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10 Super Affordable Ways to Insulate Your Home This Winter

10 Super Affordable Ways to Insulate Your Home This Winter
Written by Irina Vasilescu

Winter is just around the corner, so you better start prepping for it. As usual, the heating system will increase your monthly spending, which can only mean one thing: a great way to save money on this is to insulate your entire home.

Fortunately for you, we know all about it, so don’t miss these 10 super affordable ways to insulate your home this winter!

1. Insulate Your Windows

There are so many ways to do this: first of all, you can use some caulk around the glass part of your windows, some special sponge with an adhesive back or just use some bubble wrap and a blow dryer to seal your entire window frame. And the great thing about it is that it will only cost you $10 for the whole house, which is a great thing!

And don’t think about putting up thicker curtains, because the sunlight is still important even during the cold winter days! These sun rays will increase your room temperature by 2 or even 3 degrees Tweet this! , so don’t overlook it!

2. Wrap Your Hot Water Taps

Believe it or not, your hot water tap is producing heat on its own, which means that you really cannot afford to have a leakage. Not only you will waste heat, but also water, which is double the damage.

How to insulate your hot water tap, you ask?

You can start by using some epoxy around the joints, insulating foam or simply some bubble wrap and a blow dryer to suck out the air and make the plastic stick to the tap. As long as this wrapping is airtight, you have nothing to worry about!

10 Super Affordable Ways to Insulate Your Home This Winter

3. Seal the Doors

There’s always a problem with your doors and we don’t mean just your entry door. That space between your door and the frame, where the hinges are, is always going to be there unless you fix the problem. You can try putting some sponge, but air will still come through.

Another idea is to use some bubble wrap or special foam, but your door may be a little difficult to open afterward.

Our choice is, surprisingly, the sponge, since it gives the door more room to move and it does block some of the cold air. In fact, it’s blocking the heat from leaving the room, not the other way around!

4. Block the Gap under Your Door

Here’s a good question for you: how to deal with that gap under your door?

Well, you can create long and thin pillows to cover them, but, if you don’t want to place them on and off every time you leave the room, try gluing them to the door low enough to block the cold air and high enough to open the door.

If there is no gap under your door, consider yourself a very lucky person! Many people complain that the cold air coming from underneath the door is disturbing their sleep and causing numerous runny noses and common colds.

5. Cover Your Floors

About 8% of your room’s temperature is lost through your floors, especially if there is a basement under your house. You can stop this from happening by using area rugs and in this case, the fluffier, the better!

Also, you should know that having carpets installed in your home is not that efficient if the fiber is synthetic. Look for a thrifted wool rug, you’re better off with it, even if it’s discolored, old and a little worn out.

6. Use Your Oven Heat

This a great tip but here’s how it works: after you cook or bake something (and only then) leave your oven door open so that the heat can come out. It guaranteed to warm up the entire room and even a small apartment. Another idea to increase the room temperature instantly is to bring in a pot of boiling water, but don’t do this too often or you might get mold on your walls.

And here’s a great tip: if you have pets, you will notice that they always go for the warmest place in the room, whether it is your oven, the fireplace or just an overheated laptop.

7. Sweaters

10 Super Affordable Ways to Insulate Your Home This Winter

Some people are under the impression that the room temperature should be high enough to allow them to wear short sleeves when the truth is that sweaters and comfy socks are the way to do it! You need to lower your home temperatures, or you will never cope with the weather conditions.

In other words, it might be hot and nice inside, but outside you will feel like it’s freezing all the time no matter the temperature. In other words, your home temperature should make you feel comfy in sweaters without sweating even a little!

8. Insulate Your Electrical Outlets

Heat gets out of the house through even the smallest holes, which is the case for electrical outlets. If you’ve had your house baby-proofed, you are all settled.

If not, ask an electrician to help you insulate your outlets or just do it yourself by applying plastic masks on them. You can find them at any local hardware store and they are very cheap, so keep this in mind!

