20 Items You Should Only Buy on Etsy

20 items you should only buy on etsy
Written by Oana Schneider

When it comes to shopping for your own home or a friend’s birthday, there are many options, but few of them offer affordable and unique products, which means that you’re better off just looking to buy online. If that is your case, we’d like to recommend and their great selection of items. After spending a lot of time on their website, we’ve come to the conclusion that these are the best 20 items you should look up on!

1. Handmade wedding dress

Yes, this is the most important day of your life, but you don’t have to spend a fortune on a dress. On Etsy you can find unique handmade dresses and be sure that nobody in the entire world has your dress. Plus, the prices are very affordable- you can purchase a lovely gown for under $300, which is a real bargain. Plus, you can talk to the seller and see if you can alter it (add flowers, butterflies, a tiny bolero and so on). Most of the times, the seller is also the crafter, which is great if you like the bottom and not the top or vice versa. For under $30, you can also purchase a veil to go with your beautiful dress and you’re good to go.

20 items you should only buy on etsy

A Vision In White!

2. Colorful rugs

Most rugs go for hundreds of dollars, depending on their provenience, but you don’t have to spend that much money on a Turkish rug when we have our own crafters in the US. There are a few rules you need to keep in mind when looking for a colorful rug: make sure that at least 2 colors in the rug match the room you’re planning on putting the rug in, choose something rectangular and not square (it fits better, especially in the kitchen and living room) and steer away from too complicated shapes that don’t make much sense to you. For a few dollars, you can take home one of these puppies:

20 items you should only buy on etsy

Color At Your Feet!

3. Cookie jars

You simply cannot have a complete kitchen unless there’s at least one quirky cookie jar. Plus, you can go as bald and as colorful as you want or just stay classy and go for a more subtle theme. But if your perfect cookie jar is one big ceramics cupcake, then go for it! There are plenty of cookie jars on Etsy to help you waste an entire afternoon browsing for the perfect one!

20 items you should only buy on etsy

Sweets Inside Sweets!

4. China sets

OK, not everybody inherited a cool China set from their grandmother, but you definitely need to purchase one if that is the case. First of all, choose something that fits your kitchen, table clothes and your everyday rhythm. Although using mugs is fun too, imagine that could have classy breakfasts every morning and actually teach your kids to appreciate old tableware. Plus, these sets look really cute, don’t they?

20 items you should only buy on etsy

For A Very Fancy Coffee Time!

5. Bags and purses

If you need a new purse or just a very big bag, you’ve come to the right place. You may not ace sewing, but other people do and don’t really ask a lot of money for their work: you can pretty much shop for anything, from baby bags to backpacks and wallets, which is great. Plus, you can customize them and ask the crafter to personalize it if you choose to: add your name, a cool phrase or your favorite quote. There are so many things you can do for such a little amount of money!

20 items you should only buy on etsy

Elegant And Very Practical!

6. Handmade toys

Most people don’t realize that buying their kids plastic toys is really not a great idea: babies and toddlers need different types of fabrics and materials to experiment with textures, while the plastic is smooth and shiny. Not to mention that the whole Barbie representation ruins kids’ perception on beauty. They should have child-appropriate toys that are soft, colorful and educational. And just to give you an idea, how would you feel about a box of felt potatoes or fresh vegetables? They are way better than an unrealistic representation of women, don’t you think?

20 items you should only buy on etsy

So Cute And Cuddly!

7. Christmas decorations

Tis the season to be merry and decorate the house? No, not yet! Buy all your Christmas decorations during spring or summer, in order to benefit from the discounts (yes, they do discounts on Etsy!). It’s time to really start thinking about those encrusted dough rollers, the themed table clothes, the personalized stockings, Christmas sweaters and so on! Not only you’ll be amazed with what other people could come up with in terms of originality, but the prices won’t let you down either.

20 items you should only buy on etsy

Creating Beautiful Memories.

8. Maps and paintings

In case your walls are longing for some affection and nothing comes to mind, hanging up maps and painting could be the best idea you had in a while. If that’s not enough, you can also purchase map fabric and use it to create curtains for your kids’ room, for example. No matter the case, Etsy’s got you covered!

