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Do you regularly clean out your desktop?
Two times per month is how often I clean my tower PC. And honestly, I should be doing it more often! I don't know where all the dust comes from since I clean my flat weekly, but boy, does it gather inside the computer....
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Toshiba Canvio - External Hard Drive Review
I recently just bought a Toshiba Canvio 500GB because it was on sale, and after looking up the extra features that they have packaged alongside it, I found them interesting enough to want to give it a try. After two...
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Is Cooking With Tinfoil Bad For Your Health?
I read somewhere that cooking with tinfoil may be bad for your health, because some microscopic aluminum particles might be chipping off when heated up and it ends up sticking to the food. It doesn't seem to have been...
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What's the best app you've downloaded that rewards you?
Peko is one I've just found recently. I haven't tried it myself, to be honest, but I do plan to within the next few days. I've already looked up some tips and reviews on it, and it seems like a legitimate program. The...
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Board Games
I loved board games as a kid, but I don't find them very entertaining now, unless it's my favorite - Monopoly, which I don't find as enjoyable when played digitally via a tablet / PC. I'd still probably give the simpler...
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Dental hygiene
Wow, live and learn, are you serious? If I brush my teeth to hard I can really make them too thin? I find that hard to believe to be honest! Actually I don't use mouthwash, but I do brush and floss in the morning and...
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Too Many Superhero Movies?
---Quote (Originally by brucer)--- The AVENGERS is an perfect example of a super hero movie in which too many superheroes were included. ---End Quote--- I personally think the Avengers was done just right in terms of...
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Are you up to camping?
LOL, that's a act of love, camping for your family! I'm pretty much like you, but come on, camping with rain it's really bad, I've done that once and it was horrible. With sunny weather is far better, but it's not as...
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