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E-Bay or Craiglist — Which One Is Better?
Depends what it is you're looking to sell, honestly. Collectibles, like comic books or video games, you'll get a lot of "low ball" offers from people who buy and sell those things for a living. If something's that's...
Posted by: MikeyPaine in Online Shopping - 15 minutes ago
Laundry liquid, powder, tablets or pods?
These days you can choose how your detergent comes, I prefer liquid as you can control how much you use and can concentrate it on a stain. Powder sometimes created gunge in the soap drawer, pods aren't economical for a...
Posted by: Theo in Home & Garden - 16 minutes ago
What are your favorite apps?
I have a lot of apps on my phone. I enjoy restaurant story it is a cooking game but you build your own restaurant along the way. I play that game any chance I get. Another one is Ibotta and checkout51 I use these 2 apps...
Posted by: vdenayb23 in Off Topic Discussion & General Questions - 36 minutes ago
Health benefits of sugar cane
These days, sugar gets a bad rap, but it really depends on the type of sugar you are using. Of course, refined white sugar is in no way good for the body. But, pure unrefined sugar cane is very healthy and beneficial to...
Posted by: Serena in Food & Drink - 47 minutes ago
New Year's Resolutions
My new years resolution this year is to 1. actually keep this resolution this year and to become more organized myself and hopefully to gain more income so that I can get this townhouse I really want with my fiance.
Posted by: vdenayb23 in Off Topic Discussion & General Questions - 49 minutes ago
Sea salt
Yes. I do use sea salt. I won't use the regular salt. I really love that sea salt is unrefined and is not processed with a lot of nasty chemicals and I am also glad that it is not iodated. Table salt is also stripped of...
Posted by: Serena in Food & Drink - 1 hour ago
---Quote (Originally by Happyflowerlady)--- I am not a pineapple expert; and we seem to have several people on this thread that actually live where a pineapple will grow. So maybe they can tell the rest of us how they...
Posted by: Serena in Food & Drink - 1 hour ago
Exercise Equipment Collecting Dust
I think if you're trying to get fit you shouldn't just buy things on a whim. First you have to figure out what you like to do and then decide on a machine that will help you do that. I bought a pair of resistance bands...
Posted by: Spectre456 in Sports & Fitness - 1 hour ago
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