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55 Best Money Saving Tips for a Perfect Summer

55 Best Money Saving Tips for a Perfect Summer
Written by Oana Schneider

Summer is a great time for fun, but also to save money. We know 55 ways to save money during summer and are here to share them with you. How much money would you be saving by following these steps? Hint: a lot!


1. Play board games.

Board games are the easiest way to spend time with your family without having to spend a dime. Plus, these games are a safe investment: they last you forever and none of them is expensive! See our favorite board games right here

2. Express your love in a simple, yet meaningful way. 

Who said anything about expressing your love through expensive gifts obviously didn’t know the meaning of true love! Sending your loved one a naughty picture of you goes a long way. And so does showing up at the door with a pack of beer. All the other tips and tricks are here, don’t miss out on them.

3. Find a free swimming pool in your area.

Nobody in their right mind hates water, especially during summer! You can find community pools in your area that are completely free or as a college if they would allow you to swim in their pools every now and then. For more ideas, read this.

4. Go out for a picnic.

Summer is the best time for picnics: small chances of rain, beautiful weather and so many delicious fruits to choose from. Doing it on the cheap is much more fun: create your own desserts, come up with a few signature sandwiches and add some lemonade! But wait, there are more tips and you can find them right here.

5. Take some time off from watching TV.

You simply cannot watch TV when the weather is so beautiful. If you’ve ever wondered what’s it would be like to live without a TV, we have the answer. Let’s just say you’ll be more on time, more organized and less stressed. But this is just the beginning. Read the whole article right here and get your money saving tips! 

6. Find an affordable place to surf.

If surfing is your favorite summer activity, but you don’t really have the money to surf with the pros, we might be able to help you out. 10 affordable destinations are waiting for you and your surfboard to enjoy their waves. Click here to find out all about it.  

7. Beautify your garden.

Jealous of your neighbor’s gardenias? Well, we think it’s about time you did something about your own hopefully green patch of grass. Go for resistant shrubs and vibrant, colored flowers to brighten your days. We’ll tell you a secret: daisies are very underrated! All the help you need is right here.

55 Best Money Saving Tips for a Perfect Summer

8. Read a good book.

Few of us realize just how much books helped define us. If you’re heading to the beach this summer, leave your mp3 player at home and bring a book. We have a list of 10 books that are major life-changers. And here they are, in case you’re curious! Money saving tips could change your life so much!

9. Combat heat and save money on your air conditioning.

Of course, you can turn off your air conditioning when you leave the home in order to save money, but there are so many other things you can do. For example, keeping a bucket of ice by the bed is a great idea! Also, you may want to check if the home insulation was done right: you’ll save money both on your air conditioning and your heating costs! More tips right here.

10. Try a mommy-and-me activity every week…

Or a daddy-and-me activity, for that matter. The important thing is to be creative and look online for sources of inspiration. You could paint something together, take pictures in a sunflower field or just sing together while doing the dishes. There are so many cool things to do with your little one and we know them all. Would you like to know them too? They are right here. Aren’t these the best money saving tips for a perfect summer?

11. Invest in a cool but affordable swimsuit.

If you really have to invest in a swimsuit, we can help. First of all, we’ll tell you which suit flatters your body and where to find it. Every single affordable swimsuit is featured on our blog, so go read this article!

12. Look for the cheapest travel destinations.

When it comes to traveling outside the US, the possibilities are endless, but not very affordable, unfortunately. You’ll be glad to hear that we’ve searched the internet and came up with the best offers you could possibly find. All these countries (like Indonesia and the Dominican Republic, for example) are true hidden gems and it’s up to you to discover them. Read our money saving tips right here.

13. Celebrate summer, but not necessarily on the beach.

Not everybody likes going to the beach. If tanning day and night sounds quite appalling to you, there are a few vacation ideas that you could try. Pack your backpack, you’re going on an adventure! Choose your affordable non-beach destination right here


14. Try to keep the flu away from your nest.

Unfortunately, so many people get sick during summer, missing out all the fun. If you would very much like to not be in that situation, we have a few ideas for you. Start with improving your immune system and continue with the “never swim in cold water” rule. All the other tips and tricks on how to avoid flu and cold this summer are just a click away. Money saving tips for the win!

15. Think positive!

This weather is just too beautiful to let others bring you down! If you’ve been feeling down lately and can’t really figure out what to do about it, we have a few tricks up our sleeves. First of all, listen to cheerful music or watch a romantic comedy to boost your confidence. You could also go for a city break, bake some cookies or spend some time at an animal center. Pets are great for one’s confidence. Check out our article for other ideas.

