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10 Cheap yet Interesting Presents for Your Husband

10 Cheap yet Interesting Presents for Your Husband
Written by Oana Schneider

Valentine’s Day, your anniversary, the holidays, his birthday – these are the special occasions when wives are supposed to come up with special presents for their husbands. Whether you’ve been together for one year or ten years, it’s still the thought behind the gift that counts.

Unlike women who are a bit more difficult to give gifts to because you don’t know what their reaction would be to a perfectly innocent gift, men are pretty much easier to please. As long as it’s something that they can use, eat, watch or have fun with, every gift item is pretty much game. There are a few ways to buy interesting presents for your husband without breaking the bank.

Perhaps the only exceptions are gifts with underlying messages or items that will make them feel inadequate. For instance, a book with a “For Dummies” on the title sends out a message that they do not know anything about the subject. An adult toy, even one that’s given in jest, might make him feel inadequate in bed. Other than these things, you can easily buy your husband a pretty cheap present and he’s still bound to appreciate it. It’s still the thought behind the gift that matters, after all.

For Valentine’s Day, shows that for 2014, adults are willing to spend an average of $85.76 for a gift for their spouse or significant other. Also, for the same year, here are the Valentine’s presents that women plan to give to the special man in their lives:

  • Greeting Cards = 58%
  • Chocolates/Candy = 50%
  • An Evening Out = 36%
  • Clothing = 18%
  • Gift Cards = 17%
  • Flowers = 15%
  • Jewelry = 13.5%

Top 10 Cheap and Interesting Presents for Your Husband

10 Cheap yet Interesting Presents for Your Husband

Romance never dies! Same goes for roses and champagne.

If the average amount of around $90 is a bit too much for you, don’t worry because there are plenty of cheap but still nice presents that you can give to your husband as a gift. Be it Valentine’s Day, his birthday or your anniversary, you can easily whip up something that will put a huge grin on his face and make him feel extra special, without you having to spend too much. Check out our top ten list:

1. A gift basket of his favorite drink

Is your husband a beer or a wine drinker? Based on his favorite drink, you can put together a gift basket that will give him a renewed supply. If your husband is a beer drinker, check out the website of microbreweries and order a 12-bottle pack of different kinds of beer. Or, you can go to the liquor store and choose the individual brews yourself. Once he finds a new brew that he likes, he’s bound to bug you to include six packs of it in your future grocery shopping list.

2. A companion gift for something he’s already getting for himself

This is a good trick that you can use during the holiday season. If you know that your husband, his parents or buddies are buying him a present, get a complimentary gift for it. If his folks are getting him an iPod, for example, give him an iTunes gift card, a car adapter or a personalized carry case. If he’s planning to buy himself a Wii or the latest gaming console, get him the latest version of his favorite video game. Not only will you save money in the process, but you can rest assured that the flurry of gifts will put a huge smile on his face.

3. A good leather wallet

All grown men need a good quality leather wallet. Fortunately for you as a wife, you can easily find ones on sale at online or brick-and-mortar stores. Choose one which has a lot of slide-in containers for his cards and bills, but also make sure that it is not too bulky for him to carry at the back of his pants pocket. All interesting presents for your husband must be useful, so a wallet would be great.

4. A gift to complement whatever he’s good at

Is your husband an excellent cook or does he like manning the barbecue grill? If yes, choose gifts that will complement it. An apron with a naughty message or a toque with his name on it make for cute gifts for husbands during the holiday season. For his birthday, you can get him a kit of professional barbecue tools which include a meat thermometer, a tenderizer, a burger patty mold, etc. You can also get him a bunch of his favorite spices that he can use when whipping up his famous barbecue sauce or gravy.

5. A gift for him and the boys

Which sport is your husband into? Be it basketball, baseball, hockey or any other sport, what you can do is get him a couple of tickets. Ask him to bring his best buddy if you’re not really that into the sport so that he can spend some quality time with the boys. You can also get him a poker cards set with a box of good quality cigars – or something that he can use on one of his nights out with the boys.

6. Breakfast in bed or a picnic

10 Cheap yet Interesting Presents for Your Husband

There’s nothing more romantic than a breakfast in bed.

The best way to a man’s heart is definitely through his stomach, and the best way to surprise him on Valentine’s Day, his birthday or your anniversary is by preparing breakfast in bed or a picnic. This is also an excellent present for both of you as a couple, because outings like picnics or intimate activities like enjoying breakfast in bed together will rekindle the love that you have for each other. Other interesting presents for your husband include: things that you can craft yourself or fulfilling one of his biggest desires. 

7. A sexy picture of you

If you have a girl friend who is good with a camera, ask her to take a boudoir photo-shoot with you. You can take pictures of each other wearing an elegant but oh-so-sexy lingerie or any other outfit that teases without revealing too much skin. Choose a picture that shows your best angles and highlights the sexiest parts of your body. Print your chosen picture and frame it, to give to your husband as a naughty present.

