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11 Cheap but Cool Things to Do in September

11 Cheap but Cool Things to Do in September
Written by Oana Schneider

Hello, fine people who like to save money and live their lives to the fullest! If you are anything like us, you love September, the hot chocolate, the comfy sweaters and all those beautiful leaves. We know many people are sad to see summer go so fast, but hey, who says you can’t have fun in September? We put together a list of 11 smart, cheap and still cool things to do in September and can’t wait to start checking them off as we move deeper into the fall. But enough talking, let’s get to the point:

1. Fix that old deck

11 Cheap but Cool Things to Do in SeptemberThis may not sound like the greatest idea in the world, but the truth is there are so many accidents happening because of old decks, we just couldn’t let this one go. To address this situation, check out Fiberon Decking, a company specialized in anything deck-related, from ultra-resilient PVC ideas to dramatic looks, low-budget solutions, deck accessories and the list continues.

If you’re in the process of renovating your deck, but don’t have a lot of money, just send them an email and ask for help. A specialist will get in touch with you and offer a viable solution.

Why fix your deck? Well, the cold season is here, pretty soon is going to start snowing and believe it or not, wood rots faster during the cold season. Plus, fixing it shouldn’t take longer than a few days, so come on!

2. Clean your house

11 Cheap but Cool Things to Do in SeptemberBy all means, give your house a good clean! Start with taking out rugs, old food that’s in the fridge, everything that’s in the pantry, and then proceed as it follows: start with the bedroom (you could start with the living room, but since you’ll have to walk through it to get to the other rooms, you may want to leave it last).

Vacuum first, then shampoo the carpet (if you have one), dust off everything else, clean your windows and then put some new bedding on your bed. Next, move to the kitchen, follow the same steps, then the pantry, then the bathroom and the living room goes last.

Give a deep cleaning to your fridge, microwave oven, stove, toilet, bathtub, washer and dryer (after cleaning these last two, place half a lemon inside each one overnight to absorb the bad smells).

Also, bring in the blankets because you’ll need them from now on!

3. Decorate!

11 Cheap but Cool Things to Do in SeptemberYou don’t need to put up your Halloween decorations just yet, but a few accessories here and there are not going to hurt anyone.

You can start by displaying grapes, corn on the cob, some old fall leaves if you can find any, light a candle for some extra coziness, throw a blanket on your sofa and don’t be afraid to offer shelter to a large pumpkin.

Oh and did we mention the raincoat and rubber boots? Better keep them by the door too!

4. Watch out for special sales

11 Cheap but Cool Things to Do in SeptemberPrepare yourself for an avalanche of sales, discounts, deals and offers! Labor Day will start things off with great trip offers and from there on it is sales season until January!

Here’s what we do: mark everything in a calendar and put every discount on paper, whether we’re talking about an in-store or an online deal. Think about everything you need to buy this fall (you may want to start making that list as soon as possible to save as much money as possible!).
When you find a coupon code, discount or offer that fits an item on your list, go grab it! Otherwise, try not to buy useless items, no matter how attractive the offers are! Yes, you have to be organized!

5. Make jams

11 Cheap but Cool Things to Do in SeptemberYou’re probably thinking: how’s that going to help me save money when homemade jams are more expensive than supermarket ones?

Well, for starters, you can buy local fruits and have absolute control over what goes into your jams, which you can’t really say about supermarket products. On the long term, this will really benefit your health. Plus, jams are very fun to make and if you’re new to it, look up a few homemade jam recipes to help you out!  You could even turn this into a family event, invite everyone to slice and dice, stir up the composition and pour into jars. That sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

6. Sort through your clothes

11 Cheap but Cool Things to Do in SeptemberThis one goes without saying! But here’s how to decide what goes and what stays: fall is all about layering, so it’s best to keep a few shirts, t-shirts and tank tops in your wardrobe. Add a few comfy sweaters, those pants and skirts you’ve been dying to wear; a couple of jackets, a few scarves, some comfy shoes and you’re all set for fall!

But what to do with your summer clothes? Put them in labeled boxes (T’s, Skirts, Shorts, bathing Suits etc.) and move them to the back of your dressing or under the bed if you live in a tiny house and don’t have that much space. Also, keep a pair of boots and a coat in your wardrobe because you never know what the weather is going to be like!

7. Check your heating system

11 Cheap but Cool Things to Do in SeptemberYes, this is the time to do it! That way, if there are any problems, you’ll have enough time to fix them! The trick is to close all your doors and windows and turn up the heating system for half an hour (set it on max.). If it doesn’t make you sweat not one bit, there might be a problem. Of course, you could use a thermometer, but what would be the fun in that?

If you can, leave the heating on for a whole day and then turn it off. However, few people do this as it adds to their monthly expenses. In the end, it’s all up to you!

8. Start planning your holidays

11 Cheap but Cool Things to Do in SeptemberWe mean it! Tale a pen and a piece of paper and put down every holiday you are celebrating with your family then try establishing a budget for each one of them. Think about the food, drinks, guests, presents, heating costs and everything that goes into them. Then, go online and look for coupons to help you out. Yes, this will take several days, but saving money is so rewarding! If you want to bring some fun to the table, see past these numbers and try to envision the whole picture: everybody sitting at the table, laughing, exchanging gifts and so on.

Oh, did you pick a theme for your Halloween party yet? There’s still time, no worries!

9. Go through your summer photos and pick the best ones

11 Cheap but Cool Things to Do in SeptemberNowadays, we take so many pictures that we rarely want to go back and look through them. The truth is that going down memory lane can be such a great thing!

Here’s a cool idea: pick 20 pictures that sum up your summer, have them printed on paper and add them to a photo album. You can still keep the rest of your pictures in your computer, but photo albums have their charm. Plus, it’s easier to bring out the album when you have guests than searching through thousands of pictures on your computer.

10. Make a resolution/A new friend

11 Cheap but Cool Things to Do in SeptemberMost people make resolutions on New Year’s, going for the big ones: I’ll quit smoking, I’ll lose 20 pounds, I’ll learn how to cook. The truth is that all you need is to make smaller resolutions multiple times a year.

In September, you can go with “I’ll eat more vegetables”– and then add veggies to your shopping list right away. In time, you can make a resolution to give up fizzy drinks, then to give up takeout food and so on. It’s way more doable this way!

If you’re not good with resolutions, how about you make a new friend? Finding things in common with another human being is very rewarding! And making a friend means reconnecting with another relative, meeting someone new at the supermarket or simply adopting a little dog or cat or chicken if you want!

11. Give back 

11 Cheap but Cool Things to Do in SeptemberIf your life is good and you received help to become the person you are today, give back to someone who needs encouragement. Don’t just wait for Christmas to help someone out! Join an organization, go help at the homeless center, prepare dinner for an elderly neighbor. There is so much good that needs to be done!

Please, these small gestures mean to world to those who have close to nothing.

Once you’ve check off your list all these 11 cheap but cool things to do in September, relax, but only for a seconds. There are countless interesting things to do in October too! What do you normally do in September?

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  • I have always thought that September was by far the best month in which to decorate, because the weather just isn’t nice enough to be outside, nor is it close enough to the holiday season to start planning things to do with that. So there is a bit of a gap in the year, and it is perfect to try and get your house in a better state. So take a look at some of the articles around here about how to spruce up your home on a budget – I know that there are a lot of things that include great tips, so you should never be short of ideas!

  • The cheapest and MOST fun thing to do in September is to walk in the country. The leaves are falling, the colours are changing red, gold and brown and the smell of autumn is in the air, it really is a magical time.

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