16. Eat some honey.

Few people realize just how healthy honey is for you. For instance, it improves your immune system and is great for open wounds, cuts and burns. Also, honey it’s a great replacement for sugar, in case you’re trying to lose weight and still enjoy some sweetness every now and then. However, the benefits are so many! Read more money saving tips here!

17. Get rid of cellulite!

Remember that resolution you made on New Year’s Eve? Well, it’s about time you did something about it. Did we hear something about you losing some weight and getting rid of cellulite? You’ve come to the right place: workout half an hour a day and you’ll see the results. Even jogging around the building is better than not doing anything. Read more and see which method suits you best! 

18. Eat more organic foods.

Most people think there’s no difference between organic and non-organic foods. Organic foods are just like our ancestors ate them: a bit bruises, but delicious. Smaller, but juicier. You can look for a local farmer who doesn’t use any chemicals and purchase your produce from him. However, this article will really open your eyes about the importance of eating right.

19. Use YouTube tutorials to workout at home.

Some people are ashamed to go to the gym, thinking that everybody there looks like from a magazine. If you’re one of them, you could try YouTube tutorials for a while and see how it goes. We found 10 very interesting and efficient clips, tried most of them and would like to recommend this method to everyone. Here are the money saving tips you need.

55 Best Money Saving Tips for a Perfect Summer

20. Eat foods that make you smarter.

Did you know that there are some foods that can make us smarter? It’s true: avocados and pistachios are only two of them. What they do is provide enough good nutrients for your brain to allow it to function in optimal conditions. If you were just heading to the supermarket, read this article and add 10 items on the list!

21. Set up a healthy goal: give up smoking! 

Summer is the perfect time of the year to give up smoking, with so much ice cream everywhere, nice cocktails and big, juicy watermelons. Need a push to stop smoking? Write down on a piece of paper the amount of money you are wasting on this vice. What could you do with that money? Also, ask a friend to help you out by calling you out every time you feel like smoking again. These and other money saving tips can be found in this article.

22. Use herbs to improve your health.

Summer is the perfect time to be looking for natural herbs good for your health. Starting with chamomile and lavender, the roads are full of important and nutritious plants, so you better start looking out the window next time you drive! We have a list of 15 herbs that are beneficial for your health and can be found in your area. Read to find out more about them.

23. If you need to be gluten-free, you can still save some money.

It’s not true that eating gluten-free food is expensive and that only rich people can watch their diets! The truth is that, with a little imagination, you could prepare a few very interesting dishes for you and your family, all gluten-free. For example, you could add more fruits and vegetables to your meals, replace pastries with a homemade cookie made out of almond flours (100% gluten-free!) and the list goes on. Find out all about saving money on gluten-free foods from this article. 


24. Beautify your home for less than $50! 

You simply cannot let your home be messy during summer: all your friends and family will probably visit you and there you are, with a messy home! Try beautifying everything without breaking the bank. It’s not impossible, we’ll prove it! You can start by adding new curtains or a lovely coffee table. Plus, we’ll guide you every step in case you decide to take on a DIY project. All the inspiration and money saving tips you need are right here.

25. Repaint your home a vibrant and everlasting color.

In case you weren’t aware of this, there are 12 paint colors that will never go out of style. Plus, you can have them mixed at Walmart! To see which these colors are as well as where to use them, read our article

26. Organize your closet without breaking the bank.

In case you are on a budget and really need to organize your closet, we are here to help! First of all, we bet you never thought of using beer can poppers to create more room for your shirts! Also, you need to stop throwing away those plastic bottles! How to use these common objects and get a very neat closet? Read this and find out.

55 Best Money Saving Tips for a Perfect Summer

27. Create a reading nook out of materials that you already have.

This is going to be so much fun, especially if you have a big living room or porch and you can’t really use the space. You can start by designating two chairs and a table to this area and then think of a theme: colorful, rustic, elegant, bohemian, and the list continues. See all our money saving tips and read the article!

28. Collect your old pennies and turn them into a great décor piece! 

You’re too old to be keeping pennies in a glass jar, so why don’t you put them to good use? We have 6 amazing ideas that will change the way you look at arts and crafts! For example, have you ever seen a floor covered in pennies? No? You will if you read our blog.

29. Organize your entire pantry with only $50!

If you think you only have to organize your closet, think again! Next time you need to find a jar of dried jalapenos in your pantry and think “Man, this is a mess”, you’ll thank us. Check out our article to learn how to organize everything, from mason jars, to bottles and bags.

