20 Household Items Your Husband Could Make

20 Household Items Your Husband Could Make
Written by Oana Schneider

You probably need to revive your home’s aspect, but you don’t have the budget to purchase everything you want. Fortunately, if your husband is crafty, you’re covered! These are a few items that will improve your life and put your husband to work, so what are you waiting for? There are so many household items your husband could make! Tell us how it went!

1. Bookshelf

We begin our list of household items your husband could make with a bookshelf. In case you need to do something about your favorite novels, you don’t need to purchase book selves if your husband happens to be quite a handy individual. The best way to showcase your loved books is stick a few wooden bars on your stair wall, so that whenever you take the stairs, they will be right there.

If there is not enough room, how about you ask your husband to stick a few pieces of wood on an entire wall? For example, the living room wall. He’ll need a few nails, wood and creativity. Plus, you can also place toys, flower pots or CDs on these bookshelves.

2. Lamp

Number two in our list of household items your husband could make is a lamp. There are many ways in which you can change the aspect of your room, but the best way would be to change the lighting. But you can’t afford a new lamp right now, so ask your husband to get creative.

For example, he could use a huge glass jar, a light bulb and buttons, plastic forks, spoons or any other kind of decorations. Combine them together, place the glass jar on a piece of wood properly shaped and then stick it to the ceiling. You’ll have your own piece in handmade Heaven within an hour!

3. Coffee table

When it comes to making coffee tables, most men back down, because the legs require a lot of work, but how about you replace them with something else?

You could ask your husband to use a barrel, old tires, and two old chairs instead and then add a large piece of wood or glass on top of it, depending on the kind of look that you are going for. You don’t want it to look unfinished, so a little bit of paint will make a huge difference.

If he’s really crafty, ask him to make a few similar chairs to go with the coffee table and you’re all set! If you want to know which other household items your husband could make, keep reading!

4. Kitchen counter

You wanted granite, but now you’re stuck with a piece of plastic for a kitchen counter. Well, would you be interested in a wooden kitchen counter? Ask your husband to buy a large piece of wood, to polish it and to add a fine layer of lead-free paint and you are good to go!

Plus, if you want something really interesting and homey, cut out plastic stencils and draw flowers, ribbons or anything you want on your kitchen table. The wood will make everything look more natural and it will go perfectly with your kitchen cabinets.

5. Kitchen cabinets

You need a really handy husband for this one, but with a few pieces of wood and a handful of nails, you’ll get your perfect kitchen cabinets within a couple of days!

First, ask him to look for old furniture around town and to restore it. Plus, some paint will transform the ugliest cabinets into your kitchen delight, you’ll see! Of all the household items your husband could make, this is probably the most difficult!

6. Hanger

There are so many ways to make a nice hanger, so don’t waste money on it.

First of all, your husband could blow torch a few wardrobe hangers and stick them onto a tall wooden poll, adding a base to support it. If that doesn’t work or your husband doesn’t own a blow torch, you guys could bend a few old spoons and nail them to your entrance door. It will looks cool and you’ll have a conversation subject every time you have people over.

This is one of the easiest household items your husband could make, right?

7. Sofa

Before we start, there are a few things you need to gather: huge pieces of foam (if you have an old mattress, even better), some nails, 2-4 pallets, creativity, and a large piece of fabric.

At first, he has to turn one of the pallets into the seat and the other one into the back rest, nail them together and then place the foam or the mattress on both of them. They don’t need to be nailed, a solid piece of string should do it.

When everything is done, place the fabric on top of it, sew the margins and tuck it in so that it looks just like any other sofa. The downside of it it’s that, once you’ve made it, you can’t move it, because it is too heavy, so you may want to think this through from the beginning. Of all the household items your husband could make, we bet you didn’t think of this one!

8. Ingenious floors

In case you just bought a fixer-upper or your hardwood floors are getting worse and worse, this is what you should do: polish or sandpaper them, use protection and/or paint and then cut out a set of beautiful stencils. Apply some spray paint and you’ll have the most interesting floors ever.

A good idea would be to choose brown for the original paint and then to apply beautiful white or gold flowers on it with the spray paint. If you do this, you can go for a plain rug, which means less money! This is not just one of the household items your husband could make, but one that you could also make!

20 Household Items Your Husband Could Make

Old floors, new floors!

9. Swing set

Well, this is a bit complicated, because you need to have where to attach it from. Your husband will know that he needs either a solid tree or a solid front porch. If you live in a condo, skip to number 10. If that tree in the backyard is asking for a swing set, ask your husband to build it.

There are two ways in which this goal can be achieved: first, he builds it from scratch, which is expensive, and second: he buys and old bench from a second hand furniture store.

All he has to do is attach it to the tree, add some pillows and make sure it’s secured in place. Ask him to go with the second option: it’s cheaper and less time-consuming than the first one! More household items your husband could make? Scroll down!

10. Chairs

OK, so you need a few new chairs to brighten up the space, but don’t have the money? Your husband can help you with that! He can use pretty much everything that is the right size and stable, so think about small barrels, thick logs and foam bags. All he has to do is trim them a little bit, apply your favorite color and let them dry!

11. Fireplace

In case you didn’t know, asking a contractor to build you a fireplace will cost you about $4000, so how about you only spend a couple hundred instead by asking your husband to do it? If you already have a fireplace that needs an upgrade, buy some unevenly shaped rocks and glue them on the outside of it. I

f you have to build it from scratch, there is an easy way. At first, buy and old metal fireplace that runs on wood, replace the main door with a glass one or remove it, build around it using concrete and rocks from the river and mask the smoke tube the same way.

