
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Smokers that quit, what health improvements do you feel?
I've been smoke free for almost eight years now. It feels great not being a slave to cigarettes. For me, it was nice to not have to mask the smell with gum or perfume. I didn't have to worry about smelling like...
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What's your opinion on plastic surgery?
I have no problem with plastic surgery. I've never had anything done on me nor would I ever try it, I'm perfectly fine with the way I look but I wouldn't say that it's wrong or bad or whatever. If a person isn't happy...
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Have you tried Korean beauty products?
Korean and Japanese beauty products are very different than what is sold in America. It seems to be more concentrated. In Asia, having beautiful skin is more important than anything else. I have tried Korean skin...
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How much would developing an app cost?
I have a friend (with no technical/programming skills whatsoever) who developed a simple app thru Mobincube for free. He did not sell the app though it's just one of his website special giveaways several months ago. ...
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I'm thinking about going no TV at all on my house. Who's on board?
Our family has been TV free for the past 7 solid years. We have two boys aged 12 and 14, and they don't miss them at all. We channeled our budget to a faster internet instead. They have their own laptop and we have...
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Would you trust a $120 desktop computer?
---Quote (Originally by Parker)--- I would need a bit more details on the computer first. The AMD CPU is why the computer is cheap. It's not as fast as an Intel processor. I really would need to know if it has a...
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More tops than pants?
I definitely have more tops than bottoms. However, the ones I wear aren't jeans; they are skirts. Unfortunately, they are noticeably different. So, I try not to wear the same one on a daily basis. For work, I usually...
Posted by: True2marie in Fashion & Apparel - 17 minutes ago
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