10 Affordable Accessories for Your Kitchen

10 Affordable Accessories for Your Kitchen
Written by Oana Schneider

Nobody can dispute the fact that cooking at home is so much better than dining out or ordering in. When it comes to issues of health, preparing meals at your very own kitchen gives you full control over the ingredients, sanitation, and the way that food is prepared. Economy-wise, it definitely is cheaper to enjoy home cooked meals.

When eating out, you’d have to spend money on gas, tips, and the meal itself. If you have a big family, the costs of eating out will accumulate over time. Another benefit of cooking at home is that you can plan your meals in advance, and save money on ingredients.

By creating a shopping list and planning your meals around inexpensive cuts of meat, fruits and vegetables which are in season, and food items that your family actually likes, you can eliminate food wastage. Not only that, but you can also enjoy each and every meal prepared at home.

What Are the 10 Must-Have Accessories for Your Kitchen?

Now, the key to not slaving away your hours in the kitchen just so that you can prepare dinner for the whole family is to have the right tools. A well-stocked fridge and kitchen pantry will also come in handy, making it easier for you to whip up something delicious in less than thirty minutes.

Here, we will take a look at the top ten accessories that every owner must have in order to quickly, efficiently, and conveniently prepare home cooked meals in their very own kitchen. 

1. A good quality cook’s knife

You don’t have to be a professional chef to enjoy using a good quality knife. Invest in a good one from a brand that’s used in professional kitchens and you won’t have to worry about dull knives ever again. The key to buying a good quality cook’s knife is to consider its functionality.

What do you usually cook?

If you love grilling steaks, a medium-sized knife which you can use to slice meats is a must. If you’re a vegetarian, you need a multi-functional knife that will allow you to peel, slice and dice veggies.

Make sure to pair the cook’s knife with a good quality cutting board. There are plenty of options available including plastic, wood, and bamboo. Go online and look for reviews so that you can decide which one works best for your budget and food preparation needs.

10 Affordable Accessories for Your Kitchen

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2. An artisan stand mixer

If you love baking, you definitely should invest in a good quality stand mixer. Unless you’re a professional baker, you can go with the typical 5-quart model which is big enough for most home recipes.

Choose a model which is not too bulky so it does not take away from your precious counter space. To make the stand mixer multi-functional, you should also consider buying one with different attachments. There are brands which have mixers with attachments for juicing fruits or veggies, or even grinding meat. The more multi-functional the mixer is, the better.

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3. An immersion blender

Soup recipes sometimes require boiling liquids to be transferred from one container to another. This is a risky move especially if you’re not a pro in the kitchen, which is why you should invest in something like an immersion blender.

This is an easy-to-handle kitchen gadget that lets you puree soup ingredients right on top of the stove. You can also use it to make mayonnaise from scratch, thicken sauces, or emulsify mixtures without having to switch bowls. When buying an immersion blender, look for models which are dishwasher-safe.

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4. A pair of tongs

No family gathering will be complete without having an outdoor grilling party. For this, you’d need a good pair of kitchen tongs. You can eliminate the risk of getting burned or having just-cooked food fall off the kitchen counter or worse, the ground, when you have a pair of tongs with you.

A high-quality pair of tongs should have an ergonomic design so that you can easily grip hot food items. Also look at the material that the body is made of so that you can rest assured that it is safe for handling food. There are also models which have locks for storage, as well as heat-safe heads made from nylon. If you are using it with non-stock cookware, make sure that the tips of the tongs will not scratch the surface.

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5. A salad spinner

Don’t ruin your salad with soggy greens. When you have a good quality salad spinner, you can remove the water from the lettuce leaves and mix them right away on the salad bowl.  Sites like offer plenty of selections for salad spinner brands and models.

Choose one with high-tech features like a push button which creates a rapid spinning action to dry the leaves inside the spinner. A second push of the button will stop the spinning motion, so that you can check if the leaves are dry enough to be incorporated in your favorite salad recipe.

10 Affordable Accessories for Your Kitchen

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6. A digital slow cooker

Slow-cooked meals are a huge hit for homeowners these days. When you have a slow cooker, you can buy cheap cuts of meat and still extract the utmost flavor from them by slow-cooking them for several hours. You can enjoy convenience as well, because you can simply mix the ingredients, leave the slow cooker turned on, and come home to a hot meal at the end of the day.

So what do you need to remember when buying a digital slow cooker for your kitchen?

