Frugal Friday Tips: 10 Websites Every Entrepreneur Should Know

Frugal Friday Tips: 10 Websites Every Entrepreneur Should Know
Written by Irina Vasilescu

Howdy money savers, it’s Friday at last! After a long and hard week that we’ve all been facing we deserve some good old rest! Reading might be an excellent alternative to the gloomy weather, so just stay inside this weekend with a good cup of coffee that you’ve made from scratch and keep on reading these ten frugal articles I’ve found to be fascinating this past week. I can give you a hint: they’re all about saving money and start looking for a perfect place to spend Valentine’s Day !

Entrepreneurship is not a simple task. You should always take some advice from skilled people before entering this world. This article shows you where to start researching if you want to get into serious business!

In the list, you can find out about best websites that offer free advice to a newcomer, even networking opportunities or finding an investor for your business.

A quote from Magic Jhonson came to my mind after I read this article “All kids need is a little help, a little hope and somebody who believes in them.”

Love is free, and it’s also the most effective way to get along with your children. This is a list of things that you can provide to your kids that don’t cost you a dime and will do magic for their future. Just remember to read to them, play with them outside and keep listening to what they need. Easy, peasy!

Nothing planned yet for Valentine’s day? Well, you should reconsider your options with some frugal advice we can give you for free.

Because nothing takes the stars out of your eyes and the romance out of a getaway more than if the cost puts a strain on the budget! So take on the great outdoors and plan a hard to forget Valentine’s Day trip outside your comfort zone, or just find great cash-saving options for a pleasant trip with travel coupons and vouchers and last-minute booking rates.

Stand out from the ordinary with these simple and inexpensive Valentine’s Day sweets. Well once you are a chocoholic, you are not easily tricked with raisins! Or you could be? Well, this piece showed me that even nuts are delicious when covered in chocolate, and it’s very cheap. There are also other sweet and delicious options like sugar-free candies and Valentine’s sweethearts.

11 Things You Should Never Pay For – Listen Money Matters

There are simple things like love that you should never pay for. But in some cases, there are financial advisors and other types of financial services that you should get for free, just like love. Because they need you and not the opposite. Here you can find ten other pieces of advice for free moving supplies, shipping or extended warranty.

This is a pretty impressive piece of how your obsession with sports rewards you. From the huge discounts to the cashback you can redeem, NFL doesn’t feel like a men’s sports anymore! If your boyfriend loves watching the game on Superbowl night, he will love you more after you tell him about these clever tricks!

Ikea is one of the stores you can get deceived into purchasing stuff that you will never use, just because you start by entering in a cute little bedroom, go through another fancy living room, and so on, and before you know it you get trapped inside the “home decor maze.”

The girls from Popsugar shows us some useful tricks for escaping Ikea without getting broke such as eating before going to a shopping spree or how to use your Ikea cash rewards card. Usefully thrifty tips!

Have you ever purchased an item that you were insecure? Well if you did, stop spending money on things you don’t necessarily need. Wisebread’s piece gets you into thinking and more, like acting! Learn how to think practically, resist the impulse of shopping and always buy what you know about.

Who doesn’t love receiving free stuff? And when there is a quick way to get them, it’s so much better! Money Ning helps us understand how is this trick possible only by being an active reviewer and having the courage to ask for a product. So very simple!

After a long week, we all deserve some fun time. And one of the best options is going to the movies or having a movie night at home. However, it may include some serious spending on the movie tickets or the DVD rental.

But not necessarily if you follow some frugal tips! Going to a matinee screening, it’s cheaper than the usual and if you stay in just rent a great movie from your library’s movie collection that it’s conveniently free of charge with a subscription.

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  • I liked the article about showing your kids that you love them, and I think it is very important that your children learn that love is not shown through money – instead it is more about what you do for them, and how much you think of them. There are lots of ways that you can make your love shown to people without having to empty your purse in order to do it.

  • Great ideas, especially the movie one. Sadly I am in a area with just 1 theater. In the summer during afternoons there sometimes is free movies though. We also have snuck in our own food before. It was just small things like a chocolate bar or sour candies. That is one thing I can’t stand is how expensive the food is at the movies.

  • Great tips on Ikea! I have bought some of their furniture for my home office and you really do get cranky if you don’t eat beforehand. I recently went with my boyfriend and we were so hangry that we just impulse bought a bunch of candles just to get out of there! I am going to check the DontPayFull forum for some cute weekend date ideas! Thanks for this post!

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