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My aunt is completely obsessed with lista. Everything she gets for birthdays and Christmass and such is from the site. She goes to flea markets and auctions and buys stuff just so she can sell it on the site and get...
Posted by: Melissast in Misc & Others - 9 minutes ago
Amazon Prime Increase
I was actually thinking about getting it for the kindle library thing, and the free shipping. I don't buy enough things for it to be worth the 99 dollars though. The only time I order anything on Amazon is for a...
Posted by: Melissast in Online Shopping - 13 minutes ago
My magic mermaid
Has any one purchased one of these for there children. I have seen them advertised on tv and my daughter really likes them. I thought it might be a relaxing thing for her to look at while she is trying to sleep. She...
Posted by: Melissast in Toys, Kids & Baby Stuff - 19 minutes ago
Best Phone / Tablet Browser
I'm using an iPhone so for the most part, i use it's default browser which is Safari. However i recently installed Opera mini, which is actually a pretty decent browser. It does load some websites really fast and the...
Posted by: obliviousme in Mobile Apps & Games - 22 minutes ago
Objective Office Memorandum
Hello all, is anyone in the forum an Attorney? Paralegal? or Legal Clerk? In the law profession a memorandum is something that everyone comes into contact with. There are three types of memorandums, namely; Objective...
Posted by: ExpertAdvice in Misc & Others - 24 minutes ago
Perfect Brownie Pan (Anyone have this? Bad or good?)
I have had problems with things sticking to the divider. I do like how it cuts things into proportions for you. I really am horrible at cutting things so that they are even. For that reason I like it. I guess most...
Posted by: Melissast in As Seen on TV - 25 minutes ago
Can you decrease your PC monitor's resolution?
Yes you can. Just right-click anywhere in the desktop, hit on 'Screen Resolution' and you'll see options. I have a netbook, so i really do have small screen, so i chose the highest screen resolution which is 1024x600. :P
Posted by: obliviousme in Software PC & Mac - 30 minutes ago
Do you ever download software for free online?
Yes, i honestly do it download software online. I mean, it's just too tempting not to. There are literally thousands of available free software online so why not download it? I don't feel guilty or anything. People do...
Posted by: obliviousme in Software PC & Mac - 37 minutes ago
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