8 Fun but Frugal Money Saving Blogs

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If you’re anything like us, you’ll love reading all the latest tips and tricks on ways you can save money. Blogs are a natural place to turn to for handy, practical financial advice. However, with so much money-saving information out there on the internet, trying to find the right blog for you can be overwhelming.

Not anymore! For all you fun but savvy savers, we’ve compiled a list of our go-to money saving blogs for entertaining finance tips. The bloggers’ own financial success goes to show how small lifestyle changes really can make a big financial difference.

This blog is amazing: beautifully designed, well written and with a lovely personal touch! Family photos and personal details on the website help you become engrossed in this family’s personal story, and make you want to follow them along their finance journey. Whilst a lot of the posts on The Diary Of A Frugal Family are aimed at mums and families with young children, there are also a lot of general money saving tips which would appeal to someone of any age.

This is another fantastic blog that is growing rapidly in popularity. The award-winning Miss Thrifty writes about a plethora of finance topics, including beauty, fashion, holidays, and food on a budget. We love her fun yet informative writing style, which injects personality into every post she writes. Miss Thrifty’s blog has an inspiring message: even if you have had negative financial experiences in the past, you can, and will, learn to see them as positive life lessons.

Undoubtedly aimed at a female rather than male audience, A Thrifty Mrs gives thrifty home, fashion and lifestyle tips. More than anything else, we love the design and usability of this blog. Everything is really easy to access (even for the least tech-savvy user), meaning you will have a whole world of money saving at your fingertips. One of our favorite sections of the website is the Deals and Freebies section. This keeps you up to date with all the latest sales, freebies and bargains on the high street. A must read!

When it comes to money saving, people really relate to personal stories. This is what Anna, founder of And Then We Saved, has utilized to great effect on her blog. Anna’s blog tells her inspiring story of paying off nearly $24k in debt in just 15 months! Because she has had personal experience of being a savvy spender, her tips are genuine and achievable rather than pie in the sky dreams. She centers all her money saving tips around two key concepts: The Spending Fast® and The Spending Diet. Check out her blog to find out more about these unique concepts.

Savvy Annie is one of the savviest bloggers we know. Her posts are fun, creative and from the heart. Having personally lived with debt in the past, she will give you money saving advice you can trust. What we like most about Annie’s blog is its versatility, appealing to a broad and diverse audience.

Whether you are a mum trying to save money on school uniform, or a teenager looking for cheap makeup tips, you will find something to suit you. Annie’s blog also includes a handy debt calculator which allows you to work out how much you can afford to pay towards debt each month.

Budgets Are Sexy is not your typical money saving blog, with fantastic, unique content that changes how you see money and finance. If the name didn’t hint it enough, as soon as you land on the homepage of this blog you know it’s going to be a lot of fun. With a caption like this (“A personal finance blog that won’t put you to sleep”) how could you not want to read on?

What we love most about the blog is J Money’s relaxed, personable writing style, which makes you feel as if he is talking directly to you. He really makes the effort to tell you his story to financial success, and will inspire you to do the same.

Skint In The City is a fantastic blog which focuses on helping you live the high life for the lowest price possible. This is a unique concept marking this blog apart from the others in our list. If you want to be fashionably frugal, then this is the blog for you. From city outings to holidays to meals out, Skint In The City will give you insider knowledge on how to become a savvy socialite on a lean London budget.

Frugal Queen is probably the most random of all the finance blogs featured on this post, and why not end on a funny note? What do monkeys have to do with personal finance? We don’t know, quite frankly, but we want to find out! Our favorite posts on Frugal Queen are her tips and recipes on how to cook healthy, low-cost meals.

With the price of food escalating rapidly in the last few years, more than ever we need to find ways to save money in the kitchen. Like many of the other bloggers mentioned, Frugal Queen has an inspiring story, having managed to pay off £45,000 of debt in just 2 years! The proof is always in the pudding, and her active success shows she is a financial role model worth listening to.

We hope you enjoyed our selection of 8 fun but frugal blogs! Are there any other fun money saving blogs you love which haven’t been included in this article? Put your suggestions in the comments below!

*Perane & Co research estates of people who have died without leaving a will. Our work claims this money back for the beneficiaries that are entitled. Working from the Treasury Solicitor’s Office and the Scottish Queen’s & Lord Treasurer’s Remembrancer (QLTR lists), the company uses multiple research methods to find every last penny for beneficiaries of an unclaimed inheritance.

Oana Schneider :Oana Schneider is a published author located in Chicago, Illinois, who currently works for DontPayFull.com as a communication specialist and blog editor. She writes about lifestyle, family budget, has a degree in Communications and advocates for women’s rights. Her future plans include getting a Labrador and losing a few pounds.

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  • I am always looking for fun, easy to read blogs that don't put me to sleep. I am going to check out a few of these today. Budgets are Sexy sounds like fun. :) The one thing that drives me crazy is the amounts of ads that some blogs have. I understand that bloggers have to pay the bills. I know they do they by advertising. They do not have to have so many ads and pop ups that it completely lags the site and makes it impossible to become intrigued with what they are writing about. I hope to find that these blogs don't over advertise.

  • I've never heard of any of these blogs, and am so glad you posted them. I'm a stay-at-home mom, so finding things that apply to my situation are helpful. Thank you for doing the research for me! Now I have a short list of blogs to sort through, so that saves me heaps of time. "A Thrifty Mrs." is awesome.

    • I'm surprised that you haven't heard of Miss Thrifty, but you're definitely right about this list being a great list! There are hundreds of great blogs out there geared toward stay-at-home moms and frugal livers, so it can be hard to find every single resource that's available to us!

  • I feel like I've visited most of these blogs at least once in the past year, and they were all great resources for saving some money. I'm not a huge proponent of the frugal lifestyles, but these blogs can definitely give you a reason to think about saving money to the extreme and enjoying yourself. I am a fan of Miss Thrifty more so than the other blogs on the list.

  • It's nice that you're posting additional resources for our like-minded frugal online friends out there. It's always good to have more information especially in the modern world where frugal and saving techniques go out of style quickly.

  • Being frugal is actually one of my hobbies at the moment, but I know that will sound a little bit sad. But for that reason, I actually love reading over the blogs of other people, particularly families, who have managed to make it so that they are cutting back on the amount of money that they're spending. So I always follow these, and am very grateful for the links to these blogs, as I will certainly have a look at them, follow them, and keep up to date with them in the future. I actually hope to be able to make my own money saving blog soon, but at the moment it is not something that I really have enough time to be able to do.

  • I consider myself pretty frugal, but I haven’t delved too far into the world of money-saving blogs. I’ll need to check out all of these links. Miss Thrifty looks particularly interesting, but I think they’d all have something to offer. Thank you for the list!