30 Cute DIY Fall Wreaths You Can Create on a Budget

Fall wreaths that are ready-made can sometimes cost $100. We all know that making your own is WAY cheaper, but before you jump into making your Autumn-themed craft projects, look at the most affordable options to avoid going over your budget. There are plenty of free and cheap ways to make decorations for Fall and Halloween. Wreaths are one of the first things your guests and Halloween Trick-or-Treaters will see at your front door. So, why not make an adorable wreath? Here are the best 30 ideas for a DIY Fall Wreath.

Easy Fall Wreaths You Can Make Almost for Free

DIY Corn Tassel Wreath

If you happen to live in the country, you should try to make one of these fun corn wreaths!

In the later summer and early fall, it’s easy to find and snip off some of the fuzzy tassels of the corn stalks. Glue them together in a wreath shape, and you’re all done!

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DIY Book Page Wreath

You may have an old vintage book laying around your house. If not, you can easily find one for under a dollar at your local thrift store.

Cutting out shapes of leaves and gluing them onto a foam circle makes for an adorable and studious-looking wreath for your office or classroom.

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DIY Magnolia Leaf Wreath

If you happen to have Magnolias growing in your backyard, save those leaves! They are the perfect shape to make a DIY fall wreath, especially when they start to turn brown. The best part about this one? Those leaves are free.

And if you buy cheap supplies from Michael’s, you can get a seriously inexpensive decoration on the front of your door.

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DIY Natural Berry Wreath

Yet another free resource for great fall decor can come from a berry bush. Pyracantha berries come out in the fall, and Holly is soon to follow.

Just be careful if you use Holly because the leaves can prick your fingers!

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DIY Boxwood Wreath

Boxwood is an ornamental plant that has pretty little leaves. If you don’t have a Boxwood bush on your property, fale boxwood leaves are available at most craft stores, which means they will last from year to year.

One of the best parts of these leaves is that you can just switch out the color of ribbon, and the wreath can be great from season to season.

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DIY Real Oak Leaf Wreath

Oak leaves turn beautiful shades of brown, yellow, and red in the fall, and they are the first thing people imagine when they think of Autumn.

These leaves are easy to find almost anywhere, so they are perfect for a DIY wreath. Faux oak leaves are also common at the craft store if you want to make the wreath and then keep it year after year.

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DIY Sumac Wreath

Sumac is a seriously beautiful little fruit that can be cut and dried. Once the branches are dry, you can glue it on a wreath.

The entire project should only take about an hour, and it’s a perfect way to add a pop of color to your fall decor.

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DIY Wheat Wreath

If you’re looking to do something different from the traditional round wreath, a beautiful natural option is to cut a bushel of wheat, tie a bow around it, and hang that up as decor!

Check your local craft store for cheap supplies or if you live in the country, and you’re close to a wheat field, you can accomplish this for free.

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DIY Wheat Wreath with Feather

If you buy or gather wheat for #8, you might as well try out this wreath, too. Mixing wheat with some feathers can give a fun aesthetic to anyone’s front door.

If you have pheasants or other wild birds in your area, you may be able to find some feathers for free.

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DIY Corn Husk Wreath

Pretty much everyone can get corn from their local grocery store or farmer’s market with the husks still attached. Rather than throwing it all away, why not repurpose it in a craft?

Gather those husks up, and dye them. Put it all together, and it’s a beautiful, colorful decoration.

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DIY Wood Slice Wreath

Still thinking out of the box, you can make a fall wreath with a difference using natural wood slices. Most of what you need for this wreath is absolutely free, and the result is unusual and down-to-earth.

If you want to add a special extra touch, add a few sprigs of faux foliage or go hunting for some twigs covered in lichen.

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Basic Grapevine Wreath

Making your own grapevine wreath is easy, and it’s a great excuse to spend time in the garden.

Collect wild grasses and flowers if you want to add a few extra details, but your free grapevine wreath looks fantastic on its own.

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Fall Wreaths You Can Make Under $30

DIY Hydrangeas and Pumpkins Wreath

Getting your leaf and berry wreath together needn’t cost an arm and a leg. All you need is some branches with leaves and berries and some colorful fall berries to weave into your wreath form. You can even cut out pictures of leaves as a little cheat.

Now for the pumpkins! Find them at a dollar-store and respray them if necessary. The hydrangea flowers can be cut from a single flowerhead, and your garden hydrangeas offer you these details for free.

This beauty on your front door is the perfect way to celebrate the fall season.

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DIY Rustic-Look Informal Wreath

If you prefer something a little more rustic, this wreath is for you. All you need is an old grapevine wreath that you can liven up with a few sprigs of fine-textured faux foliage.

Look out for specials and use your coupons – this look is a keeper and will see you through several seasons. As an alternative to faux foliage, some dried heather from your garden would work just as well.

