Amazon Prime Day- Countless Deals Available July 15th!

Amazon Prime Day
Written by Oana Schneider

Amazon is celebrating its 20th birthday on July 15th and wants everybody to get something out of it. This is how the company came up with Amazon Prime Day, a one-day event that starts July 15th at midnight and ends 24 hours later.

What is Amazon Prime Day?

After the announcement that Walmart and eBay are both preparing to launch similar services, Amazon has decided to create its own special day to give people discounts. The company promises great deals and discounts every 10 minutes.

Nobody knows anything about these new deals, expect the fact that some will involve lighting gear: chandeliers, light bulbs, you name it. Also, very important: Amazon Prime Day is accessible to anyone, as long as they have an Amazon Prime subscription ($99 per year).

Why Not Make These Deals Offers to Everybody?

According to Business Insider, Amazon Prime subscribers spend twice more money than non-subscribers. And these numbers look the same for Sephora’s similar service, Flash ($10 per year). It makes sense to create an event for your most loyal customers, right?

Where is Prime Day Taking Place?

If you are live in US, UK, Japan, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Canada and Australia, then you’re in luck: all these countries will benefit from Amazon Prime Day!

Is Amazon Prime Subscription Worth It?

Yes, it is. Here are the benefits:
– free shipping on all your purchases
– free access to the Kindle library
– free streaming on music and all your favorite TV shows
– unlimited photo storage
– PLUS: you can join Amazon Family to get 20% off on diapers and other kids’ items.

Tell Me More About The Free Trial!

Amazon wants you to be happy, which is why they’re giving you a 30-day trial free of charge, during which you can benefit from all the things listed above. If you decide that it’s not worth it, you can cancel before the 30 days run out. You won’t have to pay a dime! So far, there are few complaints regarding Amazon Prime. If you’re not convinced, go online and see for yourself!

What Do We Know About Amazon Prime Day Deals?

Nobody really knows yet, you’ll just have to tune in and find out. So far, the company only stated that there will be several lighting deals and that everything else is a surprise. One thing is for sure: Amazon announced that they’ll have more deals than they had on Black Friday (when they honored 47 orders/second!), which is a big thing!

And one more thing: be sure the deals will disappear within seconds, so you better make a list of things you’d be interested in rather than randomly pick something on the spot!

Prime Day Tips and Tricks

In case you are a Prime member or planning on becoming one very soon, here’s what to do before the big day:

  • Set up a budget and stick to it no matter what! Amazon’s goal is to make people buy as much as possible, so a few extra bucks on every order is actually a lot of money for a retailer as big as Amazon!
  • Make a list of things you’d like to buy. Our advice is to go for the big items (TVs, home appliances, furniture, jewelry etc.) and not be bothered with little things that you can buy any day of the year.
  • Ask your friends and family if they need something. You can use one subscription to order products for everybody (and get FREE SHIPPING on everything!).
  • Think ahead of time: even if it’s the middle of the summer, you can still order things that might come in handy a few months from today (clothes, space heaters etc.).

In case you don’t have an Amazon Prime subscription yet, there’s still time. Don’t worry, we’ll take you where you need to go! Try Prime Free and get exclusive access to Prime Day Deals – July 15th!!

Good luck shopping and happy Prime Day, everyone!

About the author

Oana Schneider

Oana Schneider is a published author located in Chicago, Illinois, who currently works for as a communication specialist and blog editor. She writes about lifestyle, family budget, has a degree in Communications and advocates for women’s rights. Her future plans include getting a Labrador and losing a few pounds.


  • I have to admit that I am really looking forward to this, and I hope that I will be able to make a good start on my Christmas shopping for the year by using some of the deals that are available during the event. I will make a list of all of the people who I know I need to buy for, and then if I see something that would suit them, I will go for it and put it away until nearer the time. Make sure that you only buy things that you actually need, though, otherwise it is just going to be a waste of money that you won’t get back.

  • I love that Amazon is doing this as kind of a thank you to the Prime members. It makes me feel like they appreciate our business which is rare these days.

    This shopping day is the type of thing I need to be taking advantage of for Christmas gift giving. I always break the bank in the winter because of all the pressure to give gifts. I should buy some items on Amazon Prime day and keep them until December. Now there’s a genius idea.

  • I read about this elsewhere, but not with this amount of detail, and now I’m even more intrigued with the idea of Prime Day. It’s sort of Amazon’s answer to Christmas in July, which I love. I agree, it’s best to make a list, just as with Black Friday, when you go into a store without a plan, and keep getting sidetracked, then find what you really wanted has sold out. I’d also add to prioritize your wants and needs, and focus on the most important items first, then once those are fulfilled, move on to the others on your list.

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