10 Costless Ways to Give Up Smoking

10 Costless Ways to Give Up Smoking
Written by Oana Schneider

You might have heard the quote about how easy it is to quit smoking because it’s been tried thousands of times. True enough, a lot of habitual smokers do try to quit the habit – but end up trying without success more times than they’d care to count. Some do end up quitting successfully while others simply give up and accept the habit as part of their nature.

Now, if you’re an adult who is trying to steer clear of nicotine, the good news is that there are plenty of methods that you can try without spending too much or any money at all. Here, we will take a look at the top ways to give up smoking and also check out a few statistics about cigarette consumption and how many times people actually to quit the nasty habit.

Related Statistics About Giving Up Smoking

First, here are some smoking and quitting smoking-related statistics from

  • For 2013, the number of adult American smokers who said that they started smoking from 16 to 18 years old was 40%. 24% said that they started smoking when they were over 18, while 34% said they began smoking at an age younger than 16.
  • For 2014, 67% of adult American smoker said that they would like to give up smoking while 32% said that they would not.
  • From January 2013 to March 2014, around 24,000 American adults used different methods to quit smoking. 1.6% used patches as a solution.
  • For 2013, the percentage of adult American smokers who tried to quit smoking during their lifetime are as follows:
    56% tried quitting once or twice
    32% tried quitting three to ten times 
    6% tried quitting more than ten times 
    6% had no answer
  • For 2013, here are the methods used by adult American smokers to quit:
    48% just quit/decided it was time/quit cold turkey
    12% use alternative methods 
    8% used will power/commitment/mind over matter
    6% has support from family, friends/prayer
    5% used a nicotine patch
    5% experienced health issues related to smoking
    4% stopped being around people who smoked
    3% used chewing gum/candy/seeds/lozenges to quit smoking
    3% used electronic cigarettes
    2% cut down, then quit
    2% used prescription drugs
    1% became pregnant
    1% used hypnosis

If more than half of adult American smokers are willing to give up smoking, then there is definitely hope. Those who are part of the cigarette-dependent population simply need to find the most effective way for them to give up smoking.

Top 10 Costless Ways to Give Up Smoking

These things may be easier said than done, but you definitely would need a lot of effort and willpower to give up smoking. It might take a lot of attempts for you to finally quit – but the clearing of your lungs and the positive effects to your health will be all worth it in the end. Here are the top costless ways for you to give up smoking:

1. Follow the EX plan.

10 Costless Ways to Give Up Smoking

Set a Date to Quit Smoking and Do It!

One of the many websites which offer free quitting help for smokers is The EX plan is a free quit smoking program which gives smokers an entirely new perspective about how to quit the nasty habit. It is based on the personal experiences of ex-smokers, as well as the latest scientific research from experts at There are tips on how you can prepare to stop smoking, actually stop smoking and remain smoke-free once you finally manage to quit.

2. Make an I-have-to-quit-smoking list.

If 8% of smokers used will power to quit the nasty habit, you can, too. A costless way to give up smoking is to make a list of the following:

  • What are the things that you like most about smoking?
  • Why quitting will not be easy for you?
  • What are the reasons for you to actually quit smoking?

Knowing what you like most about smoking and why quitting will not be easy for you will make you face up to the challenges ahead. Once you are aware of what these challenges are, you can exert enough willpower to stick to your guns and realize the reasons why you should actually quit smoking.

3. Set a quit date.

There’s no sense in making a list or telling yourself over and over again that you are quitting smoking – if you don’t actually do it. Set a quit date. Write it down if necessary. If you cannot go from 6 cigarettes to 0 on your quit date, simply lower the number of cigarettes you are smoking. From 6, you can lower it to 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 per day – until you reach a point that you are no longer nicotine-dependent.

4. Stop buying cigarettes.

If you have a deadline set, it will be easier for you to prepare yourself for the task of actually quitting smoking. For this, it is a must to stop buying cigarettes. If you don’t have a supply of cigarettes handy, what will you smoke? At this point, lowering your consumption will also help. If you used to buy two boxes of cigarettes per day, trim it to one box until the urge to stop smoking has faded.

