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Travel to New York City
New York is one of the best place for all the visitor because many of them have wish to visit the New York and they all want to see the beauty of city and places if you share with me some pics then its comfortable for...
Posted by: kasi in Travel - 10 minutes ago
I love Kenya! spent a month there back in July and looking to go again very soon and i realized after the first tour that natural beauty in Kenya is splendid..
Posted by: kasi in Travel - 17 minutes ago
Whiuch travel agent do you use?
Personally i hate travel agent because many of them are do scammed with the traveler and they all go to abroad after take money to every one that's why i have no trust on the travel agents..
Posted by: kasi in Travel - 25 minutes ago
Would You Photocopy Books To Avoid Buying Them?
These days with the price of books falling to low level photocopying should be unnecessary and please consider that each time you use paper some tree in some Forrest somewhere had to be cut down to make it. SO the less...
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Name the cheapest fruits/vegetables that you usually buy?
The cheapest ones are the ones that grow locally like bananas and plantains, mangoes, oranges, limes and lemons,coconut, acerola, avocado, papaya, tamarind ñame (yam), yuca (cassava I think)... These are cheap when you...
Posted by: mariee in Food & Drink - 52 minutes ago
Do You Prefer Stories With A Happy Ending?
Happy ending are the best. I prefer to feel really good after I have read a novel not concerned or upset. Happy endings are more about having faith that things do actually work out. It is the escape from reality that...
Posted by: allswl in Books, eBooks & Audio Books - 1 hour ago
Have you ever traveled first class?
Unfortunately, I never got the chance to fly first class. In fact they don't even offer it anymore from what I understand. The last time I flew was 11-21-2013. The best option was business select.
Posted by: TuRon Davis in Travel - 1 hour ago
Can Traveling Alone Save You Cash?
Well of course it can & it will. Paying for round trip tickets for one is naturally cheaper than two. However, by car, then 2 people would be a better idea for financial reasons. Gas can be split while putting two...
Posted by: TuRon Davis in Travel - 1 hour ago
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