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15 Kitchen Gadgets That Save You Money

15 Kitchen Gadgets That Save You Money
Written by Irina Vasilescu

If you’re a parent and you have kids who have lots of battery-operated toys, you might be spending a fortune on disposable batteries. A money-saving solution for this is to purchase a set of rechargeable batteries. Instead of buying a new set of four AAA batteries, you simply need to plug in the rechargeable ones and they’re good to go.

When taking a bath, a traditional showerhead will cost you a lot of extra money on utility bills. By using a low-flow or intelligent showerhead as replacement, you will save water and money in the long run.

These are just two examples of gadget investments which help you save money. How about in the kitchen? Which gadgets should you invest in to help you save money, time and effort when preparing delicious dishes for your family? Read on to find out.

Which Kitchen Gadgets Can Help You Save Money?

If you would like to save money in the kitchen, the rule to remember is that it is most economical to prepare food at home.

A $20 boxed meal from a Chinese fast food restaurant that feeds two may sound like a pretty reasonable price. But for the same amount, you can cook a huge bowl of stir-fry noodles or veggies and feed your entire family. The bonus is that you get to choose the ingredients yourself, and ensure that you are eating something healthy.

When you add cooking at home with buying some nifty gadgets in the kitchen, you are bound to enjoy huge savings in the process.

Here are the top 15 gadgets that you can invest in to save a lot of money:

1. Blender

There’s a recent trend in the health industry where those who want to lose weight are asked to juice up. This diet includes drinking the natural juices of fruits and veggies.

A great kitchen gadget to have for this is a heavy-duty blender. When you have one, you don’t have to purchase bottled juices from health companies which are really quite pricey. You can simply make your own juice or smoothie blends right at home.

If you have friends coming over, this is also a great tool to use for brewing margarita or non-alcoholic drinks.

2. Breadmaker

Everybody loves the smell of freshly-baked bread in the kitchen, but who has time to actually make them? Using a breadmaker, you can simply pop in all the ingredients inside and allow the machine to do its magic.

Cost-wise, studies show that it actually costs less to use a breadmaker to make your own bread than buy loaves from the bakery or the supermarket.

There are a lot of reasonably priced models of breadmaker in the market today with different settings to make everything from sweet dough bread to traditional white bread.

3. Coffeemaker/Coffee Machine

If you’re an office worker and you stop by a coffee chain store to get a cup of fancy latte on your way to work, you could be spending $100 per month on coffee alone. At a fraction of the price, you can brew your own coffee at work. Depending on the model of the coffeemaker or espresso machine that you will purchase, you can even make fancy lattes or learn about latte art!

The initial cost of buying a decent coffee machine may be high, but the savings that you will acquire in the long run will be worth it. A great bonus is that the delicious smell of coffee brewing will perk you up in the morning, and you can enjoy as many cups as you want without draining your budget.

4. Food Dehydrator

If you spend a lot of money buying fruit or beef jerky in the supermarket, you can probably save a lot with a food dehydrator. You can use it to make your own sundried tomatoes, candied peel, freeze-dried strawberries and dried herbs. If there’s a fruit in season that you would like to preserve, this is the perfect kitchen gadget to have.

5. Handheld Blender

For parents who can’t get their kids to eat veggies, incorporating the vegetables in soups is a great idea. Using a very affordable handheld blender, you can easily whip up vegetable soups and turn ingredients like carrots and potatoes into paste. As compared to stand-up blenders, handheld models are also easier to clean up and use.

6. Herb Grower

Do you love cooking with spices? If yes, you might have started your very own herb garden at home. But what if you don’t have the space? You can probably make do with potted herbs by the windowsill, or buy an herb grower system that lets you grow herbs indoors.

Such products offer a dirt-free, indoor herb planting solution. A sprig of thyme or rosemary in your home-cooked recipes will add great flavor to your dishes. With an herb grower, you won’t have to buy these spices in the supermarket and you can enjoy them fresh.

7. Ice Cream Maker

Whether you’re living alone or with a family and a flurry of kids, you will benefit from having an ice cream maker. Those trips to the ice cream shop where you’re lugging around two or three kids can burn a hole in your pocket, so does buying ice cream by the pint or gallon.

When you have an ice cream maker, you can whip up your own using very affordable ingredients. There are also lots of recipes that you can try out, and make healthier ice cream by using less fat and sugar.

8. Make-your-own-soda Machine

Did you know that you can make your own soda right at home? In the market, there are a few make-your-own soda machines that you can purchase.

Instead of buying cans or bottles of soda off the shelf of supermarkets, you can use this nifty gadget. The soda making machine comes with recipes that you can follow to make carbonated or sparkling water and fruit-flavored soft drinks.

If you want to cut back on your sugar consumption but you can’t just seem to stay away from soda, this is the perfect kitchen companion. Aside from being healthy, it’s also less costly than buying canned soda – and you will be doing the environment a huge favor, too.

9. Mini-Chopper

If you love cooking with spices, a mini-chopper is a money-saving kitchen gadget to buy. You can use it to make your own spice mixes, bread crumbs, pastes and other mixtures for cooking great dishes for your family. As compared to store-bought spices, grinding your own spice using a mini-chopper will save you a lot of money.