30. Adding flowers to your life is the easiest thing to do! 

Flowers bring a home to life, especially if you know what you’re doing! Forget all about those boring vases, we’re talking flowers garlands, flower crowns and other floral arrangements hanging from the ceiling. To give you an idea about what we’re talking, see our article.

31. Organize a rummage sale to get rid of your clutter.

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to find clutter during summer? It’s everywhere. And that’s because you have more time to pay attention to detail, the weather is nice and you really need more space during summer. The answer to all that is a rummage sale: organize it in your garage or backyard and kill two birds with one stone: declutter your home and make some money on the side. Here’s how to get everything started.

32. Recycle and save money at the same time!

Every can of soda you throw away is money, and so is every piece of paper, so you better listen up because you could be saving the planet and making money at the same time. Read this to get all the money saving tips! 

33. Create something nice out of chicken coop wire.

Time for a DIY project that will surprise all your friends! There are so many things you can make with coop wire, from lampshades to egg baskets that you won’t even know where to start. Check out our ideas in this article


34. Take your kids on a frugal camping trip.

Summer is the perfect time for some family time. If you already have a few good sleeping bags, bug spray and a huge love for adventure, why not go camping? You can do it on the cheap too: bring food with you, choose a safe place not far from home and fix up a survival kit. We’ll tell you all about these money saving tips in this article.

35. Look into maybe going on a Disney vacation.

Come on, everyone should go to Disney World or Disney Land at least once in their lives! However, these vacations are very expensive but if you go with a few friends or book the tickets in advance you could get a big discount. There are 9 other tips waiting for you on our blog.

36. Go on a cheap beach vacation following our rules.

You’re your flip flops, we know all about beach vacations, from the best destinations to what you should bring with you. And did we mention we could save you a ton of money in the process? One of the secrets is to pack snacks, the rest of money saving tips are in this article.

55 Best Money Saving Tips for a Perfect Summer

37. Teach your kids to be thrifty.

Summer is a good time to teach your kids about being frugal. Most of them usually think the parents are cheap and don’t love them enough to buy them toys, which is why now would be a great time for a talk. Start by explaining what saving every penny could buy them on the long term. More ideas right here.

38. Teach your kids a few very important investment lessons.

Time to sell some lemonade and put the money in that piggy bank or help around the house for a few dollars. Of course, we are talking about the little ones. It’s never too soon to let them think like entrepreneurs, right? We have a guide on how to talk to your kids about money. Read it here.

39. Send your little ones on an affordable summer camp.

Some say that the best summers are the ones spent on a summer camp. Plus, it’s a very good idea for both parts: you get to spend some good time stress-free and they learn new things. We made a list of 15 summer camps that are both affordable and educational. Check it out here


40. Encourage your teen to take a summer job.

This is not just about the money, but also about being responsible, about waking up and showing up for work every day and valuing every penny you earn. This article will give you 10 great reasons to encourage your teen to try for a summer job. It’s a good list, read our money saving tips!

41. Start a new business!

If you don’t really like taking orders from someone else and would like to work at your own pace, why don’t you open up a business? We know 10 great business ideas that are safe to try. Which one of them is your favorite?

55 Best Money Saving Tips for a Perfect Summer

42. Learn something new: get an online diploma.

Sometimes, all you need is to go back to school and learn new skills. The good news is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on this kind of education when there are plenty of free classes online. Read this article to see the list of online courses we put together, plus our favorite money saving tips for a perfect summer!

43. Change your career if that’s what you want.

There is nobody stopping you from doing what you’ve always loved. Plus, changing your career isn’t as difficult as you may think, as this article proves. All you really need is ambition, determination and a lust for success. Everything else will follow. 


44. Save money on dinners to balance both your health and your budget.

Food is that part of our lives that we tend to pay less attention to when it comes to saving money. I mean, we all have to eat, right? Agreed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t watch your spending in this case! Well, we’ll teach you how to save money on dinners and still enjoy great meals. All our secrets and money saving tips are a click away.

45. Prepare a different cream soup every day of the week.

Good for any hour of the day, cream soups are the easiest dish to make, they are nutritious, delicious and healthier than anything you could find in a can. This is why we made a list of 7 easy cream soups bound to save you money and improve your health!

55 Best Money Saving Tips for a Perfect Summer

46. Organize your own barbecue.

This is not the easiest thing to do, but as long as you have good food and good company, nothing can go wrong. Start by preparing a few great side dishes, add a few homemade sauces, some sizzling stakes and you are all set. For recipes and more tricks, read this article

47. Stop wasting money on these 25 foods! 

These 25 foods should never be present in your life, so stop buying them! There are so many reasons for which you should stop purchasing them, but we’ll resume to two: they are unhealthy and they cost you money. Find out which these foods are right here.

