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Canceling the insurance
---Quote (Originally by Gelsemium)--- That used to be like that in my country ExpertAdvice, but recently they approved a law that says that we can only ask for a refund if we sell our car, if we don't we simply can't...
Posted by: ExpertAdvice in Auto Insurance - 16 minutes ago
Tsu - a new social site where people are paid for content making! Not spam.
Yeah I presumed that at first too, but then I read this article:, and to my surprise, it wasn't' started by Chinese people....
Posted by: valiantx in Product Reviews - 18 minutes ago
Online Work is not easy
Over the past three months, I've been taking the time out to examine the online job market and it is nothing short of foolishness, my humble opinion is that online workers need to boycott all online activity, in there...
Posted by: ExpertAdvice in Off Topic Discussion & General Questions - 24 minutes ago
Do you can food to save money?
The process of canning food can be time-consuming. Everyone in our household is always on the go with so many obligations to attend to. Rather than canning food, we buy canned goods instead. Also, to prevent food from...
Posted by: xTinx in Food & Drink - 25 minutes ago
Pixie cut
I sported pixie cut back when I was in elementary and far too young to care about what the world thinks of me or how fashion is defined. I did have my second stint at short hair in 2011 when I had my hair cut in a short...
Posted by: xTinx in Fashion & Apparel - 29 minutes ago
Big department stores
My family used to shop at SEARS a lot, but that was before Wal-mart came along. I haven't been to a JC Penney's since I went to the one my younger brother used to work at two years ago - their products are simply to...
Posted by: valiantx in Stores Reviews, Comments & Complaints - 50 minutes ago
Knitting charities
If you have some left-over yarn that you don't know what to do with, a couple great charities are Afghans for Afghans and Knit-A-Square. KAS is particularly great for those small amounts of yarn because you just knit...
Posted by: slippersocksmedium in Charitable Causes - 1 hour ago
Would you rather buy a phone at its full pricing or sign up with a contract to get a discount?
There is rarely a situation where you save money by going on contract. In all instances, by the time you've gone through the contract, you've paid much more than you would've for the phone. Having said that, if you are...
Posted by: Sugarhill in Landline & Mobile Phone Networks - 1 hour ago
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