5. Make a list of things to do when the urge to quit hits.

To keep your mind off the need to puff a smoke, make a list of the things that you can do when the urge hits. Physical activities are super effective so you can take a walk, chew gum, jog or run, bike, play video games, do the household chores that you’ve been putting off, drink tea or coffee, exercise, etc. You can put these activities in small pieces of paper and draw lots so that you can easily make a decision as to which activity you can do instead of smoking.

6. Don’t try quitting when you are under a lot of stress.

Studies show that those who try to quit smoking with a positive frame of mind are more successful than those who do when they’re depressed or under a great deal of stress. If you’re moving or starting a new chapter in your life, think of leaving smoking behind as part of the fresh start that you can have. This way, you can associate quitting smoking with something positive and be more successful at it.

7. Put the money that you would have used to buy cigarettes in a jar.

If you have the urge to puff a smoke or go out to buy cigarettes, think about saving the money instead. In a large, clear jar, you can put all the money that you would have spent buying cigarettes. Label the jar with the purpose so that you can be more excited about what you’ll spend the money on. If you’ve always planned to take an Alaskan cruise, purchase the latest gaming console or simply buy something outrageously expensive for yourself, your smoking money can go towards that fund and you’ll be healthier in the process, too.

8. Don’t put yourself in a position when you are tempted to light a cigarette.

10 Costless Ways to Give Up Smoking

Do You Know How Much Money You Spend on Cigarettes Every Year?

Think back to the times when you are puffing one smoke after another. Is it before a presentation at work? Is it when you’re having personal problems? Do you do it when you’re taking a cigarette instead of a lunch break at work? Stressful situations usually trigger the need to smoke. Although you cannot necessarily avoid such situations, you can find a way to deal with them without having to resort to smoking. If you’re experiencing personal problems, for example, which triggered your need to smoke, call your best friend instead. Or, play basketball or any other sport with a buddy so that you can find that physical release. Doing an alternate activity for smoking will help you eventually quit.

9. Indulge in sports or other activities to occupy your time.

Again, physical activities are the best way to resist the urge to puff a smoke. While you are steering clear of cigarettes, your lungs also get cleared. If you add to quitting smoking some physical activities like sports, you will get a whole lot healthier. Chew on healthy snacks and hydrate while you’re at it. The physical activity does not necessarily have to be exercising – it could be any sport that will allow you to sweat it out, or even just enjoy the great outdoors.

10. Don’t punish yourself if you tried to quit smoking multiple times.

Finally, do not punish yourself if you find yourself going back to the habit. Quitting smoking is never easy. You just need to find a way of quitting that will work for you. While you’re at it, think about the consequences of smoking to your health. It can give you lung cancer, bladder problems, heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, think bones, depression, fertility problems – the list is practically endless. If you don’t want to suffer from the ill effects of smoking once you grow older, it is best to quit while you’re ahead.

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  • These are some great tips to stop smoking, although they won’t work for every single person. Some people do need support groups and rehabilitation centers that sometimes cost money. Still, plenty of people could take these tips and kick the habit without spending a dime. That’s a great thing, without a doubt, so thank you for the information!

  • I found this article very helpful. I like the fact that you put in the statistics on how people quit, which I found very interesting.

  • These are some great tips for people to give up smoking. It is a good idea to replace a bad habit with a good habit as well. Perhaps the good habit can be something that is rewarding to you. I definitely agree with what was said about not giving up smoking while you are under a lot of stress because that can be very difficult and may make matters worse for you. If you are unsuccessful the first time, it is hard to try it again because you will just keep remembering your failure from the time people. The most important thing to remember is that you can do it!

  • I never smoked myself, but my wife smoked constantly all throughout our first year of dating. I did mind at first, but since I loved my then fiancee, I convinced myself that I had to take the good with the bad and just accept her vice. When she became pregnant with our first child however, she quit cold turkey instantly. I was very impressed with her and thank her to this day for that decision.

  • Well, it’s still our choice if we want to quit smoking or not. Even if there are a lot of ways on how we could stop ourselves from this vice, if we do not have the will power to change our lifestyle, these things are still useless. Start changing for the better! Stop smoking before it stops you!

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