10 Affordable Gadgets for Fitness Lovers

10 Affordable Gadgets For Fitness Lovers
Written by Oana Schneider

If you are a fitness lover, this article is for you. We looked for the most affordable and at the same time enjoyable gadgets for fitness lovers and are ready to show you 10 of them. Prepare to be amazed by their technology and unique way to help you get back in shape. So, these are the 10 affordable gadgets for fitness lovers.

InBody Band

10 Affordable Gadgets For Fitness Lovers

Price: $179
Manufacturer: InBody

Although this band may not the most eye-catching, it sure is very useful. Equipped with a snap-on device, a simple touch screen and no more than four sensors, this gadget uses a magnetic pulse to give you information on your muscle mass, body fat, while also keeping track of your heart rate. Most people complain about its design not being very appealing and rather bulky, but the truth is that it was designed to be durable, not pretty.

You can also use it to monitor your sleep, get calls and text notifications and it’s also water resistant. The manufacturer specifies that it will last you 8 hours on a single change. (Check availability here.)

SmartMat Yoga Mat

10 Affordable Gadgets For Fitness Lovers

Price: $250
Manufacturer: SmartMat

When we told you to be prepared for some serious amazement, we weren’t kidding. SmartMat is a portable, rollable  and easy yoga mat that can detect when you move, how you move, if your body is aligned or not as well as your overall balance. It features a SmartMat App which works with iOS and Android and connects through Bluetooth, being able to provide almost instantaneous feedback on your yoga practice. (Click for more.)

Connected Cycle Smart Pedal

10 Affordable Gadgets For Fitness Lovers

Price: $149
Manufacturer: Connected Cycle

Did you know that you can turn your bike into a smart bike and record your bike performance at the same time?

All you have to do is remove your normal pedals and replace them with the new smarter ones. When you are done, don’t forget to download the Connected Cycle app on your phone to make sure you’re all set. And that’s pretty much it; you are now ready to scatter the roads in search of something interesting or just as a practice for your legs. Connected Cycle will be there to let you know just how productive you’ve been! (Buy it here.)

Visijax Commuter Jacket

10 Affordable Gadgets For Fitness Lovers

Price: $90
Manufacturer: Halfords

If you are used to cycle at night mostly, you can now purchase a jacket that will save your life. The Visijax looks just like any other jacket, except it has 23 LEDs that will help signal your motion status: moving, stopping, and turning left and so on. The manufacturer promises 200 hours of non-stop help on just one battery charge, which is quite impressive.

Plus, this jacket is very affordable, if you think about the benefits it provides. Visijax was designed for commuters, but if you cycle on a regular basis, it can be a great investment for you too. (Buy it here.)

Breath Monitor – Breathometer Mint

10 Affordable Gadgets For Fitness Lovers

Price: $149
Manufacturer: Breathometer

For those of you worried about the health of your lungs, there is a very useful gadget called Breathometer Mint. It looks like a small bottle that you place in your mouth, wait a few minutes and then you will know for sure if you are breathing right, if there is any bacteria in your breath as well as if your breath smells nice or not. It can also warn you about tooth decay and bad gums, which is almost like having a lung specialist and a dentist in your own device.

This affordable gadget (this month costs $99) has an app that can be downloaded on your smartphone. If you exercise a lot, this gadget will be great for you, helping you monitor your overall health. (Available here.)

Sensoria Fitness Socks

10 Affordable Gadgets For Fitness Lovers

Price: $199
Manufacturer: Sensoria

Well, technology never ceases to amaze us, especially when it’s so affordable and intriguing! This sock made by Sensoria is one hundred percent made of fabric, which means that you can totally  wash it with your other clothes; it has a tiny anklet that sticks to your sock and a mobile app to connect the device to your mobile phone.

Here’s how things work: if you get lazy and sit down for too long, Sensoria will let you know. Plus, if you are all alone somewhere and you fell; this smart gadget will send an alert to your loved ones. Another great thing about these socks is that they can provide a tailored workout exercise for you, based on your height, weight and BMI. This is an affordable gadget that any fitness enthusiast should have! 


