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Telemarketing calls - how do you deal with them?
I have actually never experienced any psychic telemarketing calls. I don't trust any psychic who contacts me first through wither the phone or email, though I know that psychics - real ones - do actually exist, and are...
Posted by: DreekLass in Stores Reviews, Comments & Complaints - 11 minutes ago
Does Hollywood Try To Brainwash People?
I don't know what to think of all that, but I do know people brainwash themselves royally, all on their own. Brands and names and hot or not.. people are so distracted from life with all this crap that holds them back...
Posted by: JosieP in Movies, Music & Games - 19 minutes ago
Citrus fruits
I don't really give them any uses other than the fact that I see them as fruit that I can and will sometimes eat. The names of oranges - the small ones - can get a little confusing though, because there are like four or...
Posted by: DreekLass in Food & Drink - 21 minutes ago
Type of Restaurant you like??
The best place for eating is a buffet restaurant. We get a place to sit and then choose what we'd like to eat from the buffet menu. Order additional drinks and enjoy our meals. Restaurants with all-you-can-eat deals are...
Posted by: DesignerMum in Food & Drink - 21 minutes ago
Laptops in the classrooms
Why are people so hell bent on holding kids back? When we were all kids, we heard the adults say various versions of the same complaint "you kids don't do ______ like we used to do.. that's the problem with the world...
Posted by: JosieP in Computers, Electronics & Gadgets - 25 minutes ago
Wide Brim Hats
I love wide brim hats too but such accoutrements can only be worn in select occasions. For instance, on a beach getaway with family or friends, a tourist vacation to the Tropics, Hawaii or the Mediterranean, or an...
Posted by: xTinx in Fashion & Apparel - 49 minutes ago
Using an apron, yes or no?
At home I don't wear an apron as I wear casual clothes to cook. However, when I was helping out at a center where the washing up was heavy duty, an apron was needed with spills and water and soap splashing everywhere....
Posted by: Theo in Home & Garden - 53 minutes ago
Weird Way To Save Money?
I try to find something in my mother's closet or personally ask whether she has clothes that don't fit her anymore. We're about the same size (she's still slim despite her age) and I've worn a number of the clothes she...
Posted by: xTinx in Fashion & Apparel - 56 minutes ago
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