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Do you still have your childhood books?
Somewhere in the depths of my parents attic are my first books which are precious and I would never give them away. Which books do you keep and which can you bear to give away? I find it hard to give away books, but a...
Posted by: Theo in Books, eBooks & Audio Books - 15 minutes ago
Do You Go Crazy When You Have a Negative Bank Balance?
Yeah, this isn't a good place for me to be either. I'm fortunately not in the negative in my bank account itself, so I'm not incurring fees. I do have credit card debt now, though, unfortunately, which means I'm...
Posted by: Jessi in Credit Cards - 19 minutes ago
Songs or Singers That Annoy You
---Quote (Originally by May102014)--- Hahahaha. I like this post. Oh goodness, do I have the option to say all of them? I can't even get into music nowadays. The songs I listen to are from the early 2000s on back. Wow,...
Posted by: Nickchick in Movies, Music & Games - 21 minutes ago
Where To Get Second Hand Items?
Sometimes offices just throw things out. There's an office in a strip mall near me where they throw out things from time to time. I one got two filing cabinets from there. Recently they threw out a computer desk and an...
Posted by: ACSAPA in Office Supplies - 25 minutes ago
Leggings to work?
I was at the post office behind a woman wearing leggings and you could literally see the hearts on her underwear through them. If you're going to wear leggings in a setting like that, make sure that they aren't see...
Posted by: ACSAPA in Fashion & Apparel - 29 minutes ago
Best Credit Card for a Teenager
Yes, there are absolutely ways to set limits! Her first card should be no more than $250, in my opinion, if she's on the younger side (like still in high school). You can co-sign on it and set parental limits on...
Posted by: Jessi in Credit Cards - 30 minutes ago
Do you sleep with your pets?
My cat used to sleep at the bottom of my bed so we both had our own space. I wouldn't sleep with a dog unless it was tiny as I like my space. Cats are usually clever enough to get comfortable but also give you room to...
Posted by: Theo in Pets - 34 minutes ago
top 5 favorite comedy tv shows
---Quote (Originally by ACSAPA)--- You're the third person that has named Lost as a comedy show. It's not. There is nothing funny about Lost. My favorite comedy shows are: Flight of the Conchords Black Jesus...
Posted by: Nickchick in Off Topic Discussion & General Questions - 36 minutes ago
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