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Perfect Brownie Pan (Anyone have this? Bad or good?)
I bought the Perfect Brownie pan when it first come out. I find it to be a great little pan for those that want proportion their desserts. The divider does fit in the pan well but I don't like how everything you bake in...
Posted by: Sweetkymom in As Seen on TV - 36 minutes ago
The never ending Facebook problem!
Insecurities is the first and foremost problems amongs ailing relationships, not Facebook. Facebook just happens to be the place where people turn to vent and/or cause drama amongst others. Another reason people turn to...
Posted by: Sweetkymom in Misc & Others - 42 minutes ago
Cheap Gifts For Kids
I think parents nowadays one up their kids by what other kids get or say they're getting. Its a shame people actually do this. I also believe that kids don't have to have those high prices items such as a cell phone,...
Posted by: Sweetkymom in Toys, Kids & Baby Stuff - 48 minutes ago
I'm not a big fan of Listia. I have been burnt by so many sellers that I just quit going to the site or app to find stuff. I used to put my coke codes on it for points and done ok with that. I even traded my Kellogg's,...
Posted by: Sweetkymom in Misc & Others - 54 minutes ago
Olay Fresh Effects S'Wipe Out Makeup Removal Cloths
---Quote (Originally by Bright7)--- First the good: These pre-moistened cloths have just the right about of makeup removal solution for me. They don't dry out, but they are not saturated with liquid either. They are...
Posted by: lrd913 in Product Reviews - 1 hour ago
Amazon Prime Increase
I had a membership with Amazon Prime but decided to not renew when it expired in August. I don't buy much from Amazon anymore so the 2-day shipping wasn't a big loss for me. I really only used it for the Amazon Instant...
Posted by: lrd913 in Online Shopping - 1 hour ago
The Ped-Egg Power
The Ped-Egg seemed pretty popular in my are when it came out. I can say it does serve it's purpose for the initial ten uses, after that I looked to just replace the blade insert and I couldn't find them locally. I just...
Posted by: MomFirst in Health & Beauty - 1 hour ago
What is the one product that you bought that was utterly disappointing?
Hot Huez was a horrible product. We tried them (she's 5, I'm 24) and worst experience ever. I think I actually cursed the person that invented chalk. They were horrible. Neither of us have curly hair. My hair is...
Posted by: lrd913 in As Seen on TV - 1 hour ago
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