48. Make your very own cooling snacks instead of buying them.

Cooking and baking are in fact easier than you think, not to mention healthier and more affordable. Since it’s summer, how about 12 tutorials to help you you’re your own smoothies, ice cream and popsicles? Check them out right here. 

Important Days

49. Celebrate Independence Day on a budget without feeling deprived.

4th of July requires a barbecue, some beer, a flag, all your friends and family and that’s about it. Or is it? We’ll teach you how to celebrate Independence Day on the cheap: homemade cookies and cakes, DIY décor, lemonades. This is how you do it!

50. All the affordable places to see on Memorial Day.

Summer is a time or remembrance, a time to honor the ones who died for our freedom. You can still celebrate Memorial Day even if you don’t have a big budget. Just visit a few free-entry memorials and take a moment to think about our national heroes. Read our article for more inspiration and some extra money-saving tips for summer.

55 Best Money Saving Tips for a Perfect Summer

51. Buying school supplies without spending more than you can afford…

A  true art! The school supplies have to be both good looking and affordable, which almost impossible to achieve, but this article will give you a hand. You could wrap the unappealing notebooks in colorful wrapping paper, for example. Or you could just shop ahead of time, look out for sales and get the supplies that your little ones want. Now, wait for the report card…

52. Looking for a cool school gadget: cheaper than you think.

We are deeply madly in love with these back-to-school gadgets! Did you know that there is a smartwatch that allows you to track your child through the GPS, works as a watch and phone at the same time and looks incredibly cool? If you are a concerned parent, this article is for you!

53. Celebrate Father’s Day on the cheap: DIYs and lots of love.

There is a reason we love dads, not just because they put food on the table, but also for their sacrifices. This article is dedicated to all stay-at-home dads who have to deal with mean comments from their buddies but still continue to be awesome and take care of their babies. 


54. Make your deodorant last longer without buying anything.

It’s summer, the smells are reaching an alarming level! Of course, you can save money on your deodorant, but please use something instead, don’t just punish everybody else! You could layer scents, for example, wash your armpits as soon as you get the chance or simply make your own deodorant at home. The point is: if you can smell yourself a little, we can smell you a lot. Here’s how to never let that happen.

55 Best Money Saving Tips for a Perfect Summer

55. Get your feet ready for sandals: affordable pedicures.

No more cracked heels, weird toes or pale toenails, OK? We wrote this article to help you show off your feet this summer, so read it. Oh and here’s a tip: the beach sand will smoothen your feet instantly, so walk barefoot on it. Apply some body lotion before going to bed and you can move on to the next step: painting your toes. But you’ll have to read the article for that.

How do you save money during summer? Where do you go on vacations and with whom?

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  • This is an excellent list! Building off of your “read a good book” idea, especially for kids, visit your local library. Not only can you checkout books for free, but many libraries have summer reading programs for kids. They often give out reading incentives (e.g. free books) for kids, which motivates them to continue reading, and allows them to learn more while away from school.

  • It is amazing just how much you can find to do for free in your local area if you take a look, so it is always worth doing this in the summer if you get the chance to. I also think that reading is a great idea, especially for children, as it means that you might be able to get a little bit of time to yourself while they just sit and read a book for a while. It can certainly be great to get a bit of peace. These tips are fantastic, and I will certainly be reading through them and trying out quite a lot of them for myself!

  • Wow that’s some list. A different activity for almost every day of summer. Some of these work well in other seasons also. A good way to save money in the summer is to make your own ice-lollies with watered-down fresh and/or bio fruit juice – as you say in item 48. Picnics in dreamy meadows is a great way and inexpensive way to spend an afternoon with friends – and perfect for children to explore nature and to run off some energy.

  • Glad you included exercise on this list. People often don’t realize that summer is one of the best times to start working out. It’s not too late! I know everyone wants to be in shape before summer starts, but sometimes it just doesn’t work out. The body tends to follow the seasons in energy levels, so summer is often time better for workouts than winter when your body is starting to slow down due to the weather. No need for a gym, get outside and exercise in the beautiful weather!

  • Thank you so much for sharing these tips! it’s always so hard to save in the summer especially when all your friends are always like ”Lets go get coffee” ”Lets go barbequing” ”Lets go to a night club” everything basically involves using money… and I find it really hard especially since I know I need to save money for when i move in a couple of months. xx

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