13 Clever & Cheap DIY Ideas for Spring

Flowers are blooming, all the colors reviving everywhere, the Sun is shining, and the weather is getting warm just in time for some backyard parties! Spring has arrived, and we should take full advantage of it! So arrange for a yard sale, get rid of all the stuff you don’t need anymore, and recreate some fun, new items for your home without spending too much money. Here is a list of do it yourself tutorials that will totally bring spring into your life!

1. Pretty Spring Butterflies

As spring arrives, everything that’s pretty and feminine is very much in style. Celebrate the season with a flock of easy-to-make paper butterflies. It’s so simple, even little fingers should be able to come up with a contribution – great as a family activity.

See the tutorial at Redtedart.com.

2. Get Creative with Easter Décor

A cheerful Easter table setting helps to make springtime special. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to create a table that’s so pretty that it looks like it’s right out of a storybook. Make this fantasy landscape unfold with a few inexpensive odds and ends.

See the tutorial at anextraordinaryday.net. And see our collection of even more Easter décor ideas.

3. Feed the Birds

With blooms and butterflies, the birds return and we can welcome them with a host of clever bird feeder ideas. The skill and tools needed range from child’s play to serious DIY, so there’s something for everyone to try. They do have three things in common: they’re economical, they’re fun, and the birds will give them a vote of confidence.

There’s also a good tutorial at Bunnings.com.

4. Pallet Coffee Table

Nothing screams spring, like a bold colored table in your yard or out on the deck. DIY it if you have the right tools and a bit of patience. You will need some wood, or two wooden pallets, some paint, brushes, and screws to put it together. What you will achieve is an eco-friendly, fun coffee table that will instantly become the center of any garden party!

See the tutorial at bhg.com.

5. Spring Wreath

Spring is about flowers in general and tulips in particular! Take advantage of fresh, inexpensive flowers and decorate your porch and your front door with them. For a lovely umbrella bouquet, all you need is a classic umbrella, some fresh tulips, ribbons and a bit of imagination!

6. Egg Planters

A DIY garden for an indoor office, kitchen, or apartment is a fun project when spring fever strikes. You’ll be glad to bring a bit of the springtime indoors, so dye some egg shells and then fill them with moist dirt and little plants. The result is a super cheap indoor garden of your own.

See the tutorials at thepapermama.com, smashedpeasandcarrots.com, and crafts.tutsplus.com.

7. Pallet Swing Bed

Even if it is not the easiest DIY tutorial on our list, a pallet swing bed is definitely a low-cost option for your garden. And if you think how relaxing it can be to take a nap or read a book while gently swinging in the shade on a summer day, you’ll be raring to go. For this swing bed, you need pallets, some rope, a mattress of your choice and a bit of imagination.

See the tutorial at themerrythought.com.

8. Rosette Pillow

Bring in the spring with these simple pillow covers DIY! Easy to make, fun and bright at the same time! All you need to do for the new pillow cover that will change the style of the whole room is to have some fabric, scissors, and hot glue to put it all together. Easy peasy!

See the tutorial at thriftyandchic.com.

9. Mushroom Stool

The family is about loving, caring, giving and teaching others. And why not teach your kids to read stories on an a new, fun and bright kids’ stool that you can make on your own! After you cut the wood and make the base of the seat, you can let your child paint the design he wants on it, just to make him feel he is a part of the creation.

See the tutorial at projectsbyjess.blogspot.com.

10. Crisscross Lampshade

Take that old lampshade and revive it with some simple colored ribbons and a bit of skill. For the DIY crisscross lampshade, you will need approximately 20 yards of satin ribbon hot glue and tape. You can find all the instruction in the tutorial.

See the tutorial at midwestliving.com.

11. Light Bulb Vase

This is the unconventional way to keep your fresh spring flowers alive and have a minimalistic home décor in your living room by reusing a light bulb. It doesn’t get much cheaper than this! To get a sensational DIY light bulb vase just follow the steps in the tutorial.

See the tutorial at thediydiary.com.

12. Doormat

The best way to welcome someone in your house the first time is to have a great doormat that reflects who you are. And if you are a joyful person, then your doormat should be customized. This is a great DIY tutorial of how you can cheaply reach this goal with skill and determination. All you need to use is wood, metal file, and colored paint.

See the tutorial at furnishburnish.com.

13. Dress-Up Bar Stool

Every great inside party begins in the kitchen, and if you want your guest impressed, you have to try this dress-up bar stool tutorial. This is an excellent way to revive old stools too! All you need white and colored spray paint, and tape! Trust me, it doesn’t get easier than this!

See the tutorial at brit.co.

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  • I have to say that pallets are pretty popular these days. I have seen people turn them into a reading station to house books and so much more. I love the ideas presented here they look fun and a great add for sure. The egg planters are very cute too.

  • I love the idea of the pallet coffee table, as this means that we are able to make a real feature out of something, and paint it in a beautiful spring colour. In fact, this would be great for almost any season, as you could just repaint it to fit in with any colour that went with the season at the time. I love all of the colours that come with spring, I think they're wonderful.

  • Hey Irina,
    Really lovely ideas there. Now that spring is here, it's time to break free from the harsh weather and these are some nice ideas to start off spring. I have been thinking of an outdoor pallet coffee table for a while now and I think it's the perfect time to do something with some of these old pallets that I have in my backyard. Love the other ideas too.
    Thanks for sharing.


  • I love them! The egg planters and the light bulb vase are particularly easy to make, I had already tried making them before and they turned out great, guests were amazed by them.
    Some of them could also make for some nice gift ideas (especially the mushroom stool, if one of your friends has a kid), I'm saving this article for later.

  • I love your ideas so much! I was thinking about the pallets table for a long time, but never find enough time to do it. Ideas #3 and #8 are so cute and amazing. International Women's Day is coming and I think I'll make this for my mother. It's not hard, and it's cheap, and it melts my heart to see little things as those two. Other ideas are very useful, but those two are in the top of my "to do" list. Thank you!

  • I like the egg planter idea. That is so cool! I am the only one in the family that loves boiled eggs and so letting them dye eggs and then breaking open the egg to make scrambled eggs and then make these planters would be so cool. Love the writing on the egg but my handwriting is not that nice and I would worry that I would break the egg shell. I would have to look into transparent stickers to do that. I'm amazed that the egg shells would hold up under the soil and the heavy plants. It will be a fun project though!

    Love the mushroom stool as well. Too bad I didn't know about this in planning my son's Super Mario party a couple years ago. These would have been so awesome as decorations! Maybe I can convince my daughter to have a fairy party so that I can make them.

  • Hey,
    I love the idea of the lampshade, the coloured ribbons make the lampshade more noticeable and fun,
    Your ideas are really creative and easy,
    I love them, I am definitely going to try them.
    Thank you!