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White Rain Shampoo
I don't think that we have that over here. But I would just like to recommend Tresemme as it seems you may be changing your brand of shampoo now. Its is available in discounts stores, even so it is reasonably priced...
Posted by: sarz in Product Reviews - 29 minutes ago
Have You Tried Hot Dog Salad?
Wow.. I've never heard of a hot dog salad. When I first saw the subject title I grimaced at the mere idea of such a thing, however.. when you further explained that it was a regular salad with small hot dog slices I...
Posted by: dizzykitsune in Food & Drink - 31 minutes ago
Best Premium Coffees?
I don't like Nescafe at all. But I like kenco millicano and at the moment I am on douwe Egberts, which is slightly bitter. Much prefer a Costa's Mocha not a big Starbucks fan. I would say Costa Mocha Italia slow roasted...
Posted by: sarz in Product Reviews - 34 minutes ago
When Eating Healthy is not Affordable
Unfortunately this is the sad, sad truth. I would much prefer to eat healthier, but when I compare the prices of organic food to processed I choose processed every time. I have a very limited budget. I realize that my...
Posted by: dizzykitsune in Food & Drink - 36 minutes ago
Do any of you actually PREFER store brand soda over name brand soda?
I know exactly what you mean! Sometimes I prefer the store brand over the brand name myself, but it all depends on where it's from (ex: Walmart, Publix, etc). I enjoy Dr.Thunder as well, but I think I like it as much as...
Posted by: dizzykitsune in Food & Drink - 40 minutes ago
What's your favorite salad dressing?
I think my favourite is Thousand Island. I love it but not on my hips like chips. :) I do just like a plain old balsamic vinaigrette. But my all time favourite sauce which I douse over everything including salads is...
Posted by: sarz in Food & Drink - 41 minutes ago
Do you like wearing neon colors?
No I am not brave enough for neon. Perhaps I could be persuaded if there was some sort of eighties night going and the drinks were flowing. I don't think my body shape is fit enough to carry off neon either. Most of my...
Posted by: sarz in Fashion & Apparel - 48 minutes ago
House maid: a luxury?
If hiring someone to help with the cleaning allows you to work longer and make more money, it's not a luxury. It is a good strategy. If you can do it yourself without interfering with the rest of your life, it is a...
Posted by: Amanda K in Home & Garden - 50 minutes ago
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