10 Reasons to Start a Money-Saving Blog

10 Reasons to Start a Money-Saving Blog
Written by Oana Schneider

We know how hard it is to start saving money and actually hold on to it: just be honest and admit how many times you’ve tried to be wiser about your money and failed! If you feel that it’s impossible to save money on your own, you probably need some encouragement.

Since not everybody can convince their friends to do the same in order to have someone to talk to about this, there are a few things you can do. However, the most efficient one is to start a money-saving blog. Before you frown at this idea, read our reasons and find out more about all the benefits of tracking up all your expenses while exchanging impressions with people from all over the world.

1. Peer Pressure

Fortunately, blogging about your daily struggles regarding your spending habits will bring a lot of pressure to keep saving money, which is a great thing, especially if you tend to give up quite easily. You’ll find all the motivation you need in your readers, so don’t be afraid to hold on to your promise to value every penny from now on.

If you are easily influenced by what other people are saying, why not turn this into your advantage? You’ve got to find the courage to prove everybody wrong and stick to the plan. The reward will be greater than you think!

2. Fun Activity

Who says blogging about money has to be a boring activity? Fortunately, you can tell people funny stories, like what happened when you tried to buy something you didn’t need or how to dismiss street vendors and so on. We know that buying colorful and shiny products is sometimes irresistible, so try blogging about it.

Don’t be afraid to share your fears and you’ll see that nobody is perfect when it comes to throwing money out the window. And don’t worry: you’re not the only one who bought a completely useless kitchen robot or a third pair of red shoes. Be creative, spontaneous and always admit to being just a human! Your followers will appreciate your new-found sincerity.

3. Connecting with Other People

You’ll be surprised to see how many people will comment on your blog, willing to share their money-saving experience. Plus, don’t be surprised if they are from all over the world too! You’ll have the inside scoop on how other people save money in different countries and which are the things they value most in their lives.

If you like making new friends and getting to know other cultures has always been a passion of yours, you better start typing! Plus, you should have a DIY section on your blog where you can post all your ideas to save money by creating things. Always ask for feedback and ideas and keep an open mind! A few months ago, one of our followers told us that she doesn’t wash her hair. Ever.

After looking at her photos, we noticed that her hair looked amazing, so we actually asked a doctor. Apparently, your hair, just like your ears, has the ability to clean itself. It’s not going to smell like roses, but it will be all natural and healthy! Of course, the choice is yours! The point is that we didn’t know this was possible, but one of our readers enlightened us. We suggest that you listen to all your readers as well!

4. Finding Answers to Your Problems

Not ALL your problems, but you will get a few ideas at least! Don’t be afraid to ask questions, set up polls and quizzes. For example, you could ask where to find the best prices on furniture and your readers will know just what to go for. Unfortunately, when you search that online, the browser can’t tell you that the colors are not the same for the website and the actual store, or how small the items really are.

This kind of information can only come from a buyer, so take advantage of it! There are so many ways to save money that you have to find at least one solution to your problems. If you need a few extra chairs for this weekend’s family reunion, ask if someone could borrow them to you and don’t rent or buy! Do the same to sports equipment, no and then babysitting, dog walking and so on. Learn how to trade instead of buying!

5. Raising Awareness

Generally, people refuse to save money and would rather cause a huge hole in their bank account to pay for things than take some time to look for ideas online, which is a shame. Plus, most of them have no idea that you can still borrow things, try to get a discount or use their creativity to create things around the house themselves.

If you and your blog become popular, this will change people’s lives for good, which will make you feel so good about you and your struggles! Just think of all the single parents who need help saving money, all the elderly people looking for a shortcut to see the world and all the young people willing to have fun on a tight budget.

6. Setting an Example

Needless to say, people who make a change are an example for those who don’t, who never thought of saving money by rolling up their sleeves and getting to it and so on. Plus, in case you didn’t know, blogs are a great source of income, if you really pour your heart and soul in it: first of all, you’ll be able to attract a few companies’ attention and set up partnerships, which will be good for you, your family and your business.

Also, try to raise awareness on how much your family spends, tell your parents and your cousins to be wiser about their money. You can start by pointing out how much food your family throws away when there are people starving in other parts of the world! If your spouse doesn’t support your money-saving ideas, don’t think that it’s OK and he can do whatever he or she wants! Explain to them why this is important for you and why you insist that you do this together!  

7. Legacy

Wouldn’t it be great for your children to be able to read your blog when they grow up? Don’t you wish you could have access to your mother’s thought from when she was younger and had to get creative with her money? Look at it like a sort of legacy for your kids and future grand kids.

You don’t have to write about money saving all the time: feel free to add details from your family life, your thoughts and hopes and so on. A blog doesn’t have to sound too professional. In fact, you better go for the emotional approach, since most people respond to it.