In the end, it will look like a small, cozy fireplace and your family will be the only one to know what’s hiding underneath it. Well, of all the household items your husband could make, this is the most dangerous, so ask him to pay attention!

12. Basketball court

You probably don’t have enough space for a real basketball court in your backyard, but you sure have plenty for…half of one!

Ask your husband to buy an old metal pole, a piece of wood, a metal hoop and some cement. Have him fixate everything together, bury the poll in the ground and then pour some concrete around it. This way, you won’t have to leave home every time your little one wants to shoot some hoops. Some household items your husband could make are probably going to be for him, anyway!

13. Backyard lights

He’ll need some glass jars to avoid water from reaching the light bulbs, light bulbs, electric chord, and an extension cord. He can either plug them all in one plug or create a plug for them individually.  Spread the lights around your backyard using metal polls, pieces of wood or just some string. However, ask him to insulate everything thoroughly in order to prevent all accidents.

If your husband is far from being a good electrician, choose something else from our list of household items your husband could make!

14. Chalk board

This is a great idea, especially if you have toddlers around the house most of the day!

Here’s what you should do: ask your husband to buy two big wood boards, some chalk paint and to bring his nail gun. At first, the wood needs to be polished and sand papered. Then, apply the paint and let it dry. Ask him to nail one of the chalk boards to your backyard fence and the other one to your kids’ bedroom. This way, you’ll keep them occupied no matter the weather. Good luck!

15. Summer Kitchen

If you are tired to cook indoors when the weather is so nice, ask your husband to purchase four metal polls, some tulle, a layer of thick plastic for your roof and some string. He’ll bury the polls in the ground, tie the roof on them and then add the tulle on the sides, so that mosquitoes and flies stay away from you.

In this kitchen, you can bring your grill, a few plates, spices and even a small table. Try to keep everything as light as possible and only use this kitchen every now and then! Did you really think there were no household items your husband could make? Think again!

20 Household Items Your Husband Could Make

Build your own summer kitchen!

16. Inventive Flower Pots

Many household items can be turned into flower pots, from old paint cans to plastic jugs, to gasoline canisters, to anything that is deep enough to hold some water. Ask your husband to paint and decorate some of these objects for you, to make a hole on the bottom for the water to drain and you’re good to go!

17. Bathroom Storage

Ask your husband to nail a few bent spoons to your bathroom door or to glue small pockets in your shower curtain. This way, you’ll have all your beauty products with you and the shower curtain will be more stable!

18. A nice playground

Unfortunately for all parents, kids get bored to easily and always need new things to peak their interest. Also, they like to have ownership over things, so why not kill two rabbits with one bullet?

Ask your husband to create a playground using old chairs turned into Disney princesses or a long train, to bring some sand and pour it in a plastic pool and to build a nice sofa made of used plastic bottles.

If he’s really good at using recyclable items, ask him to turn them into an over-sized swing set and lower it a bit to the ground, so that the kids are safe at all times! These household items your husband could make will keep your house nice and well-organized!

19. A Toy Car

There’s nothing easier than building a toy car and even you can do it!

You are going to need a few items: an old chair, four wheels, and a piece of string. Attach the wheels to your chair after chopping off its legs, tie one end of the string to one of the front wheels and the other end to the other front wheel. This will help your toddler steer right or left. Also, tell him to use his legs for breaks. He’ll enjoy this new toy and develop his muscles at the same time! 

20. Candle Holders

Pretty much anything can be turned into a candle holder, as long as you have imagination and some time on your hands.

Ask your husband to collect glass jars, old wine glasses, spoons, forks, beer caps and then to glue them together. You’ll obtain a nice and unique set of candle holders in a few hours, so don’t hesitate!

You can cross these holders off the list of household items your husband could make by making them yourself! Have fun, everyone!

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  • I’m no husband, but I’ve made a few of these things before. It turns out that making furniture is a little difficult when it comes to making sure that everything is level. The first few items can prove difficult as you keep trying to adjust things in order to make a table or chair actually flat. I’ve got the hang of that now though.

    • Yeah, I was kinda cringeing at all the ‘your husband’s, but generally I really like the ideas on here! My Dad has always been really handy around the house so I always thought guys generally were, and my first boyfriend reinforced this! Unfortunately this assumption led to some really badly painted chairs (bargain corner in Ikea!) when I took my male flatmate’s advice when we were painting them…. leading to me having to strip them down and repaint them when he lost interest.

  • Interesting article – now if I could just get my husband to read it. He’s always looking for things to do in his spare time, but every time I mention things like this, he has some reason to say no. I’d say that a lot of the things you mention do require some amount of skill and tools. But the biggest thing needed is an imagination, and my husband just doesn’t have it!! Thanks for all the ideas.

    • Sounds like he doesn’t particularly like building with his hands, at least around the house. Challenge him and see if he can do it. Or if you try doing one of these projects yourself, then perhaps your husband will get more interested in the endeavor. It’s actually a lot of fun building household items with your hands.

  • These are great ideas! I especially love the hangers and bathroom storage. I always have something to hang like a coat or belt and they always end up on the floor or even under the bed. And the bathroom storage would be great for my razors, loofas and son’s bath toys!

    Of course, I have to save the swing set and playground for when my son gets older. Or maybe I can convince my husband to start working on them now…hmmmm…….

  • I’m been making furniture out of wood pallets for a while now. You can make a table and bookcase out of wood pallets and save a lot of money. Turning wood pallets into furniture is a fun experience, especially if you have some help. It also save a lot of money since you don’t have to go to a store to buy the wood.

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