10. Meat Grinder

It’s very convenient to buy ground beef or pork from the supermarket, but you will never know what kind of bacteria you will be bringing home with you.

When you have your very own meat grinder at home, you can rest assured that the ground meat your family will consume is safe to eat. Also, you will save a lot of money since you can pick up meat from the store in bulk and simply grind it at home, depending on your cooking needs.

11. Stainless Steel Pots and Pans

To save money on energy while cooking, you need to use tight-lidded pots and pans. You also need to make sure that the cooker you are using does not waste heat, so as not to result in wasted energy.

Copper and aluminum pots and pans are ideal because they conduct heat well but if you don’t have the budget for that, simply choose stainless steel cookers. Ones which are made with an aluminum layer retain heat quickly and evenly. Aside from saving energy, water will also be saved because they are easy to clean.

12. Spaghetti Measurer

Moms with kids who love spaghetti usually cook too much pasta. This leads to food wastage, something which will pour your money down the drain as well. There are spaghetti measuring tools in the market that lets you know how many servings can be cooked. They come in wooden or plastic models, and are pretty accurate.

13. Silicone Cupcake Cases

Those who are avid bakers will save a lot of money by using silicone cupcake cases instead of the paper ones.

There are colorful cupcake cases which can be used to make muffins as well. They can easily be washed and reused without the need to buy paper liners. The silicone material is thick enough to allow the cupcake or muffin to bake properly and evenly. Once done, all you have to do is turn over the freshly baked cakes and they will easily slide out of the case.

14. Slow Cooker

One of the hottest kitchen items being sold in online and physical stores today is the slow cooker. As you may already know, dishes which are slow-cooked have amazing flavor. Using a slow cooker, you can cook excellent dishes using a very small amount of energy as compared to what will be used by traditional stovetop or oven cookers.

A slow cooker also lets you come up with great-tasting dishes even while using cheaper cuts of meat, or veggies which are forgotten at the bottom of your refrigerator. Slow cookers can also be used as hotpot cookers. When buying one, choose models with several settings that allow food to be cooked within a few hours or all throughout the day.

15. Vacuum Sealer

The best way to save on electricity, water and ingredients is to cook big batches of food at home. But what are you supposed to do with the leftovers? For this, you can purchase a vacuum sealer and store food in the freezer. Vacuum sealers remove all the air which causes freezer burn as well as unpleasant odor and flavors. Not only that, but vacuum-sealed food can last in the freezer much longer.

Aside from leftover food, you can also use the vacuum sealer to increase the lifespan of spices, coffee beans, nuts, grains and other kitchen staples.

With these kitchen gadgets, you will save a lot of time, money and effort when preparing your favorite dishes.

About the author

Irina Vasilescu

Irina Vasilescu is our money-saving and DIY expert and also the editor-in-chief as she's always on the lookout for the latest online deals.


  • Great post! My top three gadgets that I am going to buy/use more often are…

    1 – We have a bread maker that I am hardly using, but I love freshly baked bread! Lately we haven’t been eating the loaves we buy from the store, but we would surely eat some freshly baked bread! Thank you for the reminder!

    2 – We have to start using our coffee maker at home more often. Starbucks starts to add up very quickly and even a fan like myself can admit that it’s overpriced. We have a beautiful Keurig and having freshly brewed coffee in the morning is such a nice way to start the day!

    3 – I would love to start growing fresh herbs! That can also make nice gifts for loved ones during the holidays and just because! And they would add a nice decorative touch to our home!

    These are ones I can start doing right away!!

  • I have been eyeballing a meat grinder for a while, and I think it might be time to take the plunge. I can’t believe how much ground beef costs at the store, and this way we can control the contents a little better.

    I can’t imagine how I would survive without my slow cooker. It is fabulous to know that dinner is ready after a busy day, and it keeps us from getting drive through junk food or takeaway dinners. I recently cracked the crock in my slow cooker, and I literally walked straight to the computer and ordered a new one.

    Imani, you will love having fresh herbs in your house. I keep basil, parsley, chives and cilantro. They add a lovely brightness to meals, especially in the winter.

  • My coffee machine saves me so much every month. Getting coffee out can be so expensive. One thing on this list I really want is a vacuum sealer. I would be more inclined to buy meat in bulk at cheaper prices if I had one. It would also prevent a lot of food from spoiling. I’m putting it on my christmas list.

  • I guess we often spend money purely because of convenience, so to use some of these gadgets we’ve got to be prepared for the extra time and effort considerations. But I like the idea of cheaper (and often healthier) ways of approaching food in the kitchen.

  • I couldn’t believe what I could have been saving in all these years. There are some things I’m not that interested in, such as the meat grinder. However, the slow cooker definitely seems like a great idea. From what I’ve heard from my friends, it’s a great investment, and you can just put stuff in there and forget about it. Perfect for my lazy butt lifestyle. Same with the breadmaker, I heard it impresses the ladies 😉

  • The only thing I would add would be a pasta maker, pasta is a mainstay in my home and I can tell you nothing beats fresh made pasta. I like to make ravioli and dumplings of different kinds. It is so health for you and you can add whatever type of ingredient you like. I like the spinach noodles the best.

