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Do you consider music to be therapeutic?
This is so true. I listen to different songs based on the way I am feeling. When I am sad I listen to R&B or some sad country songs. When I am hyped, I listen to Rap or fast country songs. I also listen to Pop...
Posted by: LuckyGirl08 in Movies, Music & Games - 13 minutes ago
What proportion of your Christmas shopping is done online?
I do all of my Christmas shopping online in November so that I will know for sure that the items will be here in time. I like that I can get great prices and discounts online for everything that my family wants. It...
Posted by: LuckyGirl08 in Online Shopping - 17 minutes ago
Which online service do you use the most to buy things?
I use both Ebay and Amazon because of the cheap prices. I only use Amazon to purchase electronics because I do not trust the electronic products on Ebay. I use Ebay for like phone charges or cases because they are a lot...
Posted by: LuckyGirl08 in Online Shopping - 20 minutes ago
How do you overcome impulse buying?
My husband has this problem. He tries to save but as soon as he see something that he wants then he gets it. Every week, I take what enough money out of his check and put it up for bills and gas. He never notices that...
Posted by: LuckyGirl08 in Online Shopping - 25 minutes ago
Changing home or apartment
Thankfully I am not going through this yet. I am sure when my husband and I decide to move then we are going to go through some trouble. Both of us are still young and do not have any type of credit. We have always paid...
Posted by: LuckyGirl08 in Mortgage & House Payments - 35 minutes ago
Do You Still Pay For Cable TV?
I do not pay for cable anymore because I watch all the shows I like online. Any show that I want to watch I can find it on Netflix or another online channel. I use to have Dish Network but it got very expensive so I had...
Posted by: LuckyGirl08 in Movies, Music & Games - 39 minutes ago
How to divide the rent fairly
Luckily it is only three people who live in my house. My brother, husband, and I split all the bills three ways. Where I live, rent only goes as high as $800 a month because of the low economy. We pay around $400 a...
Posted by: LuckyGirl08 in Mortgage & House Payments - 42 minutes ago
Do You Like Black Cats?
Yes, I love black cats. I have a white one that shows up in my back garden once a week. It always makes me jump, because it shows up at night :D.
Posted by: DonnaIReilly in Pets - 48 minutes ago
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