8. Self-control

In case you didn’t know, you can schedule your posts and your interests! You can choose when to talk about your electricity bills, your mortgage, having another baby and so on.

Plus, staying on course will be a lot easier because you will train your brain to have self-control, to say no to unnecessary expenses and to always be on your toes regarding your family’s financial situation. 90% of family disputes are caused by money, so this should really be an interesting category in your blog.

Although it doesn’t sound like it now, blogging about your money-saving ideas will bring you discipline and self-control, so think about it!

9. Sticking to Your Plans

If you’ve decided that this is the way to go, you should know a few things before you go on and pour your soul into typing: for starters, try a free hosting type of blog, like WordPress or Tumblr. Choose themes and colors that are free and don’t be afraid to experiment with different shapes just like you do with your DIY projects!

Don’t get caught up in this world of blogging which, just like any other industry, tries to make you spend money on different features. Remember: you are a rookie, so there’s no reason to spend money on something that you don’t really know how to use! No matter what you do, stick to your plan to save money and never stray from it!

10. Slowly Becoming an Expert

Buying themes and other blog features will not make you an expert, but making the most of the little means that you are given for free will! Soon, you will be able to pay a few dollars for a more attractive color theme, advertising on other blogs and websites and so on.

In case you were wondering how come some of the bloggers made a living out of publishing their thoughts, now you know the answer. At the end of the day, you could very well turn this into a full time job!

About the author

Oana Schneider

Oana Schneider is a published author located in Chicago, Illinois, who currently works for as a communication specialist and blog editor. She writes about lifestyle, family budget, has a degree in Communications and advocates for women’s rights. Her future plans include getting a Labrador and losing a few pounds.


  • I think that if you’re the type of person who enjoys saving money day to day, then starting your own blog can be a really great thing to do. It allows you to get in touch with other people who are interested in the same types of thing, and this means that you might get more tips than you bargained for. Not only this, but I know of a number of people who have actually managed to make money from their blogs, and this is an added bonus. A friend of mine makes a few dollars every day, and it pays for her mobile phone bill each month. I wouldn’t imagine that any blog of mine could make that much, but there are clearly ways and means out there that you can do it!

  • This is just the greatest advice ever! It’s always been widely known that keeping a journal or planner boosts your motivation and productivity. Keeping a money saving blog does just this, and it also adds a couple of neat ‘motivators’ like social pressure. Not all pressure is bad mind you. I suppose it depends on how you look at them.

    Also, by involving the online community through the blog, not only will you get to share your ideas with your readers, you may even learn a trick or two from them as well. I think this kind of set up can be very productive in the long run.

    • It does boost your motivation and productivity! I never looked at it that way until I read this article. Typically, I view blogging as a way to make money and entertain readers, but I have never considered the other benefits for the writer. Doing so could add more fun to blogging. Instead of treating it as a job and chore, it can be a hobby, self-improvement method, a way to learn, and a way to socialize. I really need to look into starting a blog. I am just unsure what the topic will be. There are already many focused on money making and saving.

  • Couldn’t agree more, keeping your own personal data on your savings can help to keep you motivated, but having it public, so your friends and others can see it, creates another check to keep you on track.
    I also like the idea of leaving a legacy, so you can see yourself growing and changing, some things you do now may seem silly to you in a couple of years. Its nice to be able to look back and see how much you’ve grown. Good article, maybe the motivation I needed to start my own money saving blog 🙂

  • I am part of a team that has a blog about finances. We focus mostly on local issues though. Anyway, it is a great idea. I might start my own personal blog with the finance section. People would like to see price comparisons and they will go to place with more savings. Actually, when I think about it, I can help local shops if they sell things that are worth buying. We can help each other. Interesting..

  • Nice 🙂 I really enjoy blogs — and I also don’t wash my hair much, by the way. I used to wash it three times a week when I was in university, and when I had long weekends or holidays, I spaced it out. When the hair has a routine of getting washed often, it gets greasy and weird often! But over vacations, I did not care and just let it be — and now I can go a few weeks or a month without washing my hair at all with no problem. I do wash it sometimes though, because I want to go out to special places and have nice hair (and I have dandruff and it needs to be gone!)

    Without blogs I would not have even dared follow through on this, or gotten reassurance on this sort of thing. I mean, financial advice, influence and support, I can actually get or give on my favorite social medias. But this? Blogs. All blogs, with the distance, content to prove, and anonymity of the form.

  • Speaking about making a blog, I already have one. But I also use BlogJob and now that I read this I do want to write about money saving since it is one thing I am pretty good at. These ideas will help me focus and get started I think.

  • The only problem with doing this is that getting saturation in the field can be incredibly difficult. Getting a few hundred readers won’t be a problem, but any larger audiences will be hard to come by because hundreds of money-saving blogs exist right now. They’re all the rage, and most of them don’t pan out because they can’t gain traction with a large enough reader base.

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