10 Affordable Gadgets For Fitness Lovers

Price: $99
Manufacturer: HAPI

Are you eating too much without even realizing when it happened? Well, this intelligent fork will keep track of how much you eat and, more importantly, how fast you eat.

The company who developed the product started from a very simple idea: when you eat fast, your brain doesn’t have enough time to realize the amount of food that goes into your stomach. Before you know it, you feel stuffed. If you eat slower, you get to really appreciate food and also lose weight. It’s a very affordable gadget that will help you get in shape by normalizing your fork speed! (Purchase it here.)

Liquid Leap

10 Affordable Gadgets For Fitness Lovers

Price: $134.99
Manufacturer: Acer

Generally, this type of gadgets is not only affordable, but also easy to use. However, This Liquid Leap made by Acer can be used by anyone and you don’t even have to check your mobile app to see what’s going on. Everything you need can be displayed on the tiny screen. Data like how much you moved in the past hours, how much calories you’ve burnt and so on will be provided.

If you do decide to use your phone to check on your stats, you’ll get a very detailed analysis. This gadget is not only affordable, but also great for your comfort: all you need to know is right there, in that tiny hand band. (Buy it here.)

MiCoach Fit Smart

10 Affordable Gadgets For Fitness Lovers

Price: $149.99
Manufacturer: Adidas

Adidas promises to offer you your personal coach in the form of a wrist band. However, since it’s made by Adidas, the price is not the most affordable one, but the features compensate for that: the gadgets has a good battery life, it provides very accurate heart rate tracking and you can barely feel it on your wrist.

The design may not be the most appealing, but if you want to get in shape, bling should be your last concern. The device is splash proof, sweat proof and it’s equipped to tailor jogging sessions and workout exercises just like a real personal coach. (You can buy it here.)

Fitbit Flex

10 Affordable Gadgets For Fitness Lovers

Price: $93.90
Manufacturer: Fitbit

Keeping track of your calories has never been easier! This multicolored wristband has the ability to keep track of your weight loss and also analyze the data, which means that it can tell you how much weight you need to lose, translated in squats, push-ups or jogging miles.

This affordable gadget ($79.99) comes with a mobile app that connects to your phone and device through Bluetooth. The downside is that. Although it looks great and it works beautifully, it can only be used with iPhone, Samsung GS3 and Galaxy Note. But if you own one of these models, there’s no reason not to purchase the Fitbit Flex! (You can buy it here.)

Which of these devices would you be interested in purchasing? How much are you willing to pay for a fitness gadget?

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  • I love keeping fit and exercising, so a lot of these gadgets are things that I really like the look of. One of the things that I like the most are devices that keep track of how many calories you’re burning over the course of a day, as this means that you can go about your activities without thinking about it, and you can then balance the food that you eat later on the exercise that you have done, which is great. It means that I am able to both keep fit, and keep my weight stable at the same time, both of which are great things.

  • Wow, I’m impressed. I haven’t seen any of these devices before, although I have heard of the fitbit. I wasn’t sure exactly what it was, and now that I read about it, I’m interested, but I don’t have the type of device required. I wonder why they’ve made it so limited? The liquid leap is also interesting, so perhaps that would be a substitute for the fitbit.

    I absolutely love the idea of the smartmat, because I know form is important, and if someone is learning yoga from a video or television, they’re usually not getting the necessary feedback to know if they’re doing it correctly, which could lead to issues like back pain.

    If I were a bike rider, commuter or not, I would invest in the visijak commuter jacket. Actually, if I still walked the city streets, rather than living out in the country, I would also buy it. Great article, thanks for sharing so many interesting products.

  • Awesome blog! All the gadgets mentioned above look simply amazing… Fitness lovers like me are surely going to buy some of them… Thanks for sharing it…

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