21 Legitimate Ways to Make Money at Home

21 Legitimate Ways to Make Money at Home
Written by Oana Schneider

A few decades back, online jobs were looked at with skepticism. Most were scams, get-rich-quick-schemes, or mere time wasters which would not make you any real money at all. Fortunately, it has become easier to separate the real moneymaking opportunities from the scams today.

All you have to do is arm yourself with as much information as you can about the website, the nature of the work, and the average time span that you would have to spend on the job itself. Here, we will take a look at 21 legitimate ways to make money online.

21 Legitimate Ways to Make Money Online

Before counting down the ways by which you can legally make money online, let’s have a quick look at which online jobs you should steer clear of in the first place. According to Rat Race Rebellion, there is a 61:1 ratio of scam online jobs today. For each real, legit job, you can expect to stumble upon dozens and dozens of scams. This means that you should be able to recognize which opportunities are real and which ones are scams or mere time-wasters.

Perhaps the biggest clue is when a website asks you to pay for having an online job. Your goal is to earn money, so why would you have to shell out your hard-earned dollars for a job that is supposed to pay you – not the other way around? Stay away from any website which offers online jobs even for a minimal fee. These are simply out to get your money. You should also stay away from websites which promise to make you rich in X number of days. These usually have cheesy spiels and videos on the homepage.

When in doubt, check with the Better Business Bureau in your area to determine the legitimacy of a company’s operations. If you are freelancing, make sure that there is a payment system in place which monitors the number of hours that you work and protects you from possible non-payment of clients. If you are selling a product, check on its quality and authenticity first. Take as many precautions as you can to determine the legitimacy of an online job first before applying for it. After doing so, that’s the time that you can focus on turning the online job into a main career or an additional source of income.

1. Answering Service Provider

If you’re available to work after office hours, and you have a pleasant personality over the phone, you can definitely work as an answering service employee. Get paid by the hour and sign up at sites like,, or

2. Beauty Product Seller/Reseller

Makeup addicts can cash in on their obsession by working as a beauty product seller or re-seller. Look for companies which allow re-sellers to market their products on owned websites, like You can also look for bespoke beauty products which you can resell under your own label.

3. Call Center Representative/Agent

Instead of going to the office, you can work at home as a call center representative or agent. Sales, customer service, outbound calls or technical support are some of the areas that you can specialize in. Sign up with sites like or As long as you have a good quality headset, fast Internet connection and you know the basics about dealing with customers over the phone, you can turn being a call center representative into a pretty decent source of income.

4. Data Entry Specialist

If you want a pretty easy way to make money at home, work as a data entry specialist. For this, you would simply need to type paper documents into a computer, or enter date into a spreadsheet. Be careful, however, because there are plenty of scam postings here. To be on the safe side, check out testimonials for the website first before starting work and do your research to ensure the legitimacy of the data entry work.

5. Affiliate Blogger

You can use your writing and selling skills to earn money by setting up an affiliate blog. If you have a blog focused on mom and baby issues, for example, you can earn commission through the ads which are geared towards your target readers.

21 Legitimate Ways to Make Money at Home

6. Document Translator

If you know a second language by heart, you can work as a document translator. Clients from Spain, Japan, Korea, China, France and other countries will happily pay you to translate their documents to English, or from English to another language. The more obscure languages have a higher demand, although you will have plenty of documents to work on, with Spanish being the most popular. Check out sites like,, or to get started.

7. Etsy Artist is a virtual haven for artists selling their original work, handmade stuff, vintage clothes, unique jewelry, crafting supplies, accessories and a flurry of other knickknacks. If you have a love of vintage clothes, for example, you can sell them at Etsy. The site takes a small percentage as cut for every sale, so make sure to consider than when pricing your goods.

8. Interview Transcriber

As the name implies, this online job requires you to transcribe voice interviews, meetings, or recorded dictations. All you have to do is download the file and transcribe the conversation you will hear. Accuracy is important, so make sure that you have a good pair of headphones. Typing speed is also important, and there could be deadlines that you’d be required to meet. Some websites offering transcription jobs are and

9. Industry Expert

Sites like and require industry experts for their website visitors who ask specific questions about a certain topic. If you have established yourself as a relationship guru, for example, you can answer questions and earn money for every positive feedback, or commissions for the ratings that your answers will receive. You can produce documents to prove your expertise in a certain field, or there are tests that you can take to prove your knowledge about a certain topic.