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DIY Silver Foliage Wreath

You don’t need a lot to make an awesome front door or décor wreath. Foliage colors, especially the silvery ones look super elegant.

Some florist wire or simply the ability to weave foliage stems into the wreath is all it takes to get this look.

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DIY Modern Wreath

Fall wreaths are a tradition, but there’s nothing to stop us from making a fall wreath with a difference. Beads, dowels and foliage combine for a fresh creative take on wreaths.

Best of all, updating it with fresh foliage from the garden will be really easy – no wilted foliage and very little time needed for a refresh.

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DIY Woodland Wreath

We love the country feel you get when you look at this gorgeous wreath. You will need to do a little shopping, but every item is priced low.

You’ll be putting your woodland wreath complete with squirrel and acorns out on show with pride for years to come.

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DIY Fall Hoop Floral Wreath

Make a simple statement with a fall wreath made from a macramé ring, some leftover yarn, and a stylish flower accent.

Break out your florist wire and, of course, your hot glue gun and get creative. This theme offers endless possibilities.

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DIY Fall Hoop with Foliage

If you think flowers are a bit over-the-top for fall, you can adapt the macramé ring hoop to foliage – it looks fantastic.

We love the combination of gold and green, and though abundant wreaths are lovely too, the sheer minimalism of this one makes it both attractive and easy to make.

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DIY Harvest Wreath

Why stick to just one type of material? One option is the “harvest” wreath, where you can gather so many different naturally growing autumn plants in your local area.

To add cute festive touch, you can purchase tiny faux pumpkins from your local craft store. Glue it all on a grapevine wreath, and voila!

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DIY Mini Pumpkins and Acorns Wreath

Almost everyone’s yard gets filled with acorns in the fall. Why not rake them up and reuse them on a grapevine wreath?

Glue the acorns, miniature pumpkins, and ribbon from the craft store to the grapevine in any pattern you want. This can be a colorful, beautiful decoration to greet your guests when they visit.

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DIY Cotton Wreath

Sometimes, natural simplicity is far more beautiful than artificial decorations. Cotton stems are readily available at craft stores, but if you live in an area where cotton grows, you can get the material for free.

White and brown can be an elegant color story for a more sophisticated interior design.

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DIY Burlap Wreath

Burlap is one of the cheapest materials you can buy. Since it’s stiff, it’s easy to manipulate and shape into loops. Check out the tutorial for the detailed instructions on how to make this.

Burlap is naturally brown, which would look lovely for fall, but you can buy burlap that has already been dyed different colors.

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DIY Felt Leaves Wreath

Twig leaf wreaths are beautiful all on their own, but you can add some pops of color with felt leaves.

Check out the link for the PDF that provides a pattern for the leaves, so you know that you’ll get the exact size and shape you see in the pictures.

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Fall Wreaths You Can Make for Halloween

DIY Gold Dragon Skin Wreath

Well, it isn’t gold, but brass. However, if you love the rich golden shades of autumn, nothing could be better than this foam and brass thumbtack wreath.

It looks like a dragon skin, doesn’t it? Do you need another excuse for a Game of Thrones-themed Halloween party?

Hang it with a metallic-look fabric bow, and your door is sure to be a shining example of what a little creativity can do. Need cheap thumbtacks? We found them for you.

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DIY Jack Skellington Yarn Wreath

If you’re a fan of Disney’s Nightmare Before Christmas, this Jack Skellington wreath is a must-have. Be sure to watch the instructional video in the link, since this one is a little bit more complicated to make.

The best part about this wreath is that you can save it for Christmas time – just add a little Santa hat to Jack’s head.

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DIY Pinecone Monster Halloween

Kids love to gather pinecones in the fall, so why not put them to good use? Spray paint them green, and then glue them to a foam wreath from the craft store. Add some eyes, and you have a Sesame Street-looking monster that is totally adorable.

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DIY Black Feather Wreath with Scary Googly Eyes

Halloween is time to celebrate icky, creepy stuff, right? This black feather wreath with ping pong ball eyes kind of looks like a little colony of critters is gathered right on your front door.

It’s not too scary for small trick-or-treaters who are going to visit.

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DIY Indian Corn Wreath

During Harvest time, you can celebrate by making this Indian corn wreath in roughly 30 minutes.

These colorful, tiny corn cobs are usually available in grocery stores and craft stores in the fall. Your guests won’t walk past this wreath without noticing it because it sure does make a statement.

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DIY Turkey Tulle Wreath

After you’re done with your natural fall wreaths and spooky Halloween fun, it’s time to gobble up some turkey!

With some yarn, tulle, felt, and paint, you can create a super cute plush turkey wreath of your own that is guaranteed to make your kids smile when they come home from school.

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We hope you loved all of these cute ideas.

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