9. Ditch All Space Heaters!

The biggest mistake people make when it comes to winter room temperature is to turn off the heating system and go for small space heaters. Well, they are huge electricity consumers and don’t even produce a lot of heat, which is why you should ditch them for good.

Just try to keep your house warm the old-fashioned way: cook, bake, make tea and insulate your home. The only thing you could use if it’s in great condition is a wooden fireplace. You can gather branches and make a nice fire, but be careful with the carbon monoxide!

10. Bathwater

Here’s something we bet you never thought of: every time you take a bath, the warm water warms up the entire room, which is why you shouldn’t drain it right away. Just let it warm up the place and when it gets cold, you can get rid of it.

Open the door to your bathroom to let the hot air circulate. Also, put your ceiling fan on reverse functioning to bring the warmer air to the ground and the cold air to the ceiling.

Did you enjoy our tips? How do you normally insulate your home? Following our tips should help you raise your room temperature by at least 5 degrees, which is not half bad!

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10 Super Affordable Ways to Insulate Your Home This Winter

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  • Insulating your home is so important, because it’s shocking when you learn about the amount of heat that can be lost from the various gaps around your home. I will always make sure that there is no air coming in from my windows, and if there is I will get them sealed as soon as I possibly can. Every little helps when it comes to insulation, and you will find that you can save a lot on your energy bills once you start to sort things out.

  • It is simply shocking when I go to a friend’s house, and they have set their thermostat to a balmy 25 degrees (celsius). Are they just sitting on piles of money to pay their heating company? Wear a sweater, and use that money you’ve saved to buy something more useful and tangible. You can probably even buy a new phone with the money you’ve saved!

    The oven tip sounds pretty weird, but I’m definitely willing to try it out. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

  • I had never heard of some of these ideas before, so I really enjoyed learning about them. I did not know that you can insulate your electrical outlets to help save on heating costs. I also never thought about putting rugs down in a basement to help keep the heat inside. One thing that we find helpful in the winter is to put covers over our inside swamp cooler vents. The covers prevent cold air from blowing inside the house.

  • You’re the second person this year that’s talked about those little electrical outlets. I was considering getting some, but now I’m not considering….I’m going to get me some soon. Seriously, when my kids were younger(I have 5 kids), I never really knew those little outlet plugs were saving me money too. Now several years and houses later, I find this out. Well, here I come hardware store!!!!

  • Really helpful and practical tips you have here but space heaters can be economical if used correctly. A lot of people end up racking huge electrical bills by buying incorrectly sized space heaters for a large living area (for example) and expect the room to be as warm as summer!

  • I had no idea that space heaters were a bad thing. We use them every year in the winter! We don’t have our home insulated as well as we should either, so we’ll have to change some things this year!

  • These tips are awesome, and this is a great guide for anyone who is trying to cut costs on their heating bill to follow. Making sure you don’t have empty gaps or poor insulation in your attic are small measures that can make a big difference! Nice work! Thanks for sharing!

  • I didn’t know that space heaters weren’t very effective compared to whole-house systems. I tended to use a space heater back when I was living alone, because I didn’t think it was worth it to heat up the entire house when no one else was there. However, I’ll definitely opt for the built-in HVAC system when I’m feeling chilly so I don’t needlessly waste electricity. Thanks for the info!

  • Awesome tips! All of this is super wonderful advice, especially for those who want to renovate without breaking the bank! Thanks so much for sharing!

  • Hey! Great tips for the winters but interestingly wrapping the hot water taps is something which is totally new to me. I am not sure if it would really have a noticeable effect.

  • I love your point about wool rugs. Didn’t know!!! We are getting ready to replace our living room rug and will start looking at the price of some wool ones. You should consider any conversation on cheap ways to save on your heating cost to start with the idea of attempting to heat oneself rather than a room, or a house. Use fleece sheets, stash a hot water bottle (in a sock) under your sleeping blanket, and/or get yourself a down blanket. At night we lower our thermostat down to 54 degrees without any discomfort at all.

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