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iPhone 4s Still Worth Buying?
I would get at least an iphone 5. For the iphone 4s the new operating system (ios8) is going to have problems: small screen (the 4s was the last iphone to have a 3.5" screen) and performance (stats: 40 sec to cold...
Posted by: oolong in Computers, Electronics & Gadgets - 6 minutes ago
I keep getting dropped internet.
I have had the same modem and router for almost 8 years now. For some reason I changed to a very new router, but I still keep dropping my internet connection. Do you think I should get a new modem and if so what is a...
Posted by: Servace in Internet Broadband Access - 8 minutes ago
Have You Bought A Memory Card On Ebay Or On Any Online Stores? Were They Legit Or Fake?
The only online I dealers I trust for electronics are newegg and amazon (and bestbuy).
Posted by: oolong in Computers, Electronics & Gadgets - 11 minutes ago
Best Anti-Virus
I feel like Avast is really the best way to go if you don't want to spend money. Avast updates on its and tell you when it is done updating. Also there are features where it can turn off when you want to play video...
Posted by: Servace in Software PC & Mac - 11 minutes ago
Do you usually drink alcohol?
I'm not much of a drinker actually. I do enjoy an occasional glass of wine but that's about it really. I have tried beer and other alcoholic drinks but just can't seem to get a taste for it. Wine is usually pretty...
Posted by: Danyel72 in Food & Drink - 12 minutes ago
What Types of Things Would You Like to Stockpile?
I love to stockpile, especially when I can get super great deals! I stockpile mostly health and beauty products, laundry soaps and paper products. Things that I know you can keep for a long time without having issues. I...
Posted by: Danyel72 in Coupons - 18 minutes ago
Watching Infomercials for Fun
I only like watching the infomercials if the commercial is dubbed. There are so many funny dubs on YouTube that I think people should watch. My favorite dub is on the product "Sticky Buddy" and it is by JaboodyDubs. It...
Posted by: Servace in As Seen on TV - 19 minutes ago
Do you have a stockpile from using coupons?
When I first started couponing a few years back my stockpile was huge! I still buy tons of shampoos, deodorants, toothpaste and beauty products whenever I find a good deal because those have a shelf life of forever. :)...
Posted by: Danyel72 in Coupons - 22 minutes ago
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