10 Delightful DIY Mother’s Day Gifts from the Heart

This Mother’s Day make a DIY gift for your special person in your life, that’s never appreciated enough: your mom! Keep it simple, stylish if needed and add tons of emotion. And because you know her best, we just want to give you some hints on where to start to prepare her the ultimate DIY gift.

1. Frame Vase

An excellent idea for Mother’s Day is to keep it simple. And colorful. Remember you are your mother’s kid! So give her something to remember and a bunch of flowers too! All in one! Like a Picture Frame Flower Vase.

So get a mason jar, an old picture of you as a baby and some acrylic paint; it’s even a better idea than a store-bought gift. This simple DIY you can make in a couple of hours (including the time waiting for the paint to dry) will be the best surprise for your mom for sure.

Tip: Find and old picture of you and recreate it. She will find it hilarious!

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2. Photo Tea Tags

If you know that your mom loves a cup of tea and a great book, maybe you should focus on giving her the gift she will absolutely remember! What about adding a touch of sentiment to a personalized teabox with pictures of you and her? Only print the mini pictures and attach them to the tea bags!

Remember to enjoy a cup of tea with your mom after you give her the present! Life is all about memories in one way or another.

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3. Breakfast in Bed (Free Printables)

Who needs Mother’s Day when you can celebrate your mom every day! And what speaks better “I love You, Mom” than a great breakfast in bed? With great messages that you can print and decorate the tray. All inclusive, please!

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4.  Heart String Art

If you lack imagination but you really, absolutely need to give your mom something meaningful this Mother’s Day, because she’s awesome, you should try your luck with this home deco heart made out of string! This DIY tutorial explains it all, from what you need and how to create it.

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5. Sewing Kit

Everyone loves a gift in a jar! That’s for sure. You can’t miss with a great DIY sewing kit for all the little needs a woman has. If it’s travel size, it’s even better! She will always have if necessary, the special sewing kit and more! Fill the DIY Kit with little appreciation messages stuck on needles.

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6. Raw Crystal Necklace Display

“Keep your necklaces in one place!” She always used to organize your jewelry; now it’s your turn! This DIY necklace gift is to DIE for!

You need some wonderful rocks, glue, paint, and wood, but you can see here all the steps you have to follow! Your mom will absolutely love her new necklace display, and you’ll instantly become her favorite kid!

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7. Air Plant

Maybe you are not very keen on natural plants, that need to be watered and taken care of. But you should still try to give a lovely gift to your mom, like a plant or something that it’s natural.

And if you know about the air plant craze, try this cute DIY that uses a FAKE apple, some glue and a short, sweet, love message for your darling mom. Trust me, she will get the hint with “the apple of my eye“ quote!

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8. Coupons (Free Printables)

And the best moms receive coupons for Mom’s Day! Yes, the special ones, with free hugs, free massage and lots of free chores to do! So, learn how to make this unique printables that will cheer your mom whole week!

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9. 52 Things I Love About You

This is the perfect gift for your mom! She always wanted to hear you say how much you love her!

All you need is some playing cards and a printer. Write down why you love your mom and start preparing! You can see how to print your genuine feelings in the tutorial. It’s pretty simple!

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10. Coasters

And if you are trying to make her miss you more than she does when you are not around, maybe you should give her more pictures of yourself!

This simple DIY picture-coasters gift will never be ruined with wine stains! More than that, you will be so appreciated for the idea!

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Other Interesting DIY Projects

This Mother’s Day prepare yourself to feel emotional, take some napkins and give her the ultimate Mother’s Day gift!

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Irina Vasilescu :Irina Vasilescu is our crafty designer. She joined the team three years ago and is also involved in the writing process.

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  • There are so many good ideas here that don't have to be just for Mother's Day but for birthdays anniversarys or any other occasions. But Definitely making the raw crystal display for my mom this Mother's Day

  • I absolutely love the coupons and the card deck. My husband and I exchanged the "52 things I love about you" this past Valentine's day and I now know from experience that you have to really love someone to come up with 52 things about them. The coupons would definitely be nice in this house. We try to bribe eachother to do chores.

  • Ahh, such nice ideas. I will definitely do these this year. Mothers, no doubt deserves all the care and attention from her kids.Thank you for such wonderful ideas.I was searching for them. :)

  • I love these ideas, and I work in a youth group who want to make mother's day gifts tomorrow evening, so I am going to go out and buy some equipment so that they can make some of these. I honestly believe that the best gifts are always the homemade ones, as they are the gifts that take the most effort, so I am certain that the things that the children make will be very much appreciated by their mothers!

  • I really love the "52 things I love about you" idea. I like it for birthdays as well. Hm....as I am getting older, I'm realizing the importance of more personal gifts and time spent together. I was thinking of painting a mug, but I think a couple of these ideas might work just fine.

  • These are adorable I must say. I use to always make my mom a homemade card for Mothers day and her birthday. I guess now I tend to go to the dollar store and buy her a card. I know a lot of people prefer Hallmark and I do love Hallmark cards but $7.99 and up is a bit much. To find the best card at the Dollar store I look at many and always find one with good wording. I would like to try some of these DIYs next Mothers day though.

  • Some really awesome gift ideas here. Gifts with a personal touch like these are so much more meaningful than something generic.

  • So many great ideas on this list. I was actually thinking about getting an air planter for my mom but instead I went with an essential oil diffuser. The one that stood out to me is the raw crystal necklace display I want to do it for myself!