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Favorite Canned Corned Beef Brand
My favorite corned beef is a brand that is made on the island of Madagascar. It is called Codal. This company has many other items they also manufacture. Speaking of corned beef, I like the stuff in a can but the best...
Posted by: H.C. Heartland in Food & Drink - 10 minutes ago
Do you buy clothes in the supermarket while grocery shopping?
The only stores where you can buy groceries and clothes at the same time in my area are Target and Walmart and although I can do it, I like to focus on one thing at a time especially since clothes shopping for me can be...
Posted by: Mayvin in Fashion & Apparel - 11 minutes ago
Bought some clothes at Gap today...
You might try going back, returning the items, and then using your gift card to re-purchase them. If you find a cool salesperson you won't have to let the items go back out on the floor but do it all right then and...
Posted by: H.C. Heartland in Fashion & Apparel - 14 minutes ago
I'm Glad that Walmart Changed Their Uniforms
Perhaps this is a regional thing, but I am fairly certain that in the Wal-Marts in my area just about every one of the employees not only wore vests, but they had badges hanging off of their necks to make them easily...
Posted by: ohiotom76 in Stores Reviews, Comments & Complaints - 15 minutes ago
How to find out how much your doctor is going to charge you - help!
This summer my husband and I went in for some routine medical check-ups. We paid up front for most of them and then sent the bill into our insurance. Ever since, we have been getting more bills mailed to the house from...
Posted by: H.C. Heartland in Health & Beauty - 17 minutes ago
Candy Prices
Haven't really noticed because there are so may discount stores you can buy packs of candy for a pound. But in terms of pick and mix I would say, yes it definitely has. It's like a five pounds for not even half a bag...
Posted by: sarz in Food & Drink - 17 minutes ago
Where Will You Do Most Of Your Christmas Shopping?
This year I am not only going to try and do all of my shopping online, but I am going to try and cut back on the total number of gifts I am getting everyone and just go for some big ticket items that they need or want,...
Posted by: ohiotom76 in Stores Reviews, Comments & Complaints - 20 minutes ago
Do you use future events as a way to set excercise and wieght loss goals?
Yes, I often slip back into bad habits afterwards. Or worse yet, if I don't reach my goal by the time of the event, then I am less motivated to try again for future events feeling that it won't work for me anyways. I...
Posted by: H.C. Heartland in Sports & Fitness - 22 minutes ago
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