First, choose one which has just-the-right size for you family’s meals. If you’re a family of five, a 6.4-quart slow cooker should be good enough for you. Anything too large will be a waste of space and electricity. Choose a model that effectively seals in the moisture of the cooking food inside.

You can use a slow cooker for stews, braised beef recipes, soups, and similar mouth-watering dishes. Also look for additional features like a programmable 24-hour time; settings for high, low and stay warm; as well as a dishwasher-safe bowl.

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7. A bread maker

If you like everything homemade, you will absolutely love owning a bread maker which is a kitchen gadget that’s been growing in popularity over the years. Some professional bakers scoff at the thought of using a machine for what is almost an art that is bread making.

But since you are using it at home, what’s stopping you from purchasing the machine? The good thing about using a bread maker is that it leaves your kitchen with that delicious smell of freshly-baked bread while also giving you utmost convenience and money saving benefits.

When looking for a bread maker, there are a few things to consider. How much is the kitchen gadget and what is the size of the loaf that it creates?

Are you amenable to buying a dedicated bread maker, or would you rather go for a machine that bakes pizza dough and cakes as well? Depending on the brand and model of bread maker that you will buy, you can use the machine to bake French bread, whole wheat bread, raisin bread, gluten-free bread, pizza dough, and even compote or jam.

10 Affordable Accessories for Your Kitchen

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8. A coffee maker

Instead of always buying your coffee from a popular chain, why not brew your own cup of Joe at home? There’s nothing wrong in indulging in the sweet frappe or fancy cappuccino treat every once in a while, but getting your daily dose of caffeine from commercial shops will take its toll on your budget.

For a fraction of the price, you can brew your own coffee at home instead. Depending on the type of brew that you like, you can go for a coffee machine which works as a basic espresso maker. If you’re a coffee connoisseur, look for classic models which let you adjust the settings – starting from the temperature of the water to the variety of ground coffee that you can use.

There are also basic drip coffee makers if you simply want to get your dose of black coffee in the morning without any fuss.

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9. A multifunctional kitchen tool

The good thing about investing in a multifunctional tool is that you get double the purpose from one kitchen gadget.

A good example is a multifunctional garlic press, a nifty gadget which chops, slices, or juliennes garlic. A box grater with different hole sizes make it another multifunctional gadget to have, so you can slice and dice raw ingredients for meal preparations. A sink with a built-in utensil holder, knife block, and soap dispenser is another multifunctional kitchen tool or furnishing that you can invest in.

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10. A water filter

Finally, there are affordable but good quality water filters that you can buy in the market. This is an excellent investment in any kitchen because always buying bottled water for your drinking needs will take its toll on your budget. A good water filter has several stages of filtering and is made from eco-friendly materials, so that you can turn tap water into drinking water in an instant.

Make sure to keep a refillable bottle handy so that you won’t need to add to the Earth’s litter by always buying individual bottled water from the store.

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Which among these nifty kitchen gadgets are you looking forward to buying?

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  • It cannot be stressed enough how important a good knife is for cooking. It seems so obvious, but people tend to forget about the knife and end up with food that took an unnecessarily long time to make or that is not but right. This is all because they have a bad or dull knife.

  • I wouldn’t be able to survive without some type of coffee maker, and those of us who are coffee lovers tend to have more than one. I do have most of these in my kitchen, but two that I want to invest in at some point, are an immersion blender, and a salad spinner. I use my tongs for so many different functions, and one thing I would add to the list is a pair of toast tongs. Since they’re wooden, they can be stuck right in the toaster slots, without worrying about electrocution, and help you avoid burnt fingers.

  • I would agree that a slow cooker is something that can be great to have in the home, because you can just put a load of ingredients into it at the beginning of the day, and know that you will have something nice to eat at the end of it when you get home from work. It is a good way to save money because you can buy the ingredients cheaply and know that they’re going to taste great without a huge amount of effort. Oh, and I LOVE my salad spinner, so this is something that I would definitely recommend, too, if you are able to afford one.

  • These are all really great ideas. Tongs are a must have for any kitchen! I’d like to add a few more accessory ideas, such as a spice rack and pantry boxes. With both of these items, you can easily find spices or other smaller containers that are harder to track down without a little organizing. Plus, if you decide to rework your pantry or cabinets, you can use both of these as a way to get everything in order and within reach for more convenience!

  • Hello Oana, I read your article and it’s really most important accessories for the kitchen. I am here because I just planning to build a new kitchen and finding the best ideas and your given information really helped me. Thanks for the wonderful article.

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