20 items you should only buy on etsy

It’s Adventure Time!

9. Kitchen decorations

If you don’t have at least an over sized fork and knife set on your kitchen wall or a “Spooning since (insert year here)”, then you really should start googling those items. Remember that your kitchen needs to be fun, inviting, well-equipped and inspirational (unless you want to cook fried chicken for the rest of your life, of course!). Stay young and fresh with a unique tea pot, a vintage bread box, a set of cool napkins and the list goes on.

20 items you should only buy on etsy

Dinner… And A Show!

10. All kinds of stickers

Not all of us are skilled when it comes to drawing, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t decorate our walls and household items. From one simple smiley face glued on the refrigerator to butterflies on the walls of your baby’s nursery. The good thing about stickers is that they don’t cost a lot, not to mention that they are easy to take down. If you don’t really like the idea, these pictures might change your mind!

20 items you should only buy on etsy

We Bet You Weren’t Expecting this!

11. Clocks

Clocks are generally expensive, especially when you’re looking for something vintage and unique. However, there are many crafters on Etsy that can create amazing clocks with just a few wooden boards and a lot of creativity, so check out their work! These are our favorites, but new clocks are uploaded every day and we’re sure you’ll find something that’s within your price range and aesthetic requirements.

20 items you should only buy on etsy

You’ll Probably Never Be Late Again With These Clocks!

12. Swimwear

Buying swimwear online is always tricky, which is why using Etsy could sound like an odd alternative. However, the fact that some of these swimsuits are handmade is actually a good thing: imagine that you could send them back to the seller and ask for some adjustments to be made. Did we mention that on Etsy you’ll find the largest collection of vintage swimwear?

20 items you should only buy on etsy

Beach Fashion At An Affordable Price!

13. Shorts

Looking for a comfy pair of shorts? Say no more! From lace to denim, Etsy has a very interesting selection of shorts (of all lengths too!), no matter if you’re going classy, sporty or just casual. Moreover, you don’t have to spend more than $10 dollars for a pair, which is great!

20 items you should only buy on etsy

Chic And Sleek Apparel!

14. T-shirts and jerseys

For guys only- it seems that women’s wear is way more expensive (maybe because we DO like to shop a lot?!). So if you’re a guy looking for a t-shirt or a jersey, try Etsy’s selection. Our favorites are the polo shirts and the sports jerseys, but there are so many other things you can look through!

20 items you should only buy on etsy

Who Says Men Can’t Shop On Etsy?

15. Pregnancy wear

We know how difficult it is to find pregnancy wear that looks decent, not to mention fun! On the other hand, when you do find something nice, it’s incredibly expensive and you have to go back to the same old baggy pants and muumuus. Well, those days are gone! We found a very cute selection of maternity clothes that you’ll definitely adore. What do you think?

20 items you should only buy on etsy

Baby Loading, Anyone?

16. Fun baby clothes

Yes, you can personalize clothes almost on any clothing site in the world, but they are rarely within your price range, which makes things a bit difficult for young parents. Fortunately, we checked the prices they have on Etsy and think anyone can afford some of those cute baby t-shirts. Here are our favorites:

20 items you should only buy on etsy

Would You Buy This For Your baby?

17. Flower pots and other ceramics

When it comes to decorating the house, you just can’t forget about your plants! Not only that they bring the furniture back to life, but also produce oxygen which…well, we can’t live without! If you have small children at home, you will need to invest some time and money in a few flower pots and plants. Some of the items found on Etsy are very cute, affordable and easy to fit in your home. What do you think about these choices?

20 items you should only buy on etsy

Stylish Pottery!

18. Picture frames

You can’t just keep all your memories on the fridge: the most important moments in your lives deserve at least a good picture frame, which is why we thought about browsing Etsy in search of a really good option and came up with dozens! Most people complain about their frames deteriorating, but we have a solution: buy antiqued items- this way, they will always be a little deteriorated, but 100% adorable!

20 items you should only buy on etsy

Framing Your Happiest Memories Is An Actual Art!

