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Do You Make a List When Shopping For Clothes?
Never for clothes, you either see and find what you need or don't. I'm a good shopper so can go in and see if the store has anything I like or need and will walk out if I don't see anything without browsing. I do...
Posted by: Theo in Fashion & Apparel - 5 minutes ago
Does Hollywood Try To Brainwash People?
Not really. The problem for me is that some people are just too susceptible. They cannot filter the things shows in movies and other media, so they change.
Posted by: chiofthenorns in Movies, Music & Games - 7 minutes ago
My neighbor just gave me a big jar of honey, awesome because honey is more and more expensive these days. One thing I hate about honey though it's how hard it is to apply because I usually get all sticky while putting...
Posted by: Peninha in Food & Drink - 9 minutes ago
Kitchen cloths
My wife always nags me because she feels I use kitchen cloths for way too many things, but I mean, if I am in the kitchen I give them use, we have a fair amount of them so if they get dirty I wash them and just get a...
Posted by: Peninha in Home & Garden - 12 minutes ago
What is your favorite "gift" store?
I just buy gifts online on Amazon. I don't really trust other stores because they are sometimes fake. I can't even count the number of people I know who got scammed by online stores.
Posted by: chiofthenorns in Gifts & Flowers - 13 minutes ago
Getting tired of Facebook
---Quote (Originally by Nickchick)--- Meh if I see someone doing something positive, I tend to think they are more lucky than I am or in some way they are better than me. It's not that I compare myself on a general...
Posted by: DreekLass in Off Topic Discussion & General Questions - 20 minutes ago
When Eating Healthy is not Affordable
---Quote (Originally by ohiotom76)--- Processed food isn't necessarily cheaper than it's fresh counterparts, it really depends on what you are buying. I would say, per pound, fresh chicken for example is cheaper than...
Posted by: JosieP in Food & Drink - 20 minutes ago
Does the Media Heavily Influence Your Smartphone Purchases?
I feel no media influence in my smartphone related purchases. I browse the net all day and read plenty of tech related news where I see all the new 'hot' hardware and software - still, all I bought was the phone that I...
Posted by: prettycolors in Mobile Apps & Games - 21 minutes ago
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