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Saving On Weekends Only?
I've found that I spend more on groceries on weekends also. There are far more "day old" meat, produce, and bakery markdowns during the week, when there are fewer people shopping. I know our grocery stores run weekend...
Posted by: clairebeautiful in Misc & Others - 7 minutes ago
Which brand of jeans do you prefer?
I'm not a big jean person. I do wear them but I am not loyal to any specific brand. I just buy what is decently priced and looks good on me. I am always open to trying new brands if anybody has any suggestions. There...
Posted by: pennylane in Fashion & Apparel - 9 minutes ago
French Connection Brand?
I have been thinking about trying this brand out. I have heard a lot of goof things about it. Some people say that it's really expensive though. Have you tried this brand? What would you say about the quality of clothes?
Posted by: wowtgp in Fashion & Apparel - 14 minutes ago
Do You Make Your Holiday Decorations?
I don't make my own decorations because I'd be so bad at it! It's endearing when a kid makes decorations but for me it would just be embarrassing :) I do remember making a lot of crafts when I was a kid though. It was...
Posted by: pennylane in Seasonal & Holidays - 16 minutes ago
Do you have a budget?
As I have already stated, I don;t tend to buy much online these days. I have always been burned by them,so I tend to be really cautious about what I buy online. Most of the things I buy online are books that don;t cost...
Posted by: wowtgp in Online Shopping - 19 minutes ago
Will you buy your groceries online?
I never prefer to buy anything online, especially when it comes to clothes and groceries. I would go to a store near my house and buy everything from there instead of shopping online. I have realized that quality is...
Posted by: wowtgp in Online Shopping - 21 minutes ago
Have you guys used Ccleaner?
---Quote (Originally by Squigly)--- Ccleaner is pretty good, especially if you are constantly deleting and creating new files, or installing/uninstalling new programs, lots of disk space can be freed up using this...
Posted by: wowtgp in Software PC & Mac - 24 minutes ago
Netflix, Hulu, etc. Will they be the death of cable tv?
I think eventually streaming services will take over but that is a long way off. Eventually the industry model will shift though and people will stop buying insanely large cable packages. At least, I hope that is what...
Posted by: pennylane in Digital & Web TV - 25 minutes ago
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