10 Super Trendy Back to School DIY Ideas That Will Save You Money

The holidays are over, and you are probably eager to see their school friends again, but moms can make the return to school even more exciting and fun with a few clever DIY items. Not only do they cost much less than the mass-produced versions, but they’ll also make your child the envy of his or her classmates. You may even find that their moms get in touch with you with requests to make something similar.

Making something extra special for your child is a good way of saying “I love you,” and these projects are so much fun, that your kids will want to help. Have fun together with these creative DIY back to school projects.

Make a Pikachu Backpack

All you need to make a backpack look like Pikachu is a few pieces of colorful felt, a picture of Pikachu’s face that you can use as a pattern template and some glue.

Ask your hardware store for an adhesive that is flexible when dry, grab scissors and get to work. Kids love being up to date with all the latest crazes, and for once, it won’t cost you much to catch the trend.

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Create a Pikachu Bookmark

Bookmarks don’t have to be boring or plain straight strips. How about making a bookmark that fits over the corner of the page instead?

This fun idea is very adaptable, so in the unlikely event that your child isn’t crazy about Pokémon, you can use the same idea to create animal faces. All you need is some light card, a few marker pens, a pair of scissors and a glue stick.

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Sew a Roll-up Pencil Case

Keeping pencils organized in a regular pencil case is entirely impossible. Besides, it’s nice being able to see if all the pencils are there at the end of a class, particularly when friends have been sharing pen sets.

All you need is some attractive fabric, and a piece of ribbon to tie it closed. Boys may prefer a press-stud fastener, but that’s just as easy to do. A roll-up pencil case is quick and easy to make. Have fun, and add as many creative touches as you please.

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Back to School Stand for the Junior Entrepreneur

Is your child a budding entrepreneur? Show them these back to school DIY ideas and make a gorgeous little shop stand for them to sell their handmade wares.

The same stand that used to be a lemonade stand is great, or your kid can sell his items on a kiosk that looks cool enough to get attention and boost sales. Best of all, the materials aren’t in the least bit costly, and the project doesn’t take long to complete.

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Get Creative with Mason-Jar Pen Holders

There are lots of fun ways to make attractive pencil holders. You can use tin cans, large yogurt containers or mason jars. To paint your jars, you will need a spray on primer, acrylic craft paint, and a spray-on sealant.

You’ll also need some creativity, but you have plenty of that! Paint cute faces or anything else that takes your fancy onto a colorful background. It’s a great way to add a personalized touch to your child’s desk.

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Cheerful Hula Tassels

Pen-case zippers can be fiddly, but with a colorful Hula tassel attached, it’s a simple grab and pull to open the case. Plus, these crafty tassels will make even the drabbest pencil case pretty.

All you need is some colorful embroidery thread, wool or cotton thread. Making the tassels only takes a few minutes, and the result is more than worth the small amount of effort you need to expend.

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Clever and Crafty Flower Vase Gift for Teacher

Your child’s favorite teacher deserves some extra recognition. Flowers are always popular because of the way they brighten up the classroom. Why not make a crafty little vase for them?

All you need is a drinking glass or jar, an elastic band, some pencils to cover the pot, and a piece of ribbon to hide the elastic band. It’s quick, it’s easy, and the vase is clever, crafty and quirky.

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Back to School Certificate

Make a memento your child will keep for years to come. Either use free printables or try your hand at designing your own, unique certificate. It’s a bit like “graduating” from the holidays!

Use an old picture frame to make it look official, or get creative and make your own frame. You can create a new back to school certificate every year, and as the years fly by, your child will have a succession of very special mom-made certificates to commemorate every academic year.

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Cute Sandwich Bag

Your kids will love their “sandwich monster” lunch bags. Plus, you can cross plastic sandwich bags off your shopping list. The zipper of the bag becomes the monsters “mouth”, and you can use a couple of buttons for eyes. The nylon liner can easily be wiped clean, and at the end of the week, you only pop the bag into the machine for a good wash. Use the same pattern to make a large pen pouch.

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Personalized Wall Organizer

Once you’ve made one of these super-cool wall organizers to help your child remember homework assignment due dates and special events, you’ll probably want one for yourself!

It’s bright, cheerful, very personal, and it lasts forever. Only use whiteboard markers to fill in important dates and details. It’s a great way to get organized and stay organized, plus, it’s right there on the wall as a reminder. No more misplaced diaries to hunt for!

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