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Best pet for a small flat.
When I grew up my parents had a husky. Lots of fun and good times were had but he grew old, and like all living things, died. Now I live in flat so a cat was the best option. She's cheaper to feed and her size is...
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Libraries have changed
Been a while since I went into a library, and I have to agree, they are something different now. They serve tea and offer reading space where you can browse a few books or the internet and theater is played from time to...
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Do You Pay to Get a Yearly Doctor Exam?
---Quote (Originally by Jessi)--- I do, but it's only because it's required for me to get a yearly exam in order to get my birth control prescription. It's the only time I go to the doctor and I don't go when I'm sick...
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Invest in Passport Book or Card?
---Quote (Originally by Jessi)--- I actually didn't know about the card at all! I just looked it up and I guess it would be good for someone who is going to make a one-time trip across the Canada or Mexico border and...
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Eat less, save more
I think this can work in some ways. Many people would be surprised to know that they DO overeat. You don't need to gorge yourself at dinner time or even eat a huge plate of food. In many cases, your portions are...
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Do you use the gym in your building?
When I was renting a flat in a building that had a gym I went there all the time. I like exercising but avoid paying for a gym membership in order to save money so I always exercise at home. And let me tell you, that...
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Does anyone get kinda depressed/lost about Twitter
---Quote (Originally by Nickchick)--- Yeah I always say a little drama is good for the soul but Twitter seems to have too much of it and I'm really not interested in random people's drama. I just got an Instagram but I...
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Would you take a year off?
Although I want to travel around a lot I dont think I would take a year out. This is mainly because I love booking holidays and getting so excited about it for those few weeks. So I think prefer to take a few holidays...
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