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Buy out of season to get the best deals
Save your money from end of season sales by buying clothes and shoes for men and women at baniya deals. :rolleyes:
Posted by: nickalen54 in Fashion & Apparel - 27 minutes ago
Less Popular Christmas Movies
Every Christmas, we usually have some movies playing on the background but at this point we have pretty much played all the well known ones and even the cable channels usually play those anyway so I'd like to hear of...
Posted by: DrRipley in Movies, Music & Games - 34 minutes ago
Blinds or curtains?
I'm okay with both but I find curtains a bit more pleasing. Blinds are just too clunky and they break so easily, not to mention that even if they do stay unbroken they usually still are unbalanced whenever pulling them...
Posted by: DrRipley in Home & Garden - 40 minutes ago
E.T. - the eternal movie
I'm one of the few people who has never seen it. I only know of it from the scenes I've seen parodied and I've also come across some of the iconic scenes in some reviews and montages but that's about the extent of the...
Posted by: DrRipley in Product Reviews - 43 minutes ago
New Years
It was actually our tradition to stay home and watch the New Year's shows as they were so much better when I was a kid and every network had one. For many years, it wasn't New Year's if Kool & the Gang didn't sing...
Posted by: Sugarhill in Seasonal & Holidays - 44 minutes ago
I think they are very durable and dependable, but I personally hate the way they look. I wouldn't say it's because I think they are old fashioned, either because even back in their heyday I still disliked their designs....
Posted by: DrRipley in Fashion & Apparel - 45 minutes ago
What do you think of the iPhone 6 Plus?
I'm not planning on buying it even without the bending issue because I don't like the size and the design. I like the way 5s looks a whole lot more and if I were to buy an iPhone I'd just go for that one. That said, I'm...
Posted by: DrRipley in Computers, Electronics & Gadgets - 47 minutes ago
Do you buy clothes online?
If you are average sized it may be somewhat of an easy task for you. Plus size individuals such as myself may encounter problems beginning with availability of desired styles. All the sexy and nice looking apparel seem...
Posted by: Nikkishea21 in Stores Reviews, Comments & Complaints - 1 hour ago
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