Frugal Friday Tips: 10 Ways Organized People Declutter Their Lives

Frugal Friday Tips: 10 Ways Organized People Declutter Their Lives
Written by Oana Schneider

Hello, money-savers! Another week has passed and we are approaching the holiday season faster than we can imagine. For those of you who haven’t figured out presents and other details, today’s frugal Friday tips will bring a huge relief. We are also discussing bankruptcy, children’s education, recovering after a large debt and affordable bachelorette favors. Stay tuned, for there are many surprises to come!

Unfortunately, not all of us are organized. We blame it on not having enough time, our kids who just “ruin” everything or we are simply interested in doing something else with our lives. Well, this article proves that anybody can be organized as long as they follow a few steps.

You don’t need to make checklists for the rest of your life, just pay a little more attention to the way you handle things at home: stop misplacing things, take out the garbage in time, reserve 10 minutes a day to dust off a certain part of your home and the list continues. It’s the little things that count!

If you are planning on being in top shape for the New Year’s party, now would be the perfect time to start working out. And no, you don’t have to join the gym for this. In fact, WiseBread has a list of 5 videos you can watch online for free and exercise in your living room. You will save money, wear whatever you want and never have to deal with other people while sweating that extra fat off. To us, this sounds like a pretty good deal!

This article has a point: not every mom who pins recipes is an excellent cook and after all, our mother didn’t have our technology and still made it through. If you feel like you should keep up with today’s trends, this article is here to put your mind and ease and convince you once more that parenting is about other things, like compassion, understanding, having fun and spending time with your kids. There will be plenty of opportunities to catch up on the latest technologies, but then again, if you don’t that’s fine too.

15 Chic Bachelorette Favors for Under $1 – PopSugar Smart Living

If you are throwing a bachelorette party or need a few bridal shower party ideas, this article is just what you needed! You don’t need to spend a lot of money to make this a great event. As long as you have your creativity with you, you should be fine. For example, how about going for some nail polish, a soft lip gloss or a small box of scented bath salt? Don’t go big, go creative!

This is an interesting testimonial from someone who only went to the grocery store accompanied by their strict check list for a while and then gave it all up. Few of the reasons were being too stressed to fit into that budget, having to compromise on quality and a certain kind of frustration at the thought that you have to make do with what you have. However, there is a turning point in this story, so go read the article to find out more!

Most of us have a pretty good guess as to why we’re broke: overspending, not investing our money, buying on impulse and so on. But some of these reasons will make your jaw drop, because we are actually getting broke by not spending when we are supposed to, by using too much water, by not investing in good window insulation and so on. Read this article to see just how much money you could have in your pocket in a month instead of just wasting it away!

It’s never too late or too soon to talk about children’s education and Sarah Titus has a way of making sure her little ones are well taken care of from this point of view. She suggests that you read to your children every day and most of all, that you do it in a way that they enjoy.

If they don’t like a book, start another one and ask for their opinion next time you pick a story. Kids like to be involved, they love a good story and this is, in fact, great for you too: it ensures that they will grow up to be responsible and creative adults. So go look for a good book and clear up your schedule tonight because it’s story time!

Many family businesses file for bankruptcy and it’s not about the financial crisis, but about how you understand money, most of all. Many celebrities went bankrupt because of poor money management, so ordinary people are even more prone to this kind of unpleasant situations.

This article will guide you through overcoming this problem and it will also teach you how to invest wisely and, most importantly, when to invest your earnings. Whether you are thinking about opening up a business or trying to salvage the one you already have, this article is for you!

10 Awesome Free Events – The Penny Hoarder

What an awesome article! Did you know that there is a way to get all dressed up, have a nice evening out and not pay a single dime? Well, The Penny Hoarder has a list of 10 great free events that will allow you to enjoy yourself, meet new and interesting people and also save money.

Of course, you could use their recipe to look for similar events in your area. Who says you can’t have a great time without even opening your pocket? Plus, you get to take that wonderful dress out for a walk!

If you are looking for a job, go ahead and write your resume, because Walmart is hiring 60.000 helpers for the holiday season! Basically, you will need to help stacking items, sell, clean the isles or just greet the customers. They are also offering both full and part-time jobs, so you can actually work your job around your schedule.

And nevertheless, you will have full access to exclusive deals, which is great if you have a big family and many presents to buy. If you are interested, you can ask for more info at your local Walmart. Good luck, everyone!

Are you already getting ready for the holiday season? Would you rather get a seasonal job to make more money or use that time to spend with your family?

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  • This is a nice collection of money and time saving articles. I hope not too many moms are beating themselves up about not being on every social media site. It’s much more important to live in the moment, and enjoy the time spent with family.

    I totally agree with paying more attention to what we’re doing, rather than fretting about being more organized. I try to be more mindful these days when I’m doing things such as putting something in a ‘safe’ place, because if I’m paying attention, there’s a much better chance I’ll remember where I put it. Also, it helps to have designated places for specific items, such as car keys, so you’ll always know where they are, which can decrease stress and save time.

    It’s so good to hear that Walmart (and no doubt other retailers) are hiring for the holiday season, because it helps to bring in a little more money at this time of year, especially when most of us will soon be spending more, for holiday gifts and entertaining.

  • I love the article about Pinterest, and think that it is great that people now know that they just don’t have to be like that if they don’t want to be. Sometimes, it can be completely exhausting trying to keep up with the latest trends, and the truth is that it just isn’t necessary. If you give your child the love and attention that they need, they aren’t going to be too bothered about whether you were taking ideas from a Pinterest board at the time or not.

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