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What messaging app do you use?
I have a ton of friends from east Asian countries, so I use WeChat (a popular phone messenger there), QQ (another one), LINE (more popular with Koreans) and Kakaotalk (really popular with Koreans). It's a lot of work...
Posted by: Sly14Cat in Mobile Apps & Games - 2 minutes ago
Are plants an important part of your work space?
---Quote (Originally by isabbbela)--- Not really... I work in a place where there is a carpet on the whole floor, no windows that open, and air conditioner all day long. There are not and never been any plants around....
Posted by: Frogurt in Office Supplies - 3 minutes ago
How to you track your savings goals?
---Quote (Originally by wulfman)--- I don't use any type of special software. I use online banking so I don't receive any paper statements or anything from my bank for that matter. I usually withdraw cash and make sure...
Posted by: Frogurt in Savings & Investments Plans - 9 minutes ago
Spam forum posts
There really should be an option next to the member's name in which it gives the option to report the member/comment to the admin. This member's content is just utter rubbish and nothing more than a copy-paste of...
Posted by: Riggy in Suggestions & Feedback - 11 minutes ago
movie theaters that serve dinner, drinks and seat you at tables
There are a few theaters like that in my area. They are pretty pricey. I suppose it would be good for a special occasion, but I'm not that into movies anymore. One theater has individual chairs with stereo sound. They...
Posted by: Parker in Movies, Music & Games - 57 minutes ago
Do you care about the lefty in your office?
I'm left handed, but I do most stuff with my right hand. I did work for a company ( a Fortune 500 company) that did spend a small percentage on office supplies for left handed people, but they didn't work for me. Left...
Posted by: Parker in Office Supplies - 1 hour ago
Have you ever bought the full season of a tv show?
Yes, I have bought full seasons of a TV show. It's been awhile though. I have the full season (there was only one) of Firefly. I never get tired of it. I also have a couple of seasons of Stargate SG-1 and Stargate...
Posted by: Parker in Movies, Music & Games - 1 hour ago
Your Top 5 Mobile Apps for Android?
My tops five Andriod apps are: --Evernote I would be lost without this app. I keep everything here. --Wunderlist A simple to-do list apop --Dropbox --The default browser --Kindle app
Posted by: Parker in Mobile Apps & Games - 1 hour ago
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