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10 Craziest Things People Do to Save Money

10 Craziest Things People Do to Save Money
Written by DontPayFull

As you already know that economy is bad and every single person in the world is working towards saving money to secure his or her future. If you are also looking for ways to save money in your everyday life, you must have come across some amazing budget-cutting plans.

However, there are some really crazy people who will engage in some serious strangeness when it comes to trying to save a buck. In this article, we’re actually going to expose some retarded money saving tips that will leave your mind berserk!! However, you should never try out any of these 10 craziest things people do to save money!

Sleep in the Airport

10 Craziest Things People Do to Save Money

Of course, you would have seen many people sleeping at the airport just to save a few bucks on their accommodation expenses. With 18 hours of time left to the next flight, a lot of people think of spending all the time in the airport, rather than spending a few dollars and relaxing in a motel or hotel nearby.

After all, who needs a hotel when airport has its own roof? Clearly, if you don’t mind thousands of people looking at you, while you are crashing out at the airport, then this is the money saving tip for you! Not only this is one of the craziest things people do to save money, but it’s also one of the most uncomfortable ones!

Separate the Two Ply

10 Craziest Things People Do to Save Money

Inexplicably, we’ve came across many websites that would help you calculate the amount of money you spent on a toilet paper each year. Of course, spending on a necessity like this has no alternative, but guess some smart pants have already found one!

Many of them would advise you to tear up the whisper thin sheet of a toilet paper into two sections when using it. Now that’s really a gross money saving tip anyone would want to follow! So much to do just to save $10 a year. Not worth it!

Make Your Own Cat Food

Sure you can if you don’t want your cat to live a longer life. If you cannot compromise with the quality of your food, then how can you expect your cat to like the non-nutritious and tasteless food made and served by you.

Cats have their own nutritional requirements and experts know better than you do. This is the reason you’re advised to serve your pets with customized cat food available at chemist and general stores. Why don’t you try and look for some good discount on the monthly supply of cat, rather than cutting it completely off.

Don’t Eat on Monday

10 Craziest Things People Do to Save Money

Of course, we have seen many people who would eat like a gorilla on weekends, and fast on Monday to save money on their office lunches. Such a pile of dollars go to food, right?

Needless to say, if you quit eating food for one whole week, you can actually save hundreds of dollars on your food budget, but we all know you are not quitting food for a whole week and avoiding eating just one day of the week won’t actually make any difference. Talk about craziest things people do to save money!

Make Dog Hair Sweaters

Are you kidding me? Dog hair sweaters, really? Yes, in our research we came across a lot of people who were actually willing to buy cheap winter clothes to save a huge chunk of money, which they’d spent otherwise in buying expensive winter collection.

Another section of people were actually thinking of making sweaters from the hair they brush every day from their pets. Quite innovative, we must say! What do you say, is it worth anything in this world?

Visit Cheap Dentists

10 Craziest Things People Do to Save Money

Okay, first people used to fear visiting any dentist, and today they are ready to visit an unprofessional dentist to get their dental work done. What an improvement! Why anyone would want to become a victim of a bad dental work, just to save a few pennies once in 6 months? In fact, those who do this, often end up spending more in the later stage when situation gets out of hand.

If you really want to save some money on your dental work, why don’t you simply find a reputed dentist in faraway place? It is much better than considering some unprofessional dentist in your neighborhood.

DIY Feminine Hygiene

What? Is it possible to make your own sanitary napkins at home? This is indeed a regular expense and might give a toll to your monthly budget, but this doesn’t mean you will compromise with the hygiene factor.

Did you know, even a slightest of negligence in this regard can trigger other lady problems that might be hard to deal with at later stage of life. It is advised to always go for medically approved sanitary napkins, than making your own at home. There is just no alternative to it!

Let’s put it this way: feminine hygiene should never be DIY because of…obvious reasons! If you think this is the craziest of the craziest things people do to save money, keep on reading! 

Saving on Gas

In our research for crazy money saving tips, we also came across some people who were seriously walking 20 miles a day of their way to save some nickel on gas. Here is the deal to all those people – why don’t you consider car pooling, instead! 20 miles a day might actually save you hundreds of dollars on gas each year, but it won’t do any good to your health, especially legs.

Bringing Flowers from Cemetery

10 Craziest Things People Do to Save Money

This should not come out as a surprise, as we all have seen some or the other person in our life doing the same stuff. You know you saw next door Uncle Sam in the cemetery 20 minute back empty handed, before seeing him walking inside his home with a small bouquet of fresh white flowers. You sure know from where they got them!

This is actually insane and one of the most cold-hearted money saving tip we came across.

Unscrew the Refrigerator’s Bulb to Save Energy

10 Craziest Things People Do to Save Money

Of course, the prices of electricity consumption have tremendously increased and we all had to bid goodbye to many light points in our home to save on the bill. But, this is an incredibly foolish idea that we came across. We wondered if the guy with such idea prefers keeping his refrigerator open all day! Lifting off the garage or porch’s bulb would actually had been a better option.

Of course, saving money is indeed a good thing, especially when you have a huge degree of debt and financial responsibilities to consider. But as you might have already known that there are some seriously crazy people, who would do just anything to save money.

We don’t know if they were able to save money with such tricks, but we definitely know they wasted a hell lot of time in coming up with such ideas. Hope you never try any of these 10 craziest things people do to save money, no matter how broke you are!

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  • This is the most hilarious thing ever!!! Separating the two-ply?! OMG! LOL I have been in a pinch before,but I don’t think I could ever do any of these. Let me cross my fingers that I never have to. hehehe

  • Not making cat food?! That’s hilarious, I would never do that. I actually give my cats some chicken strips and pieces from my meals, they are well looked after.

    I would love to meet someone who actually removed a bulb from their fridge to save energy, that is a step too far.

    I car share on the way to work to save gas, but that’s because a few of us live near each other and work in the same building, it makes sense.

  • Some of these money saving tricks are actually pretty hilarious. They’re outrageous. But hilarious, haha.

    Like who would take flowers from the graveyard or make dog hair sweaters? That’s hilarious.
    This was a fun read, thanks for that!
    And remember people, never do any of this stuff. Unless you’re crazy and hilarious.

  • Our bulb burnt out in our fridge 3 years ago and we still have not replaced it. I don’t mind not having it to be honest, I can see in there fine. I have not seen a dentist in years which is bad I know but I do brush my teeth everyday 1-2 times and floss. Our local pet store actually sells homemade treats for pets and there is a booklet as well showing others how to make these treats.

  • Why would anyone in their right minds separate two plies? Why not just buy a one ply instead? I suppose we don’t get a lot of one plies here, but they are out there.
    Anyway, suppose the potential money saver regularly uses a four two plies per wipe, but decides to cut down on his usage by half, wouldn’t he just use two two plies instead? Separating them seems like a bit of a hassle and frankly is a bit poorly thought out.

  • This post gave me a good laugh and scared me at the same time. I hope no one really does any of this. Some of these methods would be incredibly dangerous and unsustainable in practice. Thinking about them in theory is pretty funny, though. Dog hair sweaters, innovative is one word for that…

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