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What are your favorite pizza toppings?
thejamal if you like making your own pizzas you should consider making your own dough if you want to save money. The trader joes dough is cheap but making it is even cheaper. Yeast is around 20 cents a packet (a packet...
Posted by: pennylane in Food & Drink - 14 minutes ago
Which Toys Might Harm Your Kid?
I think Loom bands are a potentially dangerous toy. I have four children. The oldest two, aged 15 and 9, love Loom bands. As a result, my house is covered in them. They are all over the place. I have two younger...
Posted by: lizzief79 in Toys, Kids & Baby Stuff - 18 minutes ago
How often do you clean your shoes?
Shoes are the one clothing item I spend a lot of money on and take pride in, so I clean my shoes pretty regularly. I'll usually go through each month and clean my shoes and more than that if they got really dirty at...
Posted by: Thejamal in Fashion & Apparel - 31 minutes ago
Cheddar Bay Biscuits
Those things have tons of calories and salt! Not to mention they are rolled around in fake butter. If you are eating vegetarian you should have no problem getting a healthy meal. Have them put dressing on the side and...
Posted by: pennylane in Food & Drink - 32 minutes ago
Beach essentials?
I'd also recommend packing a cooler and fill it with some food and drinks for the day. It's a really nice feeling if you have all your food with you and all your beach essentials as you and others have already pointed...
Posted by: Thejamal in Fashion & Apparel - 36 minutes ago
What Sport do you prefer to lose weight?
A lot of the time, basketball is how I get my cardio workout in as well. It's just absolutely perfect as a cardio workout with all the running/sprinting/cutting/jumping/getting down in a squat, etc. It's basically a...
Posted by: Thejamal in Sports & Fitness - 40 minutes ago
One exercise to rule them all?
I'd vote against the "One exercise to rule them all" mentality because after awhile, your body starts to adjust to the exercise and you won't see the same results that you saw in the beginning. Muscle confusion is a...
Posted by: Thejamal in Sports & Fitness - 42 minutes ago
Buying no brand rice
I'm a huge rice eater, so I go ahead and splurge for the more expensive rice as I can taste the difference and I've noticed it keeps better than the cheap stuff. Rice is also something that can last you months, so...
Posted by: Thejamal in Food & Drink - 47 minutes ago
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