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Cleaning With Ketchup !!!!!!!

Definitely an interesting concept. I have some spots on my stainless steel oven doors that I can never get rid of, so if this works I might be willing to give it a try!

Feeding The Squirrels: Help Or Hindrance?

But I'm thinking it only takes one (or very few) missed-feedings for the squirrels to venture over to the garden where they are usually NOT welcome :mad: I don't think the spice-repellents will 'drive the squirrels far away (unless Joan lays it on ). I...

Do You Maintain Your Home Appliances?

I bought my washer, dryer, and refrigerator when I moved in here 6 years ago. Obviously, the fridge gets constant use. I hooked up the ice maker myself, via YouTube and the instruction manual, but don't do anything to maintain it. I've been fortunate that...

Using Vinegar In Your Garden

I recently read up on the different strengths of vinegar, but after reading it, I will stick with the strength I can buy at Walmart and other stores. The stronger stuff can burn skin, and be a danger to eyes and other body parts, and since I'm clumsy, I'll...

Shoe Hospitals

In North America they are called cobblers, and they are a dying breed. Most people wear sneakers of just toss their old shoes out.It's shame we live in such a throw away society over here but I am glad to know some people still rescues dying shoes!I like to...

Durable Yet Inexpensive Clothing Brands

I second this. I often shop at these stores, and my tactic is to know brands and sizes ahead of time, so I don't rely on the 'compare at' prices on the tags. There was actually a story recently about how those are higher, which is no surprise, because...

Inexpensive Yoga Clothes?

I've recently started doing yoga, and so I've started looking at buying some yoga pants. (I could just wear my running shorts, but I get cold easily and I feel that keeping my muscles warmer would help with my flexibility.)They're crazy expensive!...