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11 Amazingly Cheap Things to Do Before You Die

11 Amazingly Cheap Things to Do Before You Die
Written by Oana Schneider

If you’ve never tried saving money before and don’t really know where to start, you can try one of these ideas first. We should mention that it requires ambition, but the result will save you a lot of money that you could invest in something else.

So, try not to waste your life between trying to pay off debt and running to catch the best deals without even thinking of saving some money in the process. A life well spent is a life spent in a smart way. Without further ado, these are some amazingly cheap things to do before you die:

1. Only use coupons for a whole month

This one is really not as hard as it seems as you’ve probably noticed by watching Extreme Couponers. The idea is to gather so many online and in-store coupons to increase your discount so much that you only have to pay a few dollars for purchases worth hundreds.

If you are new to this world of coupons, discounts and so on, read our article and follow those steps. Also, you may want to clip every coupon you find in a magazine, newspaper and so on!

2. Shop for winter coats in July

The best deals for you are not the ones stores advertise, but the ones you never hear anything about. If it’s boots season, you may want to buy sandals and vice versa. Here is how things work from a retailer’s point of view: the bigger the desirability, the higher the price.

If the product you’re looking for is not seasonal, you could save up to 75% on it by buying it a few months in advance. Our advice is to stick to classic cuts when it comes to clothes and shoes, to not look “so last year” in your new, but outdated purchase.

3. Only buy clothes from the thrift store for a whole year

If you are a fashionista, you might enjoy this one. By buying from a thrift store, not only you save money, but you also help the planet. If you think about it, there are so many clothes just waiting in these thrift shops that are perfectly wearable, and people still buy Prada and Gucci.

Plus, you can find these brands at thrift stores as well, so don’t worry! If you befriend an employee from a thrift store, you will always know when they re-stock and so on. Shop smart, don’t shop hard!

4. Cook all your meals for a month

Write on a piece of paper the amount of money you spend every time you dine out and try taking a month off from restaurants and coffee shops.

You can start by making your own breakfast food (see here a few very helpful video recipes), then slowly go for more complicated dishes. In fact, if you are also trying to lose weight, you can try eating whole foods – they only cost $5 per meal, will help you get in shape and decrease your cholesterol.

Jessica Quirk wrote this beautiful article about this kind of diet and her pictures look fabulous! You have to try eating better and preparing all your meals for at least a month!

5. Recycle every wrapping paper and plastic bottle for 6 months

Save money on stationary, gift wrapping paper and so on by reusing what you already have. And thankfully, there are so many DIY projects to help you with that, all you have to look is look for them! You could create amazing art pieces from trash, and you don’t even know it.

You could paint your own paintings; create amazing bird feeders and wall art with those wrappings that you were going to throw away!

A very common question is: If I save every small piece of wrapping paper for 6 months, where am I going to put everything?

You will not store this “treasure”, but use it to create something else. Here is an example for you: you could braid a bathroom rug using your soda labels. Ever thought of that?

Don't look for big things, just do small things with great love.

6. Sleep under the stars for a whole week

Unless it rains or snows, of course. But today’s pace is so hectic that we rarely remember to just look up! If you have kids at home, pack your bags, let your phones and laptops at home and go camping. Tell stories, make a camp fire and enjoy this simple life for at least a week.

You don’t have to go far from home. Camping in your backyard could be just as good as any other camping destination if you make the most of it! Most people think they need to go bungee jumping or sky-diving before they die, but they forget about all these little things that they never did. They are equally important. The only exception is that our ideas actually save you money.

7. Use Airbnb for your honeymoon

If you are planning on spending your honeymoon in a big city, try Airbnb instead of hotels. It’s cheaper, you get to see the actual room, you stay in someone’s home, not a random hotel room and, you can ask your hosts for tips and tricks on what to do while you’re there.

Plus you can choose your payment method and even negotiate the price if you’re staying for more than 3 nights. In fact, you can use Airbnb for all your weekend getaways as long as you plan in advance. And in the end, you are helping someone out not the rich hoteliers. Most of you are probably wondering if they could use Airbnb for their Hawaii honeymoon. The answer is YES! So go online and look for a cute lodge, cabin, room, RV right now!

8. Bike to work instead of driving for a whole month

We know how much you love your car but let’s face it: it’s not helping you save money or lose weight so how about giving it a break for a month? You can buy to work and back for 30 days, and you’ll see the changes in your body: you will breathe better, feel better look better and have more money in your pocket, which is not a bad thing.  You may want to pack a raincoat though since you won’t have a roof above your head these days.

9. Put your credit cards in a safe and use only cash for 30 days

You may not realize this, but having your credit card with you all the time only encourages you to spend more money than you were planning to, which only leads to unnecessary debt and futile objects.  Remember that dress you only wore once? You’re welcome! Using cash for 30 days will make you manage your funds better, plan better and learn to prioritize. All of a sudden those shiny bracelets that caught your eye last week don’t seem less important!

10. Try a new DIY project every week for a few months.

And the good news is that you can use anything for your DY projects from buttons wrapping paper to old floppy disks or those jeans that nobody wears anymore. It’s about recycling, reusing and reducing!

We have a few really cool DY ideas for you that will blow your mind. You could create purses toys cute art pieces wind chimes and the list continues. If you are a smoker and would lie to quit, DIY projects will keep your hands and mind occupied and focused on something other than cigars. Just think about it!

11. Sell everything you’re no longer using

You should be doing this at least every couple of years. Get rid of all those gifts you received but never liked, the hand-me-downs that you never asked for or simply your old clothes and gadgets. If you still have an MP3 player but also a smartphone, one of them has to go!

Learn to de-clutter your home and make money on the items that you’re no longer using. In time, you could make a habit out of this and invest the money you make in something else. At the end of the day, you will remember your experiences not your coats so see the world, experiment new cultures with the money you save!

What would you lie to do before you die? Do you have a bucket list?

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Oana Schneider

Oana Schneider is a published author located in Chicago, Illinois and was part of our team as a communication specialist and blog editor. She writes about lifestyle, family budget and has a degree in Communications.

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  • It’s amazing how much money you can make from selling things that you’re not using anymore, so this is certainly something that you should consider if you want to make a little bit of extra cash for yourself. Also, I think it can be good fun to try and live off coupons for a month, too. This is something that I have tried in the past and have been relatively successful at, so I know that other people would be able to make it work for them as well. It is definitely worth trying if you haven’t already.

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