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Official Sports Wear/Gear
No, I really don't. I really don't like publicizing my fanaticism. I would wear some, but I am sure to just wear them inside the house and not wear them and go out in public and look like yelling, "Hey, look at me"....
Posted by: 003 in Sports & Fitness - 12 minutes ago
What are your thoughts on body weight workouts?
Great! I am able to save a lot of money from them because my only capital is my body weight and an equipment through which I would be able to carry myself, or feel its weight. Other than this, I wouldn't need anything...
Posted by: 003 in Sports & Fitness - 16 minutes ago
Have you guys used Ccleaner?
---Quote (Originally by wowtgp)--- I a puzzled when it comes to Antivirus. I am thinking about using a free version of a software, but they say that it's not of much use. Prop version of a software slows down your PC....
Posted by: sidney in Software PC & Mac - 16 minutes ago
Is doing too many pushups really bad for you?
Anything too much is always bad. So too much of push-ups is bad for you. Too much amount of anything varies per person. The amount that is too much for me might not be the same amount of too much for you. When something...
Posted by: 003 in Sports & Fitness - 19 minutes ago
Best food to gain wight?
Carbohydrates primarily because they get easily digested and that when they are not used the moment they are absorbed by the body, they are immediately stored as fat in the body, that makes them harder to be burnt. When...
Posted by: 003 in Sports & Fitness - 21 minutes ago
Has anyone ever started a walking group?
Of course! My friends and I used to this, and it was really fun. It just got to stop because of time conflicts. We have different jobs and different schedules and it's not easy to set up a fixed time to meet and walk...
Posted by: 003 in Sports & Fitness - 23 minutes ago
Hannibal -the best show on TV?
It is my opinion that "Best" is an extremely obstinate word, and there are different shows I'd rather be viewing than Hannibal. Also, I don't generally like shows like that. Intense and about homicides. That is most...
Posted by: SeanM in Movies, Music & Games - 24 minutes ago
Laptops in the classrooms
It can be as some individuals have the capacity take more itemized notes when they are writing in light of the fact that they are quicker, then again, some individuals mess about with their machines in class in the...
Posted by: SeanM in Computers, Electronics & Gadgets - 29 minutes ago
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