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Rice or Pasta?
Honestly. I do not think you can compare the two. They are used in totally different food, in totally different ways. If you are asking which i prefer to eat. I would have to say Rice because i eat a lot of chicken,...
Posted by: AB91000 in Food & Drink - 13 minutes ago
Do the clours we wear and surround ourselves with affect our moods?
I doubt that the color of the clothes you wear will affect your mood. What of those people who have to wear a uniform to work? Let's take an example of blue. You've seen cops wear blue. Does it make them calm and...
Posted by: Denis Hard in Fashion & Apparel - 16 minutes ago
Do you check expiration dates?
Yes. I definitely check expiration dates. I think checking expiration dates is essential when you are grocery shopping. Those items can sit on those shelves for months. It is quite easy to buy expired food these...
Posted by: AB91000 in Food & Drink - 18 minutes ago
Comparing prices
No. I do not compare prices. imply because i shop at Walmart. Walmart always has the lowest prices. They have a match the price policy. They match the price of any advertised price of any product. So there is never...
Posted by: AB91000 in Food & Drink - 22 minutes ago
Do you pay for freebies indirectly?
On more than one occasion when shopping for stuff in a supermarket, for buying one product I sometimes get a similar product manufactured by a different company, free. Could it be that by giving out that small free...
Posted by: Denis Hard in Freebies and Giveaways - 24 minutes ago
Eat less, save more
That is not healthy. You can not cheat your body like that. There is a difference between losing weight the healthy way, and starving yourself. My doctor told be that skipping meals will only slow down your...
Posted by: AB91000 in Food & Drink - 27 minutes ago
Coupon Code for Adam and Eve
I'm a new here and I love reading about your comments that's why I try to use the coupon code *COED* and then I also save money because of it
Posted by: enriqueJR in Hot Deals - 31 minutes ago
Save or invest?
Definitely not bad. Maybe the plan is after you retire and have saved enough money, you can invest a little of it in something, see how it turns out before pumping in more money into the project. It's a prudent way of...
Posted by: Denis Hard in Retirement Plans - 33 minutes ago
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