    I don’t eat bread so a bread maker has no real use to me but I do agree on the coffee maker. You can make more then coffee in it you know. You can make teas, both hot and iced, that are delicious. I also was shown by a young college student that you can make soups, I never would have thought of that, just put the Ramen or dry soup in the coffee pot and pour the water into the top with a clean filter. delicious hot soup for lunch in minutes! the kids love this because they feel like they are cooking there own food! No mess and minimal clean up.

  • First of all, product of an Italian mother here, there’s no such thing as too much pasta!

    Anyway, my household recently got rid of our stove. Before you freak out and ask why, think about it! What can the stove do that we can’t manage with other appliances?
    Here’s what our gas stove accomplished:
    -Heating four things at once (replaced by the griddle, or hot plate, or grill outside)
    -Occasionally having a working oven (replaced by the bread machine and toaster oven, and soon a midge stove outside)
    -Scaring everyone in the house because the gas had to be turned off every time it wasn’t in use, and there was this weird thing the oven did where it almost always would not light
    -Collecting cat hair and dust
    -Taking up valuable space in our tiny home

    Seriously, the cons outweighed the pros. We scrapped that sucker and put counter space where it was. On the counter is our griddle and coffeepot, and a cute little hot plate we got from a friend. I’ve learned the valuable skill of cooking over an open flame outside, my indoor cat roommate and SO both learned how to build a fire (applause), and the house is easier to clean. So yes, all these gadgets are useful!! We own most of them.

    • I think getting rid of the stove/oven is definitely doable, but I would have to keep my crock pot! I would have to get creative for certain things that my family likes, like some casseroles, though. As for your oven almost never lighting – ours actually does that same thing, so we have to keep an eye on it. We called repair people and it turns out it’s a common part that goes bad in ovens, so we’re getting it fixed. I think that’s a really cool idea, getting rid of the stove/oven – we sure would appreciate the extra space!

  • The spaghetti measurer is my favourite gadget too. It’s such a simple idea – simply slot a bunch of spaghetti into the hole to measure a serving. Previously, I would always cook far too much or not quite enough, so this has saved me some money over the years.

  • I do love my handheld blender. I made all of my children’s baby food with a handheld blender and I’m sure I saved a fortune on baby food. Now I make most of our soups or creamed vegetables with it. I sure I save a fortune on soup as well, since just a few vegetables can make an entire pot.

    I do not have a bread maker yet, but I think that might be my next purchase!

  • I love my blender, because you can make lovely soups for next to nothing at all. It’s surprising how much veg you can buy for a small amount of money, and then all that you have to do is to blend it all together and eat some, then freeze what you didn’t get the chance to eat that day. So it really is very helpful. I also like to make my own healthy ice cream so the blender comes is very handy for that as well. It just makes things nice and easy so I don’t have to take the time to do these things by hand.

  • Stainless steel pots and pans is the way to go for me and family. Don’t give in to the ceramic, no-stick, or cast iron hype, stainless steel cookware are adequate for just about any cooking operation. This type of cookware offers the most even heat distribution there is, and you don’t have to wait for a long time. Just remember to accurately measure the heat because things can get hot pretty fast.

    • I’ve heard great things about stainless steel, but I am worried about a couple things, too. Do you find that food really tends to stick to the pots? I am addicted to my nonstick cookware. Also, are the stainless steel pots harder to clean in your opinion?

  • I couldn’t live without my dehydrator for beef jerky and my bread maker. I use the bread maker to make low carb bread (using vital wheat gluten, flax, almond flour, and sometimes soy flour). It costs pennies compared to how much a store bought loaf of low carb bread costs! As for my dehydrator, I refuse to buy beef jerky at the store at those incredible prices. I wait for roasts to go on sale and then I hand slice them (I wish I had a meat slicer) and put them in the dehydrator. Problem is they jerky is usually completely eaten within a day of taking it off the dehydrator 🙂

  • Slow cookers are amazing. You can just throw some stuff in it overnight and wake up to a really good breakfast to start your day!

  • I’m always happy when I read an article like this and am doing so many things right. I was eyeing a handheld blender the other day, and that’s going to be my next home-related purchase. I’m also going to start researching dehydrators. I don’t use my bread maker or ice cream maker enough, but I plan to, once I clear out some unneeded items, via my next garage sale!

  • This is a super useful resource. I own quite a few of the things listed, but I’ve been thinking about getting a slow cooker and maybe a breadmaker. A mini-chopper would come in really handy for me as well. My regular blender used to be my favorite gadget, but I’ve ended up using my hand-held one more often. So anyone thinking of getting a hand-held blender, do it, they’re wonderful.

  • I have found the best way to store food in the freezer is using a vacuum sealer. I think the food stays fresh a lot longer and doesn’t get the freezer burn taste as fast. It is good to know that when storing broccoli, brussel sprouts and cauliflower to blanch them before so the bad doesn’t expand. I will keep that in mind the next time I’m

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