10 Natural Herbs You Should Stock Up On

10 Natural Herbs You Should Stock Up On
Written by Oana Schneider

If you are sick and tired of all those pills you take for every minor health problem, it’s time you switch it to natural remedies. In case you never thought of doing this and now you’re confused about which herbs you should stock up on, we have the right answer, plus description of every plant, which ailments to treat and when it would be the best time to purchase them. Good luck and good health!


10 Natural Herbs You Should Stock Up On

Short description: First name on our list of natural herbs you should stock up on is cinnamon. Other than being the smell that reminds everyone of Christmas mornings, cinnamon is in fact a very powerful medicine, believe it or not. You’ve seen it before, it looks like a nice brown powder used mainly for cookies and less for hot teas, although its health benefits are better enhanced this way.

What to use it for: If you like cinnamon and want to stock up on it, you have made a great choice! Also, you’ll be glad to find out that cinnamon is a natural antioxidant, used to treat inflammation, bacteria and high cholesterol. However, high dosages are toxic, so don’t drink more than a cup of cinnamon tea per day.

Best time to purchase it: Anytime of the year is the best time of the year! Fortunately, cinnamon can be found in any supermarket and it really doesn’t cost a lot, so look for coupons and stock up on it! Read to find out about other natural herbs you should stock up on!


10 Natural Herbs You Should Stock Up On

Short description: Rosemary is a common plant used mainly as a spice, but its benefits are more numerous than that. The leaves contain a phyto-chemical compound known to relieve pain. Plus, there are only 131 calories in 100 g, so you shouldn’t be worried about that. The list of chemical ingredients includes: folic acid, riboflavin, vitamin B complex, high levels of folate and pyridoxine. These natural herbs you should stock up on will save you money on medicine!

What to use it for: Headaches, migraines, nausea, stomach ailments or diarrhea.

Best time to purchase it: Fall. As it seems, this herb is a lot cheaper in the fall, right after the rosemary production is in bloom and the market is over-saturated, so stock up on it and only drink a few teaspoons of rosemary tea per day when you need to treat your pain 


10 Natural Herbs You Should Stock Up On

Short description: Technically, ginger is the rhizome of a plant that can be used for various health problems. Aside from that, it’s also a great spice, if you want. The good thing about ginger is that you can buy it as a whole rhizome, as a powder, tincture or oil and its health benefits will be the same. Do you know any natural herbs you should stock up on? If you do, what are you waiting for?

What to use it for: Mainly stomach problems, such as menstrual pain, motion sickness, gas, diarrhea, loss of appetite. If you are suffering from arthritis, muscle pain or respiratory tract problems, try drinking a small cup of ginger tea every day for no longer than a week.

Best time to purchase it: The price doesn’t change throughout the year based on the season, so you can purchase it anytime with no problem. However, make sure to keep it in a dark, dry place for optimum results. These natural herbs you should stock up on are sometimes not 100% sure, especially in high dosages, so be careful!


10 Natural Herbs You Should Stock Up On

Short description: Garlic may taste and smell in a unique way, but its benefits are countless. Thanks to its chemical constituents, garlic can be used for a wide array of health problems, so it’s best to have it in your home at all times. We know that some of these natural herbs you should stock up on don’t smell great, but they are good for your health!

What to use it for: You will find this delicious spice to be effective in cases of atherosclerosis, fever, coughs, cold and flu, low blood sugar, high blood pressure, stomach ache, hemorrhoids and stomach acids.

Best time to purchase it: We would recommend that you purchase it during fall, and from the farmers’ market if possible. This way, you’ll make sure no chemicals were used to grow it. For more natural herbs you should stock up on, keep reading!


10 Natural Herbs You Should Stock Up On

Short description: At number 5 on our natural herbs you should stock up on list is cranberry. In case you didn’t know, that Thanksgiving cranberry juice is a lot healthier than you think and that’s because cranberries are one of the most renowned super-foods! Although people generally use it as a decorative piece, you should really start including it in your daily menu.

What to use it for: Muscle pain, osteoporosis, and scorbutic, vitamin C deficiency, dizziness, and headache, loss of appetite, cold and fever.

Best time to purchase it: November-December. The main reason is that the market is flooded with cranberries for the holidays, which means the price starts to drop. This is when you should really take advantage of the situation and stock up on this miraculous fruit!  Purchase all these natural herbs you should stock up on and enjoy a healthier life!


10 Natural Herbs You Should Stock Up On

Short description: Feverfew is rarely purchased by people, although is very beneficial for one’s health. It’s true that it can be found on the side of the roads, but you better purchase it from a licensed seller, since it’s easily mistaken for some poisonous herbs.

What to use it for: You can use feverfew to treat a wide range of health problems, starting with fever, cough, migraines, nausea, toothache, liver disease, intestinal gas or diarrhea. All you have to do is prepare a small cup of it and drink it once a day.

Best time to purchase it: Anytime, but make sure to keep it in a dark and cold place, since moist and sunlight will destroy its healing properties.  Believe it or not, many natural herbs you should stock up on taste and smell great!


10 Natural Herbs You Should Stock Up On

Short description: As it happens, turmeric gives curry its yellow color. The active ingredients in this herb are called curcuminoids, and the most important of them all is curcumin, a natural antioxidant. You can find turmeric at your local store or in big supermarkets. It looks like a thin, yellow-light brown powder.

