8 Vloggers Who Taught Us Important Life Lessons

Today’s youth really is the YouTube generation. The video sharing website which was established in 2005 has become instrumental in making famous several celebrities and even virtual unknowns. On site, you can find everything from how to videos to inspirational messages, movie clips to music videos, ads to informational campaigns.

What’s good about watching videos not just on YouTube but on other video sharing sites is that the attention of online users is grabbed immediately. Unlike web pages where there is only text that not everyone would fully read, videos are more preferable.

Here, we will learn more about video blogging or vlogging, and find out which vloggers can teach us a thing or two about life in general.

What Exactly Is a Vlogger?

A vlogger is a video blogger, a person who posts embedded videos to their blog. The video can be accompanied with text, although there are vloggers who use purely video as a means to communicate with their audience. Think of vlogging as the video version of posting entries to a diary or a text-based blog online.

Those who are tech-savvy might be familiar with RSS or Really Simple Syndication feeds, also called vidcast or vodcast, which are a form of vlog updates distribution.

It was in 2000 that “The Journey”, the first widely considered vlog, was launched. The vlogger is Adam Kontras and he is credited for using video as a medium to post regular video logs. From then on, other vloggers followed suit and the medium became so popular, so much so that an annual conference called the Vloggercon and an awards night called The Vloggies were launched.

YouTube is the most popular video hosting site for vloggers, having an audience of more than 70 million unique visitors per month. With the increasingly high-tech, one-touch functionality of mobile phones, vlogging has become more popular than ever.

Vloggers can use their mobile phones to directly post their vlogs to the web, while utilizing easy-to-use formats like WordPress, Joomla, Blogger and similar software for their personal vlogs.

Top 8 Vloggers Teaching Important Lessons in Life

Now that you already have an idea about what vloggers do, let us take a look at the top vloggers who taught us a few important life lessons:

What’s the vlog about? Fred’s Channel has videos about a fictional character named Fred Figglehorn.

The person behind Fred’s Channel on YouTube is Lucas Cruikshank. When he was 13 years old, his YouTube channel was the first one to hit one million subscribers.

Fred Figglehorn is a fictional character portrayed by Cruikshank, a 6-year-old boy with a dysfunctional family and anger management issues.

What important lessons about life can be learned from this vlog? From the perspective of the young ones, other youngsters can learn how to deal with adolescent issues like proms, siblings, annoying parents, dating, etc.

Fred Figglehorn also became the first YouTube character who moved on to traditional media, when three movies and a TV show for the Nickelodeon channel was made for him.

Cruikshank says that the character was an amazing creative outlet for him while he was growing up, so he decided to turn Fred’s Channel into a community page where subscribers can contribute their videos and get involved with the creative process.

What’s the vlog about? Beauty and teen advice.

It was in 2010 that video blogger Louise Pentland launched her own YouTube channel called “Sprinkle of Glitter”. She currently has over half a million Twitter followers and 1.3 million YouTube subscribers.

So what’s her vlog all about? It really is mainly about beauty tutorials, but her goal is to respond to the demand of her market in the YouTube channel.

She answers all questions ranging from which mascara girls should use, to what young girls should do if the other kids at school are calling her fat. She also dabbles in more sensitive life topics like body confidence, safe sex and even domestic abuse. She does know what she’s talking about because Pentland graduated with a degree in Psychology and Biology.

What’s the vlog about? The daily (mis)adventures of a family with five kids.

The name of their YouTube channel comes from the word ‘unitard’. Shay and Carl are a married couple with five kids and they currently have more than 3.4 million YouTube channel subscribers. Their video blog started on October of 2008. Think of their channel as the YouTube version of a family reality show.

The couple, along with their kids, have shared a big chunk of their lives with their online audience, so much so that the birth of two of their kids was posted online.

What’s good about checking out the videos that Shay and Carl post on the Shaytards channel is that as a family, they exude positivity and love. They really are an inspiring family and through their daily lives, anybody can easily relate and be inspired.

What’s the vlog about? The daily lives of couple Charles and Alli Trippy.

As indicated on their YouTube channel, the couple has been making videos everyday for the past six years. They hold the Guinness World Record for the longest consecutive daily vlog and they have more than 1.48 million subscribers.

So what exactly is it about this couple’s vlog that teachers viewers important life lessons? The mere fact that they are dedicated enough to post daily entries on their vlog for the past six years is inspiring enough.

Add to that the fact that the couple takes their viewers on an inspiring journey of their married life together. Charles recently went through a surgery where a tumor on his brain was extracted.

Through their video blog, people can learn about the courage that it takes to deal with a disease like brain cancer. On the lighter side of things, they will also be taken on a journey with Charles and his band We The Kings, as he and his wife live the lives of vloggers.

What’s the vlog about? LGBT youth and gay rights.

With over 6.9 million YouTube subscribers, Tyler Oakley’s YouTube channel is making its mark in the community. Tyler is an advocate for youth and gay rights, and he vlogs about hard-hitting topics like queer politics. But just like all the other YouTube personalities, Oakley gives viewers a glimpse into his own life with quirky, silly videos. The bespectacled youngster with colored hair is entertaining to watch, while also making an impact to his target audience.

What’s the vlog about? Sharing Phil’s strange life with the Internet.

With almost 2.6 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, Phil Lester shares interesting videos online. His first YouTube vlog was posted when he was just 19 years old and since then, his clips garnered more than 197 million views.

Together with fellow vlogger Dan Howell, they created a YouTube channel for The Super Amazing Project. In it, they discuss and investigate paranormal events. He may not have important, poignant life lessons to impart to his viewing audience, but Amazing Phil’s YouTube channel is definitely worth a visit.

What’s the vlog about? The vlogger’s travel adventures.

What more important life lesson is there than relishing your travel adventures? That’s exactly what Casey Neistat’s vlogs and YouTube channel is all about. The 34-year-old New Yorker claims that he loves YouTube, and his videos are all about his life in the Big Apple, as well as his awesome travel adventures.

What’s the vlog about? Sex education.

Calling herself a sex education activist, Laci Green posts new episodes on her YouTube channel every other week. The 25-year old vlogger is from San Francisco Bay, and is famed for being the creator and host of the largest sex education shows online, Sex+.

Green currently has more than 1.3 million subscribers on her YouTube channel which consists of video series episodes, social media blogs, community activism and university lectures. Her program reaches out to more than 5 million people in over 100 countries and viewers will definitely learn about sex in her frank video series about sexuality.

Based from this list, you can easily see that vloggers are mostly young guys and girls who feel that they have something to contribute to the online community. With topics ranging from travels to fashion, sex education to LGBT rights, and family values to teen advice, the vlogs, websites and YouTube channels of these vloggers are definitely worth checking out.

They do have something to contribute towards these topics and with the popularity of vlogging, their voices will reach out to their target audience who can relate and learn lessons from their vlog entries. Who knows, watching their vlogs might even inspire you to jump start your very own vlogging career?

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  • I have watched Louise Pentland's video blogs for a while now, and always enjoy the lessons that she teaches - even though I am no longer strictly in her target market. I think it's great that there's somebody that young girls can talk to whenever they need advice, because it can often seem quite lonely as a teenager, and having people like this can certainly help a lot.