8. A cashmere V-neck sweater

If you think that only women enjoy the feel of luxurious cashmere material on their bodies, think again. Your husband would also enjoy the softness of the material against his skin, so buy him a cashmere V-neck sweater in his favorite color. Keep the print or design as basic and as simple as possible, especially if he does not like wearing clothes with patterns that are too loud. Watch out for big sales because stores sell such items at discounted prices throughout the year. There are so many interesting presents for your husband, all you have to do is look for them!

9. A shaving kit

Yet another thoughtful but cheap gift that you can give to your husband is a shaving kit. Check out the supermarkets which sell such kits with elegant packages. One example is from, a $60 product called The Art of Shaving Kit. It includes a brush, a shaving cream, a pre-shave oil and an after-shave balm. If your man is trying to grow his beard just in time for November or if he simply wants to grow a five-o-clock shadow that he would want to get rid of anytime, this kit makes for the perfect present.

10. A small speaker or a good quality headset/earphones

Men who love music will definitely appreciate a good quality pair of earphones, a headset or a small speaker. If he likes listening to music while working out, get him a pair of Sony headphones which are cheaper than the more popular Beats headphones, without sacrificing on quality. The Sony headphones have a 40 mm driver unit that delivers excellent sound, a balanced audio reproduction and comfy swivel ear cups.

If he doesn’t like the bulk of headsets, get him a pair of good quality earphones or ear buds. He can also use these during commutes to work, or while taking early morning runs. There are also a lot of small speakers with excellent quality sound that he can use to listen to music from his phone, tablet or MP3 player. When it comes to buying interesting presents for your husband, we bet electronics come in first place!

A bonus suggestion? How about putting together a work survival kit for your man? If you know that he’s stressed at work or that he really does not like dealing with a pompous boss or co-worker, pack a survival kit for him. It can include his favorite chocolates, a coffee mug with a funny face in it, cookies that you baked yourself and a book full of cheesy but funny jokes. Surprise him with the package at work, then order pizza for him and his staff. You can also do something like this out of the blue, especially during times when he’s preparing for that very important presentation.

Finally, a bunch of love coupons or certificates which include items like a free massage, breakfast in bed, or a chore-free weekend which he can claim anytime are gifts that your husband will surely appreciate – without you having to spend a single cent for it.

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Oana Schneider

Oana Schneider is a published author located in Chicago, Illinois and was part of our team as a communication specialist and blog editor. She writes about lifestyle, family budget and has a degree in Communications.


  • I always put together a small hamper of things that he likes, similar to the drink idea that you posted above. Whenever there is a special day coming up, there is nothing that we like more than simply spending the evening together in each other’s company, and it is a lovely idea to put a little goodie bag together of his favourite things so that he can enjoy them. I don’t think that you have to spend a lot of money on each other in order to have a treat, there are many things that you can do that would be appreciated but yet don’t involve emptying your wallet in order to do so.

    • Exactly! Spending all your cash on a gift is stressful. It is more meaningful when you do something creative, including putting together a hamper of things he enjoys. Moreover, combining something like that with an evening together is the best way to celebrate a special occasion.

  • The sexy picture would work. Just make sure nothing will leak out and be spread around the internet. Get a trusted friend for this one. On the headphones, Sony is more recommended than Beats. Based on reviews, Beats have an awful quality compared to Sony headphones. I have a pair of headphones by Sony, and they deliver! There are also earphones that can deliver good enough bass that it send shivers up my spine…that is how good they are.

  • This is such a sweet and good list that is for sure. A few years ago I just did together an easy movie type basket. I had 2 movies he had wanted, a huge fleece blanket for us to cuddle in while watching the movies. Mix and match of different treat items during the movie and a gift card. I love baskets because you can just go crazy and add so many things.

  • Great ideas. I can’t wait to use some of these on my man !! I think he needs that shaving kit desperately 😀 But thanks for these great ideas

  • The best idea is sending a sexy picture of yourself I think that it’s a wonderful way to spice up the relationship especially if you’re in a marriage just makes things kinky and fresh

  • This was a great article, I have been trying to come up with something unique for Valentine’s Day for us. I really liked the gift basket idea and the breakfast in bed idea- we don’t get to eat together that much, and I don’t get to cook for him that often, so we can take advantage of that! He’s a beer snob as well, so I think putting together a basket of a few of his favorites would be awesome! Thanks again, these ideas are great for an anniversary, a birthday or another holiday as well! 🙂

    • Speaking as a husband of a very thoughtful wife, I’ve always maintained that the surest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach; and boy does my wife deliver. She made me breakfast in bed on Valentine’s Day last year, and this year she got me my favorite pastries–the extravagant, guilty pleasure kind. Being an athletic male, I really make a considerable effort to stay away from those kinds of foods, but once in a while it’s okay to indulge.

  • Well, gifts baskets are nice because, if you fill them up, there has to be at least one thing he will like, right? I like websites that compile some fun and interesting gadgets for small prices, too. This kind of small and fun toy can be put to some compilation of beers or etc. 🙂