Discover Money Saving Ways You Have Never Considered

Discover Money Saving Ways You Have Never Considered
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Saving money is one of the things that are easier said than done. Most saving money ways involve more than just spending less money – although even this part alone can be challenging as well. The toughest part about learning how to save is changing your relationship with money. Many people understand that they are required to spend less than they earn.

However, money saving isn’t just about knowing the math; rather it mainly entails knowing and understanding yourself. It is about learning to see and use money in new ways and building self-discipline. keep reading and discover money saving ways you have never considered before:

With prices going up, people are now being forced to use their money sparingly. The major challenge to saving is that, once you have paid the mortgage, utilities, car, credit cards and other bills, there is little left to put aside. If you have the capability to save big, well and good, but if you are like most of people who are not in this position, here are some money saving ways you should consider.

Settle All Your Debts First

Take time and calculate how much you spend every month paying your debts. You will discover that eliminating this debt once and for all is the fastest way to free up money. Once you have freed your money, you can easily re-purpose it to savings. Moreover, settling your debts soon enough saves you more cash because, you will need to pay less interest.

The only money saving project that should take precedence over clearing your debt is to create an emergency fund which entails, setting aside some cash so that in case you lose your income, you can continue living normally for at least 3 months.

Trim Your Expenses

Assess your spending records of the past few months. It is very likely that you will be surprised when you see how much these money saving ways will save you: $10 on parking tickets and $30 on ice cream?! It is obvious that you need to make some cuts. Deciding what cuts to make can be a bit difficult.

To help you make the decision, assess your priorities, and then make cuts you can live with. Here are creative ways of making cuts:

Holiday Gift Giving

Gift giving can turn out to be an expensive affair especially for big families (when buying for and receiving from everyone). You should continue buying gifts for your children but on the basis of a name exchange.

Moreover, you can make your own gifts. This way, you will not only save on cash but also, people tend to appreciate handmade gifts more because they are personalized and come from the heart.

Buy from Thrift / Surplus Stores and Clearance Racks

These stores have numerous top quality items where you can find amazing bargains. You do not need to buy designer labels – keep in mind that celebrities and other public figures are given these expensive clothes to wear while you’re not.


Make a habit of purchasing re-usable products such as rechargeable batteries or an artificial Christmas tree. Though the initial purchase price may be higher, you will end up saving more case because you won’t need to purchase this product any time soon.


Most people don’t know that coupons can save you hundreds of dollars each year. You can use coupons in various places such as grocery stores, retail chains etc. where you can save up to 15% on a bill.

Off-Season – The Right Time to Travel and Shop

It is generally knowledge that prices of products and services go up during holidays or peak seasons. The next time you plan on finding a few money saving ways to go on a vacation, do it during the off-season.

The hotel prices, airfare, and cars will be considerably lower than during the high season. The same applies to shopping. Avoid shopping during the holiday seasons because prices will be high. Consider buying gifts and other merchandise in advance.


While a trip to England, Paris or Germany can be fun and exciting, it can also cost you a lot of money. If you are planning for a family vacation, consider visiting areas in your locality. For instance, a road trip would not only be exiting, but also educating and cost effective. A vacation need not be expensive for it to be memorable and fun.

Avoid Using Credit Cards

Learn to use cash or money orders. Don’t use credit cards or even checks because it is easier to overspend when using these two – you are never sure how much cash is in your bank account. On the other hand, if you use cash, you can easily see that you’re running low on cash.


Most people assume that insurance companies have similar charges. This is not true; you can get a better price on insurance. Thus, for you to save cash, shop around for insurance and settle on one that offers various discounts such as multi-car discounts or good student discounts.

Other ways you can trim your expenses include:


It is imperative to create a budget, otherwise none of these money saving ways will ever help you. The best way to save is by knowing where you are spending your money. Most of us have no idea where we spend our money, but once we see it on paper; we are not only surprised but also willing to change our spending habits.

Setting Goals and Being Realistic

For you to succeed in anything in life, you need to set realistic goals and then strive to achieve them. Break your goals into long-term, intermediate-term and short-term. Being able to achieve short term saving goals will motivate you to work hard towards achieving intermediate-term and long-term saving goals.

However, making unrealistic goals will get you discouraged and you will never get to save.

Keep in mind that saving is not about putting aside a single lump sum of money but rather, it is found in our daily lives by the choices we make and the way we live. Rome was not built in a day and certainly, neither will your savings account be. The method you use to save cash is not important, what counts is each and every penny you save.

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  • Some excellent reminders of the basics here. I strongly urge anyone with balances on their credit cards to make that a priority and pay it off.
    Re vacations – it sounds like you are talking to the American readers, I understand they have plenty of cool destinations to check out. But here in England, popping over to Europe is way more interesting that the countryside!

  • I actually use quite a few of these. I am an avid couponer – honestly I don’t think my family would make ends meet if i weren’t using this method. I am also a huge fan of buying a lot of items second hand – not only does it save money but it also gives you access to a lot of items that you would not normally be able to find.

  • These are all great tips. My debt is quite high at the moment and with a budget it can be hard to get it all payed off. I do trim my budget though with what I can and cannot buy. I don’t go out and waste money just because and try not to do much impulse buying.

  • Excellent advice here. I try to use many of these tips on a regular basis (coupons are a wonderful thing indeed), and I’m looking into buying more things second-hand.

    Keeping better track of my budget was what helped break an impulse-cosmetic-buying habit I’d picked up as well. It seemed mostly harmless at first, but over time I found myself thinking, “Wow, that’s a certain amount of money that could have gone elsewhere and been more useful.”

    • I have lived without a budget for years and have literally “paid” for it dearly. My husband and I recently sat down and worked out a budget due to our goal of wanting to relocate in 3 years. Oh my goodness, the changes we have made and the excess money we were wasting! We went from pay check to pay check for many years and now we have cut an amazing amount of spending just by having that piece of paper that “tells” your money what to do. I can not describe the positive feelings that come with managing our money now. I have wondered how I was going to pay for fuel, student loan payments and rent all in the same month. The fear that comes more bills than income can be crippling. With our budget in place and a constant focus on our spending, I feel much more confident than I ever have before. It may take some time when you’re digging out of debt, but all these tips listed are extremely helpful in accomplishing money management goals faster!

      My next goal will be to get started with coupons. I’ve seen the post of the best coupon websites, I just need to take the time to find the products we use regularly.

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