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Norton Anti-Virus Surprise Automatic Withdrawal
Last year, I renewed the subscription for Norton anti-virus on my computer. Fast forward to this year. I received a notification on my monitor from Norton that my subscription would run out in 15 days. I clicked...
Posted by: Amanda K in Stores Reviews, Comments & Complaints - 15 minutes ago
What media player do you use to play movies?
I have been using VLC for the longest time now. It has a very simple interface and it can play whatever format you throw at it. Never had a single problem with VLC ever. Though I think it could use a bit of theme...
Posted by: calebmelvern in Software PC & Mac - 20 minutes ago
What makes you actually download an App?
I like reading about "the best apps for ..." kind of posts. For example, I have tried numerous productivity apps and the ones I have installed I discovered through various blog posts. I read the reviews first (I always...
Posted by: calebmelvern in Mobile Apps & Games - 24 minutes ago
What purchase have you regretted the most?
I am very careful about large purchases, and don't think I've made any truly regrettable purchases there. I've had cars break down, but it was usually because they were old and I had driven them way past their...
Posted by: Amanda K in Stores Reviews, Comments & Complaints - 28 minutes ago
What game do you play the most on your smartphone?
The game I play the most on my phone is Vector. It's a parkour simulator in which you have to escape a chaser by doing various parkour moves to outrun him. It has a very simple black outline presentation for the...
Posted by: Spectre456 in Mobile Apps & Games - 29 minutes ago
What messaging app do you use?
I use Viber and Skype. I like their simple interface and most of my friends use them. I have heard lots of great things about WhatsApp but haven't tried it yet. I have installed KakaoTalk just to check it out but the...
Posted by: calebmelvern in Mobile Apps & Games - 31 minutes ago
Ticks and Fleas?
---Quote (Originally by chiofthenorns)--- I noticed that our labrador has fleas and ticks recently. He is always groomed and his place is always cleaned up. So, I do not know why he suddenly have these critters on his...
Posted by: sthrngypsy in Pets - 32 minutes ago
Your Top 5 Mobile Apps for Android?
I like installing apps just to try them out and which one works best for me. It's hard to choose a Top 5, but here you go: CoolReader - My favorite e-book reader Merriam-Webster Dictionary - Hands-down the best...
Posted by: calebmelvern in Mobile Apps & Games - 38 minutes ago
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