19. Necklaces and other jewelry

Of course, if what you’re looking for is silver and gold, Etsy is probably not your best choice, but otherwise there’s no reason not to browse: search for unconventional jewelry, Aztec earrings and cuffs, handmade necklaces and the list goes on. Another idea would be to personalize your jewelry with your wedding date, name of your spouse or kids and whatever piece of information should you choose to use.

20 items you should only buy on etsy

Which One Would You Buy?

20. Presents

This is probably the best place in the world to look for presents! If your friends like vintage cans, license plates numbers or just a good leather passport case, you have so many options on Etsy that you’ll wish you found it sooner! There is also a great selection of ribbons and wrapping paper, just in case you need to showcase your presents.

20 items you should only buy on etsy

Get Creative With Your Presents!

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  • The China dish set is the winner of them all. I think my daughter ordered her wedding gown and bridesmaids’ gowns from Etsy. Vintage clocks caught my attention. Good savers! I’ll go have a look at 1940-50s style dresses for the coming Mother’s Day. 🙂

  • Great lists, I’ve never tried buying from etsy before, I may want to try it now, as I have a friend’s birthday coming up. The clock designs and the picture frames really caught my eye. They look like the make the perfect gifts.

  • I’ve seen a lot of lovely looking jewelry on Etsy, maybe I’ll order some. This list includes a lot of items I never would have thought to buy from there, though. Excellent finds. I bet it would be the perfect place to find a retro dress for the themed wedding mentioned in an earlier post. I also love the idea of supporting artisans and crafters rather than just opting for mass-produced stuff everyone else already has.

  • Online shopping has its own advantages. You don’t have to leave the comfort of your home, while getting the goods for best prices. You also get the quality and the guarantee of a refund if you are not satisfied. I’ve not personally used Etsy but could be a good place for certain goods.

    I personally feel that though, e-commerce is fine, you lose the charm and gift of shopping in a mall along with your partner. I score some brownie points, when I take my lady out to shopping and dining outside.

  • I love Etsy. In addition to vintage dishes/china, there are also artisans who make their own. I love the mix of vintage and handcrafted, and I can always find something on Etsy that strikes my fancy. I also appreciate that it affords artists and artisans a place to display their wares, without having to be concerned about the costs, time, and effort involved in running one’s own site, especially while building a business and a following.

  • I love Etsy. It is one of my favorite sites. I sell jewelry on there, myself.

    Some of my favorite things to shop for there are baby clothes, because you can find things there that you would love to put on your little one but you can’t find in stores. I’m a big fangirl/geek, and found some cute Doctor Who onesies for my nephew on Etsy. 🙂

    I love all the different wall decals they sell on there, too.

  • Etsy is definitely an incredible marketplace for finding handmade items, though you have to be careful and only go with sellers/creators that actually make their items by hand. Some Etsy sellers do go through other companies to have their items made, and that should be considered a big no-no for the marketplace.

  • I have tried Etsy before and I was quite satisfied with their service. I could buy one of those pregnancy wears to my wife and she would love it as a gift, and I can also see that they have a great variation of gifts for all ages. Those cookie jars are really nice though for the price they’re offered at on Etsy. After all, I think I’m going to buy the Pregnancy wear since I was looking for really neat and nice clothes for my wife as a gift, as well as gifts for my little boy. Thank you so much for sharing this Oana, it’s really helpful.

  • Oh my gosh I had NO idea about the wedding dress option! Where was this post when I was getting married on a very very tight budget? That is a great piece of information I am certainly going to pass on to the next bride in my life. I have bought handmade toys on etsy. I got my daughter the most quirky crocheted squid. It was weird, cool, and fun all at the same time and she absolutely loves it. Its also really high quality and can be washed in the washer no problem. I highly suggest buying the handmade toys mostly because they can be passed down and they actually mean something.

  • Yes! I love this article so much! Thank you Oana. For a while now I have been on etsy almost every single day. I got into it because some tumblr posts. The old map of the man with the deer head is just so adorable. You do not know how much I just want to jump through the screen and take everything in here for myself! My only problem with etsy is that prices are so ridiculously high for no reason. I understand that everything is usually handmade and takes a real long time to fabricate, but they make so much of a profit it’s not eve funny.

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