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Do you have a paying account with any MMORPG?
I've had paying subscriptions to World of Warcraft and when I was really little, to a premium Runescape account. Currently don't have an active subscription to any game though. Just don't have the time anymore to really...
Posted by: Thejamal in Movies, Music & Games - 15 minutes ago
Do you use an all in one foundation?
No, I'll usually use concealer, foundation and powder, I'm not a fan of all in one products. I have been using a tinted moisturizer instead lately for my day to day routine, so I need some powder over it because it is...
Posted by: isabbbela in Health & Beauty - 31 minutes ago
The roll of Sleep in weightloss and fitness
Unfortunately no. And sleep loss is absolutely the most underrated part of any attempt to get in shape and loss weight. The body needs rest and recovery and a good nights sleep helps restart your metabolism. The one...
Posted by: Thejamal in Sports & Fitness - 32 minutes ago
Do you sleep with your pets?
Yes, my dog sleeps with me in my bed. I didn't intend for that to happen at first, but he's always been so cuddly and sweet and always wants to be around me that I finally gave up and let him sleep in my bed with me. He...
Posted by: isabbbela in Pets - 32 minutes ago
Most useful mobile app?
I've heard of an app where you can find out where the best deal is in the neighborhood when you're trying to save money on groceries, clothes, or whatever else. This I think could be very useful when your out say...
Posted by: Mayvin in Mobile Apps & Games - 40 minutes ago
Cleaning a swimming pool
The swimming pool robot works great and is well worth the investment. Never had much of a problem with it breaking down or anything and it does a great job keeping the pool clean. So if you're planning on staying in a...
Posted by: Thejamal in Home & Garden - 43 minutes ago
Blue Sky Weekly/Monthly Planner 2014 School Year
I have to confess that I have become obsessed with the planner community on YouTube and Instagram. I love looking at the videos and pictures about the Filofax, Erin Condren and Midori planners. It is really a...
Posted by: Bright7 in Product Reviews - 44 minutes ago
cell phone vs using a camera to take pictures?
Many people don't have cell phones that are powerful enough to take decent photographs. I prefer to use my camera if I know I will take a lot of photos. For a random photo here and there, I just use my phone and it...
Posted by: Kek in Computers, Electronics & Gadgets - 44 minutes ago
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