10. Graphic Designer

At sites like and require freelancers to place bids so that they can get projects from clients doing graphic design work. Aside from graphic designing, there are a variety of other skilled professionals who get hired at these two sites.

21 Legitimate Ways to Make Money at Home

11. Online Re-seller

If your friends have plenty of still usable stuff that they want to get rid of, convince them to allow you to sell the items online. You can sign up for eBay auctions and depending on the agreement between yourself and the owner of the items, you can charge a flat fee per item, or take a percentage off the total sales. If you have lots of stuff to get rid of, you can easily turn being an online re-seller into a lucrative job – part-time or full time.

12. Online Content Writer

If you have a flair for words, you can find plenty of online work as a content writer. Those who are having their websites built from the ground up usually employ per-project or freelance content writers instead of hiring one full-time. and websites for freelancers are a must-visit for this kind of job.

13. Online Juror

Ever heard of this job? Sites like Online Verdict and eJury will actually pay you to sit on mock juries. You will be giving lawyers and legal consultants feedback on actual cases. Think of it as an online focus group where you can discuss legal cases. Study the fine print so that you can understand what the job entails, and the fee ranges from $5 to $60, depending on the site.

14. Online English Tutor,, and are some of the sites which require online English tutors. You will usually have students from other countries, who would like to practice their English speaking skills. You’d have to be patient for this and have a basic knowledge of how to teach English as a second language.

15. Online Focus Group Member

Sites like lets you sign up to join an online focus group. The subject ranges from bridal registries to nutrition in the sports industry – and all you have to do is conduct streamlined studies on the products. Focus groups pay pretty well, just make sure to sign up at a legitimate site.

16. Telemarketer

Despite the high-tech society that we live in today, telemarketers still exist so if you think that you have what it takes to place cold calls to customers to sell a product, sign up. Telemarketing sites like, and the big manufacturing companies should have a long list of numbers that you can call, for which they will pay you by the hour.

18. Telemarketer  Despite the high-tech society that we live in today, telemarketers still exist so if you think that you have what it takes to place cold calls to customers to sell a product, sign up. Telemarketing sites like, and the big manufacturing companies should have a long list of numbers that you can call, for which they will pay you by the hour.

17. Social Media Marketing Consultant

If you’re a social media expert, cash in on it by working as a social media market consultant. Many companies hire social media experts to manage all their social media accounts, which serve as a way for them to reach out to their target market.

18. Taking Surveys

There are many online survey scams out there, and you should immediately stay away from those asking you to pay a fee before you can participate. Some of the legal sites where you can get paid answering surveys are,,,, and others.

19. Technical Support Agent

If you’re tech-savvy, work as a technical support representative. You can answer calls, chat inquiries or e-mail inquiries and give customers steps on how to resolve product-specific problems. For job vacancies, check out the official websites of the top tech companies in the world like Apple, Dell, or IBM.

20. Virtual Assistant

This online job will require you to organize a client’s calendar, do some admin work, answer e-mail messages, make travel arrangements – anything that a typical office assistant would do. The only difference is, you will be working remotely from the client. Some sites that you can visit to get VA jobs are or

21. Website Tester

Finally, you can work as a website tester. At sites like, you can download software which lets you test a website using mouse movements, keystrokes, clicks and comments. After testing the website, you will be asked to answer a few questions – and you can earn money on a per hour basis.

As you can see, there are plenty of legitimate ways for you to make money at home. Choose a suitable job for you right now and start earning more!

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  • These are some great resources for those looking to make some money working from home. I do some online content writing, am a website tester, an online juror, and also have an Etsy shop, as well as occasionally selling on eBay, so I can certainly vouch for those methods. I don’t make a full time living doing what I do online, but it certainly helps bring in some extra money, and who couldn’t use some of that?

  • I’ve spent the better part of the past few weeks looking for ways to make money online. Most are scams, or sites with indecipherable rules and when I tried to research into it, I was at a loss for what exactly to search. This article is a life-saver!

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