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eBay dot com
Buy from a seller who has a number of good ratings and you'd be fine. You won't get scammed, won't get defective products, etc. Mistake most people make is search for the cheapest stuff not knowing that the seller could...
Posted by: Denis Hard in Fashion & Apparel - 6 minutes ago
Do any of you actually PREFER store brand soda over name brand soda?
I actually agree with you. I have tasted a few non brand name sodas over the years that have actually tasted better to me that the brand name brands lol. A lot of the time, even if the store bought brand soda tastes a...
Posted by: DreekLass in Food & Drink - 7 minutes ago
Everyone has his own favorite destinations. Here I want to talk about Indonesia. How many people have their favorite destinations in this country? Last week I came from the grand canyon bus tours...
Posted by: Ashlee in Travel - 14 minutes ago
Get Permanent Make-Up To Save Cash
It's been around a while and people may use it for things like eyes and eyebrows, but not a full face. First it looks fake and part of using make-up is to change and adapt your look. The actual act of applying...
Posted by: Theo in Health & Beauty - 14 minutes ago
Generic vs Branded Medicine
I buy generic brand OTC meds when they match the ingredients to the name brand one. My husband swears to me that Naproxen Sodium does not work the same as Aleve though, which has the same active ingredient. I'm not sure...
Posted by: kwriter93 in Health & Beauty - 18 minutes ago
Aging Products
Nothing will fix a life time of movement and creasing. Wrinkles don't just appear at a certain age.. it's been hollowing out over time; weakening and finally shows in a wrinkle and then people start to worry too late. ...
Posted by: JosieP in Health & Beauty - 21 minutes ago
Do you know your country?
Hamz10! The Stonehenge is one of my favorite attractions of England. It is located in Wiltshire. It is a unique and fabulous historical monument of this region. I visited it last year. It is the best and the perfect...
Posted by: Ashlee in Travel - 23 minutes ago
Hair Dyes?
I would say don't touch the foams, they seem like a good idea until it rolls off the plastic gloves. I like Nice n' Easy as it works and the colors are good. I always use the permanent as I don't see the point of...
Posted by: Theo in Product Reviews - 26 minutes ago
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