What to use it for: First of all, turmeric should be taken in small amounts because of its acidity that can affect your stomach lining. Other than that, feel free to drink a cup of turmeric tea per day in order to cure inflammation, severe headaches, nausea, digestive tract ailments, tiredness and nausea. Not all natural herbs you should stock up on will be cheap, but they will be worth it!

Best time to purchase it: It doesn’t matter when you buy it, the price is not affected by the season. Stock up on turmeric to treat the health problems mentioned before and you won’t have to spend money on medical care anymore!

Green Tea

10 Natural Herbs You Should Stock Up On

Short description: You’ve probably heard that there are people who replaced coffee with green tea thinking this is better. The truth is that, if you’re not careful, this tea will cause a lot of damage. For instance, you shouldn’t take it if you’re on your period or on your menopause since it can cause internal bleeding. But if you take a small cup every now and then, you’ll be perfectly fine! 

What to use it for: Use it for high cholesterol, increased blood pressure, nausea or in case you want to lose weight. Who said none of these natural herbs you should stock up on could help you lose weight, was a liar!

Best time to purchase it: Your local store and big supermarkets will never run out of green tea, but if you have a coupon or find it on sale, it’s best to stock up on it since it will save you a great deal on doctor appointments and traditional pills.


10 Natural Herbs You Should Stock Up On

Short description: At number 9 on our list of natural herbs you should stock up on is Echinacea. Echinacea is a beautiful pink flower with dark center well renowned for its ability to treat respiratory tract problems. It grows on the side of the road, but it is best not to pick it for human consumption, since some types of Echinacea are poisonous.

What to use it for: You can use an Echinacea concoction (a teaspoon of herb for every cup of boiled water) to treat some of the following ailments: colds, flu, fever, throat ache, cold sores, bee stings hemorrhoids, eczema, psoriasis, ulcers, burns etc.

Best time to purchase it: We recommend that you purchase it no matter the season, since big stores always have it and its price doesn’t fluctuate. Keep it in a cold room, away from the sunlight.


10 Natural Herbs You Should Stock Up On

Short description: Last but not least name on our natural herbs you should stock up on list is the good old chamomile. This little bundle of joy consisting on small white petals and yellow center is a true winner! If you don’t have chamomile in your home, it’s about time you get some! Thanks to its active constituents, this herb has become a world-renowned remedy for a series of health problems. Plus, if you use it in combination with other plants, you will increase its benefits.

What to use it for: First of all, everybody knows just how effective a cup of chamomile tea is for headaches, but there are many things you can treat using this delicious remedy: stomach problems such as gastritis, ulcers, upset stomach, constipation, hemorrhoids, diarrhea, plus insomnia, skin irritation and open wounds (in which case you will use the tea to wash the wound and then a hydro-cortisone cream).

Best time to purchase it: Actually, you don’t need to spend a dime on chamomile if you buy a handful of seeds and plant them in your backyard. They will grow into beautiful plants every year, offering you an endless supply of health!

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  • Nice list Oana.
    I started taking Turmeric powder when I was injured as a natural anti-inflammatory. Though the list of benefits are well beyond just that! Turmeric’s anti-inflammatory properties have been proven to be almost a powerful as NSAIDs such as Ibuprofen. I’m going to give another couple of these a try, cinnamon especially! It smells so great how can you go wrong. Its always important for people to know to buy high quality spices if they intend on ingesting them raw. If the quality is not known, you can cook the spices with water and oil to make a paste, thus destroying bacteria.

    • That’s awesome! Tumeric powder is something that I’ve only had minor experiences with, although I’ve never taken it for frequent uses. You’re definitely right about buying quality spices and herbs, though. Low quality herbs can cause plenty of problems, but high quality solutions have no such downsides.

    • I also started taking turmeric when injured. When beginning to work out I pushed myself too much in the beginning and ended up causing damage. Taking turmeric regularly was surprisingly effective at treating the issue. I have also noticed my immune system has boosted. I rarely get sick in comparison to before. Although all the herbs listed in this article are great, turmeric is definitely the best one.

    • Wow, to be as strong is ibuprofin is incredible. I consume ibuprofin quite often during during the seasons I play a sport, as I quite often get small injuries and it helps ease the pain. Using natural remedies sounds a lot more healthier than the actual drugs, and I am excited to try it out.0

  • Cinnamon and green tea are probably my favorite things on this list. I use them both regularly for one purpose or another. Cinnamon adds a unique flavor to drinks and even foods, and I find myself preparing things in the kitchen quite often. Of course, green tea speaks for itself, and it has a myriad of uses for the average person, all of which make you healthier.

  • I’ve tasted turmeric tea before and it tastes surprisingly like ginger tea, only a tad stronger. I do agree that it’s wonderful in tea form, and reading through this article gave me an idea: what about turmeric iced tea? I’ve got to try this one myself when I get home from work.

  • I have always been a big fan of natural herbs, and am in love with this list. I will definitely be purchasing, at least a small amount, of every single one on this list (especially cinnamon). Cinnamon has such a great scent to it, and even though it has a bad taste by itself, I love it so much.

  • I get stomach problems quite often, so I use a lot of ginger. It really does work wonders for stomach pain.

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