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Top 10 Best Vacuum Cleaners for a Dust-Free Life

Best Vacuum Cleaners
Written by Irina Vasilescu

“Cleanliness is next to godliness,” is what your grandmother may have said to you a decade or three ago. Now that you own or rent your own home, you know how good it feels to have a house that’s sparkling clean and fresh-smelling. Whether your home is carpeted, you have hard floors, or you just have plush upholstery and curtains to keep clean, your vacuum cleaner is your friend when it comes to freshening up your home.

Of course, we like saving money. That’s why you’re reading this blog post, but the cheapest vacuum cleaner may not be the best choice. Have you ever had a machine that made more noise than it lifted dirt? So, we went shopping on Amazon and found 10 reasonably priced vacuum cleaners that you’ll love using. Check it out!

If you’ve got composite, tile or wood floors, this washer/vacuum will save you hours of mopping and scrubbing on your hands and knees. Who said hard floors were low maintenance? They may be easier to clean than carpets, but they still show dirt. This machine gives your floors a proper scrub and wet clean while keeping the used, dirty water separate from clean, fresh water. It’s a great brand, and it looks good too. Amazon customers have rated this machine very highly, and that price is just right!

If you’re cleaning upholstery or just want to give your car a do-over without the expense of a professional valet service, this little hand vacuum cleaner will be a joy to own. We like the fact that it holds its charge for up to 18 months thanks to the Lithium battery, and consumers are giving it rave reviews for its suction power, previously a failing of many hand vacuum cleaners. One reviewer even sucks pests off garden plant using this little beauty.

One of the problems with most vacuum cleaners is that they only suck up superficial dirt. But this model with its rotating brushes gives your carpet a proper deep cleaning. We found many reviews from consumers who said they’d followed a vacuuming with a regular machine with the Bissel, and still found they’d sucked up lots of dirt. That’s what we like about it. Embedded dirt is one of the yuk things about carpets, and this little beauty seems to have the solution.

Yes! It has arrived! The robotic cleaner that you leave to wonder around your floors all on its own, happily cleaning while you do something else. Nearly everyone who has tried this cute cleaning robot has been thrilled to bits. It copes well with pet hair and reduces dust in the house by keeping surfaces dust-free. However, as some reviewers pointed out, you do need to keep an eye on it from time to time since it can get stuck in places and may struggle with unusual spills.

The first thing that struck us about this lightweight vacuum cleaner was the very affordable price. The second was just how much people loved the little devil. Pet mess, a problem for many older vacuum cleaners, doesn’t present an issue for the lightweight yet powerful vacuum, and you can use it with brushes for carpeted surfaces or with brushes retracted on hard floors. Clip off the handle, and you have a hand-held cleaner for upholstery and other raised surfaces you might otherwise have struggled with.

If you have carpets and pets then you’ll be following the recommendation of quite a few pet owners when you choose this vacuum. One of the best things about it is that you can turn it into hand vacuum for surfaces in seconds, and the sucking power is spectacular! One caveat, though: it may scratch hard floors during cleaning, so stick to carpets, curtains, countertops and upholstery.

Yes, it’s another hand-held vacuum cleaner, but it’s well worth taking a closer look at. One of the problems many people experience is that their cleaning equipment won’t fit into tight corners and odd angles. And when that happens, they have to go back and clean by hand. But the pivoting nozzle of this advanced power tool from a trusted brand gets into all the corners that would otherwise have proved difficult to clean properly. We’d definitely consider having this machine for finer work and another for the bigger areas.

This compact appliance looks red hot great! While it wouldn’t be big enough to clean out a whole home, it’s great for minor cleanups, cars and tight corners. Cordless vacuums are admittedly more portable, but in this case, you don’t have to worry about limited battery life or reduced suction power. It empties and cleans out easily, but it’s a good idea to grab a few extra filters when you buy it, since these get dirty quite quickly thanks to the extra cleaning power.

Would you like to get your car’s interior really clean? Thinking of shampooing the upholstery? Well, this vacuum cleaner was specifically designed for cleaning auto interiors and can handle moth wet and dry conditions. You will need to plug it in to the mains, but the extra cleaning power will make it well worth rolling out the extension cord to get the job done. It’s handy too. The six-foot hose means you only have to handle the nozzle and you can get that nozzle just about anywhere in your car.

Here’s another option for those who like the idea of totally hands-off vacuuming. The big advantage is the HEPA-type filter that prevents allergens from getting into the air. If anyone in your family is allergic to dust or animal hair, the Eufy should go a long way towards rectifying the problem. The quiet operation and super cleaning capabilities are the two things that most reviewers rave about. They can’t believe how much dirt it can find in houses that look reasonably clean on the surface.

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Best Vacuum Cleaners

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  • Hi Irina,
    Recently moved into a home and have been trying to get clean and organized…was at a loss for where to start, not now!This list is AMAZING! I am a bit obsessive when it comes to making lists, but I never could figure out where to start!! This post really gave me inspiration and I will be starting my cleaning tomorrow, Thanks for the inspiration

  • Thanks for the share! Never put much thought into vacuum cleaners until I bought a house with carpet! There’s so much to consider, it’s almost ridiculous. So many features, strengths and weaknesses.

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