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Hi! Its great that you are thinking ahead about your credit! A really good card to start with is a secured card that has small limits, my preference is the Capital One Secured card. You pay a deposit and receive a...
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Do you have friends/family who brag about how much money spend??
---Quote (Originally by Winnie)--- Yeah, I kinda see your point here, but it almost makes me feel like the friendship is fake and phony if I am always silent about my real feelings just because she can give me money...
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Microsoft Lync
My office just deployed this as a part of our ongoing migration to a cloud services platform (in this case, Office 365). We're using it for internal communication for both voice and text and are finding it to be...
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Generic drugs
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USB Electric Plug Adapters
You can definitely get cheap USB chargers that work perfectly fine. I got a $10 OEM (Blackberry) micro USB fast charger off of Amazon and it's of high build quality but still cheap. It charges incredibly quickly and the...
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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014
Yeah I give the movie a 5 out of 5 too. Honestly I watched the movie yesterday and I am thinking to myself that I have to take the time out to watch it with my wife because I really think that it would be a movie that...
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Giveaways on Facebook: Are They Legit?
These are a scam. I read a report recently that said they access your information on your profile and sell it to other companies. There are no prizes and are not from the companies advertised. I will admit I have shared...
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Landlines to be discontinued
We have to prepare our elderly relatives for this transition. Remember, some of the elderly were angry and resentful about the TV going digital. My state will transfere to that technology in 2017. Our security alarms...
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